Most scenic route from Atlanta to Asheville

Are you thinking about how it’s like travelling from Atlanta to Asheville? It’s all about stops along the way! With the rolling mountainous sceneries, you can always use this 3.5-hour drive to create the best of memories! 

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Now let’s get going starting from Atlanta! 

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Have you ever heard of Cohutta Chattahoochee Scenic Byway? It is one of the most scenic places found along with Atlanta and the Gatlinburg way.

This scenic Byway is a beautiful 54 miles of historical discovery and natural beauty. This place is full of natural treasures, and the people living in the cities nearby are the most scenic, cultural and recreational. 

You have to experience the entirety of the Chattahoochee Scenic Byway. Start at Pratter’s Mill in Whitfield County, one of the historical places around Chattahoochee. There are rolling hilltops throughout Murray County, and by the time you open your eyes, you are winding your way near Chattahoochee National forest. 

You haven’t seen how beautiful the outlook mountain views are with the vibrant green in every direction you go. Do not forget to pass by Fort State Park to view some natural beauty during your trek. 

There’s a lot of hiking trails so suitable for camping and just wandering. Enjoy the narrow valleys of Red clay State Park and hike through the trail meanders. 

Ocoee Scenic Byway 

Drive through the 30 miles journey of Ocoee Byway, which is full of natural attractions. There’s a pretty overview of the Ocoee miss, followed by a rising summit of Sugarloaf Mountain. 

Explore Parkville Lake with many gorgeous looks and loads of information about the Ocoee Scenic Byway and Cherokee National Forest. Go to Lake Ocoee Inn and Marina and enjoy boat cruising for a few minutes just for fun enjoying some snacks at Marina retail store. You cannot get enough of the place, and time can only be the limiting factor. 

Cherohala Skyway

It will be a thrilling experience if you take this opportunity not to miss the picturesque Cherohala Skyway. You do not want to miss touring this beautiful 42-mile drive. It has countless mountain views and several hiking trails, including Huckleberry Knob. 

You have to start with the Cherohala Skyway Visitor Center and get a free guide, including maps and local area souvenirs and gifts. Go and slay the Cherohala Dragon, a lovely classic road for those who are serious with motorcycling. 

Cherohala Skyway roads wind through picturesque Unaka Mountains and numerous trails. You cannot continue journeying without viewing Bald River falls. Enjoy hiking trails and relax as you plan your next move. 

Cades Cove loop

You are still winding around Tennessee, just 11 miles of viewing the most scenic verdant valley surrounded by mountains. You can view wildlife in the Park, such as white-tailed deer, groundhogs, black bears etc. 

There are various trails found in the cave; you can enjoy hiking to Thunderhead Mountain and Rocky Top.  Besides viewing this natural beauty, learn a few things about religion, farming and recreation. The Cove contains a lot of history of the mountain community. 

Get a day off in Gatlinburg.

You can take a day off the road by resting in Gatlinburg. You cannot get enough of all the scenic places in one day, and a day off allows you to start afresh tomorrow and get the most of everything along your way to Asheville. 

I am sure you do not want to miss a thing when travelling, and you do not want to hear someone speaking about a particularly scenic place that you missed along the way. So Let’s Hurry and sleep in Gatlinburg!

Enjoy a beautiful night at Gatlinburg Mountain Inn with unique rooms and a weak wooden clothing bar. The services are just perfect and refreshingly good for someone who’s on a journey. 

It’s another new and fresh day! Here is to more travelling and more stopping. I love watching the Sugarland Distilling Company in Gatlinburg, and you can get a glimpse of the mixing of sugary colours without forgetting the tastings. 

Make a small driving tour into the Great Smoky Mountains with plenty of scenic roads to take.  You can decide to spend the whole day at the Great Smoky Mountains but still can’t get enough of the views and hikes. Everything is just eye-catching. 

Newfound Gap Road

Hurray will help if you move, taking another drive into Newfound Gap Road; this is one of the most beautiful drives you cannot miss; this is a 39-mile scenic mountain road that you can enjoy driving through fragrant woodlands such as the evergreen spruce and cove hardwoods. You can also get a tour at the Oconaluftee Visitor Centre, Mountain Museum and the SmokeMont Campground. Newfound Gap Road is full of cooler temperatures that are best for a summer drive. 

You can get to the Dome, the highest point in the Park and the highest point in Tennessee. You can also take pictures from afar if you do not want to take a steep walk to the Dome. 

Heintooga Spur Road

Drive into Heintooga Spur road, known as Balsam Mountain Road. It’s just a 9-mile paved spur road with gorgeous Overlooks, Mountains, valleys and hiking trails. To get the most of Heintooga, visit Blue Ridge Parkway and get a perfect spot to view the route. 

There are Smokies and peaks like the Clingmans Dome and Mount LeConte to the left of the road. Take a short walk and find the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to find the Masonic stone Monument. 

Enjoy hiking in the Smoky Mountains; the hiking trails include Hemphill Bald trail, Poll’s Gap trail and Fork trail. Then get a look at Heintooga Spur Road, with plenty of restrooms.

Welcome to Asheville!

Glad you are already in Asheville. Just 14 miles from Heintooga Ridge Spur Road, and you are good to go. Asheville is full of architectural treasures and natural wonders. From iconic landmarks to a memorable mountain escape, you will surely enjoy it. 

There’s Biltmore, one of America’s treasures, The North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville art Museum, Pisgah National Forest, to mention a few. Asheville is indeed full of all the historical elements as well as natural views that are so picturesque.

A lot of people enjoy chasing waterfalls and sliding down waterfall rocks. Fall in love with great picnics on top of mountain peaks. Asheville has so many beautiful places with surprising things to do.

I am sure all the doubts and puzzling are gone, and you can now see the beauty of travelling from Atlanta to Asheville. The thrilling experiences and all the hectic moments are worth it!

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