Most scenic route from Edinburgh to Fort William

So, you want to travel from Edinburgh to Fort William, and are wondering what the most scenic route is? Let me promise you that this isn’t going to be boring, the route from Edinburgh to Fort Williams is incredibly picturesque with beautiful natural views and scenic places.

According to Google Maps, the most scenic route to Fort William, which is the long one, needs 3 hrs 5 minutes’ drive covering about 133 miles( about 214 km).

On this route, you will pass through Stirling, Callander, Crianlarich, Tyndrum, Glencoe, and then Fort William.  

You are ready to go! 

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Let’s start from Edinburgh and drive to Arthur’s seat. The most attractive place worth visiting. You can’t afford to miss climbing one of the highest hills formed from the history of a volcano that is 350 million years ago. You want a dramatic panoramic view, then do not hesitate to climb to the top. 

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Let’s get going and watch the kelpies. Love horses? This ancient place represents the heavy horses of Scottish Industry. A lot of people constantly find themselves staring at the horses and even forget to go back home. You can find yourself spending a lot of time because the view can steal that attention of yours. An ice-cream van always moves around; get one and enjoy taking some walks around the area.

It’s not time to leave Edinburgh yet without sighting in the Scott Monument; this is one of the most significant memorials in the world. If you are good with heights, you can climb up to get the best view of the Monument. There’s a Museum room built to store all the historical information of the late Sir Walter Scott. The Museum room holds all the exhibitions of Scott’s life and work. 

Drive through Stirling

About 51 minutes drive away, you are already in Stirling viewing the Castle, getting inside and moving around the Great Hall with a wooden roof built impressively. 

 Interested in ancient stories, find the Regimental Museum located inside the Castle and read fascinating stories about the Regiment’s battles.

Let’s move to the National Wallace Monument, named after the patriot and martyr William Wallace. Plenty of visitors spend their time understanding this Monument full of history and finding themselves transported back to the 13th century. There’s also tremendous and ample parking in the area as well as good food.

Loch Lubnaig, Hill of Kessog in Callander

As you drive towards Crianlarich, pass by Callander full of water bodies Loch Lubnaig, McQueen Gin. Distilleries, Venachar. What about the Visitors Information Center in Callander? 

It’s worth visiting with great souvenirs and a lot of guided maps. You cannot leave without visiting the hill of Kessog with spectacular views, enjoying the pleasant hill climbing.

What is tickling your fancy? Explore the downtown area of Callander and reinvent all your artistic appetite. Head of the evergreen Loch Katrine, it’s a lovely relaxing area. If you love nature, it’s the best view you have ever seen with a field of evergreen trees. Relax at Loch Katrine and get to enjoy the most beautiful site before you take another step further.  

Three Lochs Drive in Strathyre

Passing through the outskirts of Callander, head towards the forest holiday Park outside Strathyre with some pretty scenery.  A very stunning place in Strathyre, the Three Lochs drive, a must explore visit. 

The set is just out of this world, a very peaceful and quiet place. The view is breathtaking, with lots of spots to stop your car. Take in the spectacular view at Rob Roy’s Grave with a simple and remarkable history. The ancient view from the church is something else you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Crianlarich Village, Loch Lomond- Crianlarich

About 8miles north of the head of Loch Lomond, There’s Crianlarich village, worth taking a stop to view the surrounding hills. Yes! The Green Welly shop, stop by and grab a bite. A variety of gluten-free eateries and veggie options is the best place for passersby heading towards Tyndrum for lunch and snacks. 

Thinking of another scenic place to visit in Crianlarich, Loch Lomond, and The Trossachs National Park is the way to go. Enjoy the cruises and the best prepared local food. 

The Green Welly Shop, Falls of Dochart Killin, Tyndrum

A few minutes into Tyndrum from Crianlarich, you cannot miss the Falls of Dochart in Killin. A stunning place with a lovely village to have a walk-in. If you travel with kids, put a smile on their faces by giving them the chance to climb the rocks and listen to the roar of the falls. 

So beautiful to watch the falls after heavy rain, take all sorts of pictures from different angles, and keep the memories. 

If you want to have another taste of the mouthwatering bites, the Green Welly shop is also in Tyndrum. 

One beautiful thing about passing by Tyndrum is the beautiful surrounding mountains. There are a lot of Munros and Corbett, and you can always enjoy climbing the Munros or walking in the Highlands. Explore mountaineering in winter and enjoy winter mountain climbing and mountain biking. 

There’s always a magnificent view with exciting boats cruising at River Orchy and River Awe. Take pictures of the pleasant sites and documents. Let’s get moving!

Magnificent Glencoe Mountains!

Here we are roughly 40 minutes into Glencoe. Did you see the best view of the Glencoe Mountains? Yes, these mountains originated from the oldest sedimentary and volcanic strata. 

If you come directly from the south, you can always get a great welcome from the mountains with tremendous peaks and fabulous views. Enjoy the hill walking and various restaurants found at the Glencoe Mountain Resort. 

The Great Fort William!

And finally, in less than 30 minutes, you are in the excellent Fort William. Full of all the dramatic scenery and spectacular landscapes with mountains and parks naturally formed by historical volcanoes. Head of Ben Nevis and Steall Waterfall. Do you want to take a test of your fear of heights? Climb Ben Nevis. It is worth the experience, which you can always put on your list.

Hungry already, visit Ben Nevis Inn, one of the best visitor restaurants you will never forget. The food is outstanding with great menus. Enjoy the last part of your journey and visit Fort William, which is full of beautiful sites. Take marvellous walks in the dramatic landscapes of Glencoe. Love skiing, Nevis Range got you covered.  

Now you see how beautiful it is travelling from Edinburgh to Fort William. A simple journey can always bring memories that are worthy of documenting. Always carry a camera along the way; you need those selfies and pictures for a great experience!

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