Driving from New York to Miami: A Road Trip Guide

New York to Miami drive

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Are you looking for an adventurous road trip that will take you through some of America’s most famous cities and landscapes? Then the drive from New York to Miami is for you! This article provides a comprehensive guide to planning and enjoying a road trip from the Big Apple to the Sunshine State.

Would you like to travel from New York to Miami? The ride will take you through huge places with incredible activities you will remember fondly. You will drive through cities like Baltimore, Washington, Richmond and many others. The advantages of driving over flying are flexibility, affordability, comfort, convenience and more travel time. In this article, you will learn more about the most interesting stopovers from New York to Miami.

Planning your New York to Miami Road Trip

The best year to visit Miami is between March and May. During these months, you’ll be able to enjoy daily temperatures while the rest of the country is still defrosting. If you are working on a slim budget, visit during the shoulder season. That is from February to May, excluding spring break or summer. This is the low season when you’ll find hotel deals. 

When choosing your route, pick your stops and most scenic routes. That way, you will plan your favorite route. The fastest route south from NYC to Miami is to take Interstate 95 South the entire way. You will go through Trenton, NJ, and other notable East Coast cities like Baltimore, MD, Washington, D.C., Richmond, VA, Fayetteville, NC, Savannah, GA, Jacksonville, FL, and your destination of Miami. 

Estimating travel time is 18 hours, 31 minutes. Recommended stops are Trenton, NJ, and other notable East Coast cities like Baltimore, MD, Washington, D.C., Richmond, VA, Fayetteville, NC, Savannah, GA, and Jacksonville, FL. The attractions are the National Aquarium, the National Mall, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Carowinds, Cocoa Beach, and Kennedy Space Center. Pack your Bikini, swimsuit, flip-flops, sand-free beach towel, crossbody handbag, and comfortable shoes. 

New York to Washington, D.C.

Overview of the first leg of the trip

Spend some time in New York before the drive to Miami begins. You can spend a night at a summer camp nearby. Check out the Bronx Zoo, one of the biggest zoos in the world (Bronxzoo.com). 

Recommended stops and attractions

Statue of Liberty National Monument

Some must-see attractions are The Liberty Bell and the Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Enjoy this walking tour of Philadelphia if you want the exercise. The Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, New York City, in the United States. The Liberty Bell is a historical bell that weighs around 2000 pounds, used to mark some of the most significant events here. The Independence Hall is where the Declaration of independence and the American Constitution was signed (Nps.gov).

National Mall and Memorial Parks

Tourists come to the Mall to see the museums and monuments. The Mall is a public park, and the green spaces are open to all activities like picnicking on the grass, throwing a Frisbee, playing sports, jogging, and walking. Areas may be closed for periods to maintain the grass and landscape, but any area not closed off is open for public enjoyment. There are several museums of the Smithsonian Institution, art galleries, cultural institutions, and various memorials, sculptures, and statues.

Smithsonian Museums

The Smithsonian Museum is the world’s largest educational and research complex, with 21 museums and the National Zoo. It is well-known for preserving heritage, discovering new knowledge, and sharing resources with the world. It helps visitors respect and understand the diversity of American and world cultures. It features priceless art worth a tour of. 

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is the final resting place of over 400,000 men and women; an average of 25 burials are performed daily. Arlington National Cemetery covers 624 acres of land, with more than three million tourists passing through the cemetery yearly. The cemetery uncovers the county’s fascinating past in eclectic museums, landmarks, historic houses, and heritage sites. Arlington offers visitors first-class shopping and diverse dining.

Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah has waterfalls, spectacular vistas, and wooded hollows. It is 75 miles from Washington, D.C. Take a hike, meander along Skyline Drive, or picnic with the family. This is a 200,000-acre of protected land with deer, songbirds, and the night sky. It is a five-hundred-mile trail, with 101 miles of the Appalachian Trail, leading visitors to waterfalls, panoramic views, protected wilderness, and preserved human history. It is a park full of recreational opportunities for the family.

Image by radford wine from Pixabay

Washington, D.C. to Asheville, North Carolina

Overview of the second leg of the trip

The journey time between Washington and Asheville is around 12h 16m and covers a distance of 461 miles. The top stops from Asheville to Washington DC are Monticello, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, Luray Caverns, Grandfather Mountain, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Visitor Center, and Mill Mountain Star.

Recommended stops and attractions

Blue Ridge Parkway

The attractions in Blue Ridge Parkway are motorcycles on a curvy road, Appalachian Backroads,  Appalachian Mural Trail, Biltmore Estate, Birthplace of Country Music Museum, Blue Ridge Farm, and many more. Look forward to mountain biking, motorcycling, fishing and hunting, and many more outdoor adventures. Hiking, biking, fishing, camping, boating, and paddling are activities to explore. 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains are so popular because it’s one of the only national parks in the United States that doesn’t charge an entrance fee. Its extensive trail system crisscrossing forested valleys and misty mountain slopes has attracted tourists from all over. 

Biltmore Estate

That is the largest private residence in America. The 8,000-acre estate is home to forested trails and beautiful gardens. The historical museum is a popular tourist attraction in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

Pisgah National Forest

The Pisgah National Forest has mile-high peaks, cascading waterfalls, and heavily forested slopes. The 500,000 acres is a hardwood forest with whitewater rivers, waterfalls, and hundreds of miles of trails.

Asheville, North Carolina to Savannah, Georgia

Overview of the third leg of the trip

The top stops from Savannah to Asheville are Falls Park on the Reedy, Coligny Beach Park, and Riverbanks Zoo & Garden. Other popular stops are Chimney Rock State Park, Shelter Cove Community Park, and Greenville Zoo. It takes about 4 hrs, and 34 minutes to drive for the 310 miles. 

Recommended stops and attractions

Charleston, South Carolina

Enjoy the Joe Riley Waterfront Park, Fort Sumter National Monument, Middleton Place, Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, Aquariums & Parks, Charleston Beaches, Nature/Eco Tours, Plantations & Gardens, and Walking Tours in Charleston. 

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a seaside escape with a 100 km Grand Strand stretch of sand. The city has attracted visitors with its mild subtropical weather and powder-soft sands. Along the water is the beachfront boardwalk, featuring souvenir stands, restaurants, arcades, and the old-fashioned Family Kingdom Amusement Park.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is known for its beautiful coastal landscapes, well-preserved architecture, and rich, vibrant history. What attracts people to Savannah is the Bonaventure Cemetery, Historic Savannah Theatre,  Olde Pink House, and the Old Sorrel Weed House Museum & Tours. 

Savannah, Georgia to Miami, Florida

Overview of the final leg of the trip

It takes 8 hours and 30 minutes to drive the 550-mile road trip from Miami to Savannah, Georgia, passing through Cape Canaveral National Seashore. The city is known for its beautiful coastal landscapes, well-preserved architecture, and rich, vibrant history. The distance between Miami and Savannah is 485 miles, around 8 hours of driving time.

Recommended stops and attractions

St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine is home to pristine beaches and centuries of history, offering visitors a unique and unforgettable experience. There are many more exquisite beaches, including South Ponte Vedra Beach, Vilano Beach, St. Augustine Beach, and North Beach.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is popular with its wide beach and smooth, hard-packed sands. It receives over nine million visitors annually. Walk along Daytona Beach Boardwalk, Pier, Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse, and Daytona Lagoon.

Kennedy Space Center

It is a hub of human spaceflight activity, home to the nation’s astronaut corps, the International Space Station mission operations, the Orion Program, and future space developments. What keeps families busy is the Atlantis Space Shuttle, a Saturn V moon rocket, a 3D IMAX theatre, a launch simulator, and the Astronaut Hall of Fame.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is well known for its world-famous nightlife and art galleries, first-class hotels and better dining, designer shopping, and unique architectural style. The weather is friendly. The beach is known for its white sand and clear blue water. Look forward to the South Pointe Beach, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Art Deco District, and Ocean Drive.


As you journey from New York to Miami, select stops with activities worth visiting. Make a list of the places you want to visit. Some places worth visiting are the Statue of Liberty National Monument, National Mall and Memorial Parks, Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Daytona Beach, Kennedy Space Center, Miami Beach, and many more. Do not rush the tour. Spend a day or two at each stop. 


What are the best attractions on a road trip from New York to Miami?

Some of the best attractions on a road trip from New York to Miami include the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in Philadelphia; the National Aquarium and Inner Harbor in Baltimore; the National Mall and Smithsonian museums in Washington, D.C.; historic downtown Charleston and the beaches in South Carolina; Savannah’s historic district and Forsyth Park in Georgia; the beaches and attractions in Tampa and St. Petersburg in Florida; and the theme parks and attractions in Orlando , including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

How long does it take to drive from New York to Miami?

It takes 18 hr 51 min via I-95 S. The distance is approximately 1,280 miles.

Is it better to drive or fly from New York to Miami?

Going from New York to Miami by car is better so you do not miss the most beautiful places. Flying from New York to Miami can be more efficient and time-saving, especially for those with little time. However, the car can be a good option for those who have a lot of time and want to enjoy the scenic route.

What is the most scenic route from New York to Miami?

The most scenic route from New York to Miami is the Blue Ridge Parkway, which runs through the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia and North Carolina. The drive offers breathtaking views of the mountains, forests and valleys and passes through several quaint villages and charming towns. Other scenic routes include the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in Virginia, which crosses the water and offers views of the coast and wildlife, and the coastal route along Highway A1A in Florida, which passes through charming beach towns and offers views of the Atlantic Ocean.

What are the must-see stops from New York to Miami?

These are Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Charleston, Savannah, Tampa, Orlando, and Disney World.

What should I pack for a road trip from New York to Miami?

Pack your Bikini, swimsuit, flip-flops, sand-dree beach towel, crossbody handbag, and comfortable shoes. A comprehensive packing list for a road trip from New York to Miami would typically include the following:

  • Driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance
  • Roadside emergency kit (flares, jumper cables, tire inflator, etc.)
  • GPS or navigation device (or smartphone with GPS app)
  • Charged phone and car charger
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes for driving
  • Weather-appropriate clothing (including layers, rain gear, and sunscreen)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
  • Medications and first aid kit
  • Snacks and drinks (including water)
  • Cooler with ice for perishable items
  • Maps or guidebooks
  • Cash or credit card for gas, food, and lodging expenses
  • Entertainment (books, music, games, etc.)

Can I rent a car to drive from New York to Miami?

Yes, but check your location’s border-crossing rules before doing so.

Are there any tolls on the road trip from New York to Miami?

Yes, there are tolls between New York and Miami. Expect to pay 30 to 50 in tolls from NYC to Miami.

What are some good places to eat from New York to Miami?

There are many great restaurants on the way from New York to Miami. You can have a classic Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia at Geno’s Steaks. In Washington D.C., you can eat delicious chili dogs at Ben’s Chili Bowl. We recommend the Crab Shack in Savannah, Georgia, or Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami for seafood. And don’t forget to enjoy barbecue in North Carolina at restaurants like Skylight Inn BBQ or The Pit.

Are there national parks to visit on a road trip from New York to Miami?

Yes, there are several national parks to visit on a road trip from New York to Miami. These include Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee, Congaree National Park in South Carolina, and the National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington, D.C.

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