Exploring the Best Places to Stay Near Lassen Volcanic National Park

Where to stay near Lassen Volcanic National Park Lassen is a landscape of surreal hydrothermal features and more than 30 volcanic domes of all four volcanic types, including the world’s largest plug-dome volcano. There are mountain lakes, wildflower meadows, forests and more than 150 miles of hiking trails. Look forward to the panoramic road through …

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Most walkable beach towns in California

Anyone who has visited California will experience warm fuzzy sentiments, mainly because of the time spent lazing on the beach and enjoying the surf. California boasts more than 800 miles of stunning coastline, so’s it not short on iconic sun-drenched beach towns. Most of California’s beach communities share a welcoming environment, friendly residents, and stunning …

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Most conservative cities in California

Recent years have seen a rise in political segregation in California, with conservatives primarily choosing to reside in rural or suburban areas. California leans liberal because most of its citizens live in Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. From 1952 to 1992, California was a Republican stronghold in presidential elections. From then on, …

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