The Most Conservative Cities in Arizona

Conservatism is a cultural, social, and political system that seeks to promote and preserve traditional institutions, practices, and values. Political philosophy relies on an individual to maintain society. 

The rise of conservatism in the US started as a movement in the mid–1930s when intellectuals and politicians collaborated with businessmen to oppose the liberalism of the New Deal led by President Franklin D. Conservative leaders have a shared insistence on social order, national security, and economic liberty. 

Arizona is an interesting case study for conservatism because it has long been fertile ground for a socially conservative agenda, with some of the nation’s laws against abortion and a history of restricting LGBTQ rights. That hasn’t changed even as Republican dominance has waned over the past five years. This article will take you through the most conservative cities in Arizona. 

Our Definition of a Conservative

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Conservative is a political ideology that seeks to hold traditional values without a willingness to change. 

Different types of conservatism

  • Liberal conservatism – a type of conservatism that combines conservative values and classically liberal principles, such as individual liberty, free markets, and limited government.
  • Libertarian conservatism – a type of conservatism that emphasizes individual freedom and minimization of the role of government in society.
  • Fiscal conservatism – a type of conservatism that prioritizes fiscal responsibility, such as reduced government spending, lower taxes, and balanced budgets.
  • National conservatism – a type of conservatism that places importance on national identity, cultural heritage, and traditional values.
  • Traditionalist conservatism – a type of conservatism that seeks to preserve traditional social and political institutions, such as the family, community, and religion.
  • Cultural conservatism – a type of conservatism that emphasizes the preservation of cultural norms, values, and traditions.
  • Social conservatism – a type of conservatism that prioritizes the preservation of social institutions and values, such as marriage, family, and religion.
  • Religious conservatism is a type of conservatism that strongly emphasizes the importance of religious values and beliefs in shaping societal and political norms.

The Political Climate in Arizona

Overview of Arizona’s political history

Since the 1952 presidential election, Arizona had been a stronghold state for the Republican Party, as it won Arizona in all elections except 1996 and 2020. Recent political realignment has led some to consider Arizona as a swing state. As of January 2023, Arizona’s registered voters include 1,443,142 Republicans (34.7%), 1,270,613 Democrats (30.5%), 32,961 Libertarians (0.8%), and 1,415,020 “Other” (34.0%).

Factors that Contribute to Conservatism in Arizona

  • Historic migration patterns
  • Low levels of voter participation, limited
  • Respect for cultural diversity

Demographic Changes in Arizona and their impact on Conservatism

The Arizona population has changed by growing larger, older, and more racially and ethnically diverse ( Demographic change has implications for the quality of representation, the legislative agenda, party coalitions, and the diversity of congressional membership in the future,

Most Conservative Cities in Arizona


Mesa is a conservative stronghold in state and national elections. It is the most conservative big city in the US, although that remains debatable. Mesa has been led by moderate Republicans doing many of the same things implemented by Democratic mayors and council people in their more liberal-leaning cities. That brings life to the growing sleepy community.

 There has been a recruitment of five liberal arts colleges and the building of spring training facilities for the Chicago Cubs. Bonds for infrastructure projects have been introduced. More policies found in big cities have more liberal populations and political leaders. 

Mesa is still a Republican city, but moderate Republicans have replaced conservative ones in leadership roles. With more growth, diversity, and a more mobilized Hispanic population, it might even become more open to the Democratic Party.

The Goldwater Institute is the nation’s preeminent liberty organization working to defend our freedoms nationwide. Turning Point is an American nonprofit organization that advocates for conservative politics on high school, college, and University campuses ( 

Mesa also has a politically conservative electorate resistant to most government initiatives. There are liberal arts colleges and the new Cubs stadium. Colorado Mesa University is one of the greatest conservative college towns in America. 


Gilbert is one of the best places in the nation for families and a great place to live if you’re a Republican, with a large percentage of the population (64.6%) belonging to the Republican party. Over half of the residents are pro-choice. However, at 53.9%; 48.5 percent consider themselves religious; a low 29.1 percent are pro-environment; 41.6 percent of the residents of Gilbert, AZ are pro-gun control, and 41 percent are pro-tax. The median house price is 249,900, making this an affordable city close to Phoenix.

Gilbert has the low crime rate of any Arizona municipality, with more than 100,000 residents last year. The Goldwater Institute has defended and promoted freedom, achieving more than 400 victories in all 50 states.


The city has 33,938 people, 15,098 households, and 8,968 families. The population density was 915.6/sq mi. For housing, there are 17,144 housing units at an average density of 462.5/sq mi (178.6/km2). The racial makeup is around 92.9% White, 0.5% Black or African American, 1.3% Native American, 0.8% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 2.8% from other races, and 1.6% from two or more races. 8.2% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race.

Prescott tends to be Republican based on voting results in recent elections. It has more Democratic voters but leans more Republican. Highly educated populations with bachelor’s degrees or higher tend to vote for more liberal candidates. Almost 39.97% of all adults have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. Educated women are far less likely to vote for conservatives, making up 50.53% of the population.

Older Americans tend to vote more conservatively. Members of the Boomer and Silent generations more often vote for Republicans, while GenX, Millennials, and younger generations consistently support Democrats. The median age in Prescott is 53.9, which is older than the national median age of 38.1

Queen Creek

In the last four years, there were 1,859 contributions totaling 373,086 to the Republican Party and conservative campaigns. Queen Creek, Arizona is a conservative city in Maricopa Country. The residents have a history of voting for Republican candidates. Religion is important to Arizona residents, making it a sour conservative city.  

The city features a well-educated population, with about 80% of residents over 25 having college experience or an advanced degree. The most prominent race in the city is White, making up 84.95% of the population. 6.66% of the population is of two or more races. 


Scottsdale is one of the best cities to live in for raising a family in the country and a conservative city because of the lower flat income tax rates, the establishment of new gun laws in 2010, the religious impact of 39.8% of the Scottsdale population, and the predominant influence of the republican party in federal and local government. 

Arizona has a combined tax rate of 8.05%. The conservative people who live there are kind, generous, and chances are high you will find good friends, even if you have liberal rather than conservative views.

The Impact of Conservative Cities in Arizona

How conservative cities impact state and national politics

Conservatives hold that the government plays a role in regulating business and managing the economy. They are pro-economic liberalization and oppose welfare programs to redistribute income to assist the poor. There is an emphasis on traditions and relies on the individual to maintain society.

Conservative Cities’ impact on local policy

There is more support for tax cuts, reduced government spending, free markets, deregulation, privatization, free trade, minimal government debt, and a balanced budget. Conservatives are against the government expanding beyond its means through debt, although there is usually debt over tax increases. They believe in libertarian principles such as individualism and free enterprise and advocate deregulation, privatization, and free trade.

The economic impact of conservative cities in Arizona

Arizona is facing endless economic issues, including a shortage of workers, rising inflation, and supply chain disruptions. The state’s low unemployment rate is 4.0%. That has made it difficult for businesses to fill job openings.


In conclusion, the most conservative cities in Arizona are Mesa, Gilbert, Prescott, Queen Creek, and Scottsdale. The significance of conservatism in Arizona lies in the political ideology of the city based on the economical, social, religious, and business orientation. If you want to relocate to Arizona, pick a city that saves your needs better. 


What is the difference between conservatism and liberalism?

Conservatism generally values tradition, limited government, individualism, and a free market economy. It often values religious and cultural traditions and promotes personal responsibility.

On the other hand, liberalism values progress, social justice and equality. It tends to support a greater role for the government in providing social benefits and regulating the economy to ensure fairness.

Why is Arizona a conservative state?

Arizona is considered a conservative state due to its conservative governance and support of Republican candidates in elections. This can be attributed to the state’s strong military presence, history of conservative leadership, emphasis on individualism and limited government intervention in personal and economic affairs.

Are there any liberal cities in Arizona?

Yes, there are liberal cities in Arizona, although they have managed to coexist with Republicans. Some examples of liberal cities in Arizona are Tucson, Flagstaff, and Tempe. Even though these cities tend to be liberal, it is important to note that Arizona is generally considered a conservative state.

How do conservative cities impact the state’s economy?

Although conservative cities have a reputation for advocating responsible fiscal policies, it is important to note that their impact on the state’s economy can vary widely depending on factors such as industry mix, tax policy, and population demographics. Some conservative cities focus on attracting and retaining businesses through a business-friendly regulatory environment and low taxes. In contrast, others focus on investing in infrastructure and education to create a highly skilled workforce. Ultimately, the impact of conservative cities on a state’s economy depends on some factors and cannot be generalized.

What are some conservative institutions in Arizona?

These include Arizona State Legislature, Arizona Christian University, Liberty University, Regent University, and Brigham Young University. Others are:

  • Goldwater Institute: A conservative Phoenix think tank focusing on limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty.
  • Alliance Defending Freedom: A conservative legal advocacy group based in Scottsdale that promotes religious freedom, free speech, and the sanctity of life.
  • Arizona Christian University: A private, conservative Christian university in Phoenix that integrates faith into its curriculum and values.
  • Center for Arizona Policy: A conservative advocacy organization based in Phoenix focusing on pro-life policies, religious freedom, and education.
  • Arizona Conservative Coalition: A grassroots conservative organization that promotes conservative values and principles in Arizona politics.

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