Most liberal cities in Florida

To categorize Florida as either liberal or conservative would be inaccurate. Many people think of Florida as being purple, a combination of red and blue politics. A political and moral ideology that upholds and promotes individual freedom is known as liberalism. Liberals place higher importance on social justice, guaranteeing access to healthcare, monitoring economic activity, and social equality in favor of liberty, consent of the governed, and equality before the law. 

Significantly, liberalism does not only depend on a person’s political views. It’s more of a philosophy that combines the concepts of inclusivity and variety with a willingness to accept progressive societal change. For the sake of this article, the most liberal cities in Florida are those with the most robust social services, vibrant arts and cultural scene, access to higher education, a welcoming LGBTQ community, racial diversity, and environmental awareness.

St. Petersburg

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It’s a haven for those with liberal ideas who want a vibrant, inclusive downtown and a variety of neighborhoods to pick from that support these liberal principles. One of Florida’s most liberal cities, St. Petersburg, is possibly the gayest Florida city outside of Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Despite not being as massive as the other two cities mentioned, the LGBT community is a significant component of its population and culture. Because of its low cost of living, pleasant temperature, and closeness to Tampa Bay, which has an international airport, St. Pete is also one of the American communities with the fastest expanding populations. You can find world-class museums, theaters, restaurants, and a developing art scene in St. Pete.


Miami, Florida’s population, hails from a diverse range of origins. The city, one of the most diversified in the country, has been dubbed the “Capital of Latin America.” Miami is well-known for having excellent nightlife in addition to its variety. Miami can be the liberal community you’re looking for if you’re sick of living in tiny towns or suburbs where everyone knows each other and there isn’t much to do after dark besides watching TV. Miami has a ton of clubs and pubs, so if you like to dance than relax at a bar, this is the spot for you. In reality, Miami boasts the third-largest number of Spanish speakers. Miami is also very conscious of climate change issues because it is the world’s most vulnerable coastal city if sea levels rise and storm surges worsen.

Fort Lauderdale

One of the known liberal cities in Florida is Fort Lauderdale. People are now able to assemble and live freely in the city. For instance, there are numerous arts, culture, and entertainment opportunities, as well as more than 20 kilometers of beautiful beaches. As a result, it fosters a strong sense of inclusivity and variety among its citizens. Numerous locals gush about the progressive culture that has grown in the city over time. As a result, Fort Lauderdale is one of the most liberal cities in Florida and is also the homosexual capital of the state. It is also the most diversified city in the entire state.

Port St. Lucie

If Port St. Lucie is unfamiliar to you, it is an East Coast city in the state with a population of roughly 184,000. It is the ninth-largest city in Florida and the second-largest in the Treasure Coast region. In terms of the lifestyle it offers, it is famous as one of Florida’s most liberal communities. In Port St. Lucie, there is a strong arts and culture scene, and there are a lot of year-round community activities like plays, festivals, and gallery visits. Through the St. Lucie Cultural Alliance, the local government also performs a fantastic job of supporting open workshops. According to a neighborhood scout, Port St. Lucie has one of the lowest crime rates in the country, making it one of the most pleasant cities.


Sarasota is famously known as Florida’s cultural capital. The city houses a thriving arts scene with a modern art museum, opera, ballet, and symphony orchestra. The Arts & Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County has an event calendar full of live performances, museums, festivals, and fairs. Additionally, the city has studios, theaters, and galleries. Even Sarasota has a local opera house. A testament to Sarasota’s residents’ environmental sensitivity is the city’s extensive local and organic food scene. Although politically conservative, Sarasota is a great spot to live a liberal lifestyle.

Coral Springs

A city in Broward County, Florida, 20 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs is formally known as the City of Coral Springs. Furthermore, you can find it in the heart of Broward County, one of Florida’s most liberal regions in terms of Democratic registration. The city has a wide range of stores to suit any lifestyle, including vegan-friendly eateries and is particularly supportive of locally owned enterprises. Numerous activities are available in this family-friendly city, including the Cypress Water Park and the Coral Springs Museum of Art. Coral Springs is one of Florida’s top cities for Democrats.


Tampa, situated on Tampa Bay close to the Gulf of Mexico, is home to an estimated 377,165 people. It is a significant commercial hub and the location of several museums, zoos, and other attractions. Numerous races, including Hispanics and African Americans, are represented in the city’s population, which is quite varied. Along the gulf coast, Tampa is renowned for its fantastic beaches and gorgeous weather. Its robust employment market has also been drawing a lot of young professionals, which has kept the city leaning toward liberalism. Additionally, it has something to offer everyone, mainly its multicultural downtown.


Tallahassee, one of the most liberal cities in Florida, has been ranked as one of the finest places to start a career and raise a family. Due to its culture reminiscent of a college town, it is well known as one of Florida’s most liberal communities. College students who want to be close to the beach but still have access to many entertainment alternatives in town should consider living here. Tallahassee has nine educational institutions, including Florida State University and Florida A&M University. These Universities and businesses in the technological and defense sectors power the city’s economy and is also home to several museums. To discover more about the local history, visit the Tallahassee Museum and the Museum of Florida History.

Key West

One of the most known liberal cities in Florida is Key West. This popular tourist spot is well-known for its exciting nightlife. With its “one human family” slogan and early days as a haven for writers, artists, eccentrics, and other outcasts of society, the city has a long history of tolerance. Additionally, it’s one of the most well-liked locations in Florida for same-sex weddings. Key West has always been a friendly destination for travelers looking to party and unwind because of its laid-back Caribbean ambiance. But regardless of ethnicity, sexual preference, or religious affiliation, all citizens are accepted. While Key West has a vibrant LGBTQ community, most locals do not tolerate a narrow-minded attitude.


Gainesville’s reputation as one of Florida’s most liberal cities is unsurprising, given that the University of Florida is located there. This college town has pedestrian-friendly streets, a wide range of entertainment options, and a massive selection of bars and eateries that serve both temporary and permanent residents. However, Gainesville’s recent renaissance has also begun to draw a lot of new companies, particularly cutting-edge tech startups. Gainesville, Florida’s political climate is moderately liberal. Strongly liberals make up Alachua County, Florida. In the most recent presidential election, 62.7 percent of voters in Alachua County, Florida, cast Democratic ballots, followed by 35.6 percent who cast Republican votes and 1.7 percent who cast Independent ballots.

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