The Most Scenic Drives in California

A tradition is going on a family road trip to California. Turn the music up, hit the road and get in love with the spectacular views nature has to offer.

Taking these routes in California will spice up your journey than flying and only get to see trees from an Aerial perspective when all this experience can be done on road.

Montana’s Going-to-the-Sun Road 

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The two hours on the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, Montana is ravishing as it has a national park you wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world. The 52-mile scenic route will leave you astonished with its access through the Glacier National Park. It’s all-year-round access to fun-packed activities and landmarks.

The Going-to-the-Sun Road passes through the Continental Divide, Logan Pass. It is a perfect blend in with the mountains. The Logan Pass breeds mountain goats and Bighorn ship which are a must-see.

What a divine way to enjoy life on a road trip to Colorado from Florida with its exclusive offers of unique sceneries. Those interested in cycling can cycle from 11 am to 4 pm for safety measures of the night. Food lovers will definitely want to stop and grab a quick bite at the Lake McDonald Lodge, Rising Sun and Apgar Village and get that American twist of food down their throats.

Lake McDonald

Towering trees and the scene of mist from the mountains are out of this world and is amazing when you with your family In the car. Hit the road and travel to Colorado from Florida and get to pass the famous routes in the world. The tour will make you feel like you living the Greek myth life.

Virginia’s Skyline Highway.

 The Skyline Drive scenic route along the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia will leave you breathless. The 105-mile scenic route passes through Shenandoah National Park which will make you enjoy your hot hours with the family. A long journey worth it as it promises a family fun-packed attractions from its wineries, horseback riding, hiking the popular Appalachian trail and get cultural equipped with history through their museums.

All in one package if you choose to travel through the Skyline Drive. No words can match the offers it has for visitors but the best thing to do is to travel and experience it at first-hand. 

The fall of colours of the lined trees across the road is amazing and is a perfect masterpiece to get you in the holiday setting. Three hours to this magnificent view is what you really need to calm your mind and shift it away from the world’s trouble.

Scared of getting lost through the trees then fear not for mileposts are in place to navigate you through the park and get you to your place of interest with no hustle. The Shenandoah shelters animals such as deers, bears and wild turkey. It is something different and ordinary of the park to offer to its visitors. Encounter the wildlife experience whilst in your car at a close range than viewing from your desktop at home. Join the rest of the visitors and have something to share and boast about.

Seward Highway. 

The Seward Highway in Alaska is one of the best routes one should definitely consider as it has a lot to offer. The road takes you through to the capital city, Anchorage which is 127 miles.

seward highway

It is a two hours journey with incredible views you will pass through the Turnagain and the tops of Chugach Mountains. It offers fishing, kayaking and wildlife cruises for those in love with the outdoor nature. Get busy with nature and forget about books for a while.

The route is the stairway to ancient sites such as the National Heritage Areas and historic town of Hope. This will be the best educational tour filled with history and beautiful sceneries that take you to the moon.

The shimmering waterfalls, Dall sheep, eagles provide that dramatic view of the wild side of the Seward highway. Get to embrace nature by hiking the 23 miles Johnson Pass trail and get to admire the flora and fauna in the woods and beautiful swans resting on their springs. Hit that road and enjoy the other side of fun and adventure. 

Overseas Highway 

Get to have memorable memories by taking a road trip to California through the Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys. The charming 113 miles of Overseas Highway consists of bridges and road trails which are unique and a rare sight for many. It opened in 1938.

The Overseas Highway starts in Florida and ends in Key West . It’s well known as “the highway that Goes to Sea” due to its route being surrounded by water. The turquoise deep blue sea is sensational to the eye and gets you zoned out to a special place in the Greeks paradise.

Fishing and boating are allowed and people get to share the waters with birds such as the ospreys and wheeling gulls, all in the dive for fish hunting. The nearby experiences of Aquarium tour and ghost guided tours will give you goosebumps but nothing wrong being part of a myth horror movie with family and friends.

Finger Lakes Region

There is no road trip in California without thinking of exploring the Finger Lakes Region which will land you to your the North region of the States.

The five-hour drive route offers pictorial towns, amazing landmarks and welcoming people. A feel at the home scenic place as you get inspired and refreshed through connecting with the place easily.

The Finger Lakes is situated in the heart of New York State, United States of America. 75 miles from Rochester to Syracuse will definitely keep you wanting more. The coordination lining of these lakes will make you salivate its beautiful set piece.

These lakes got their name from its shaped like fingers structure and are 11 grouped lakes in total. One of these lakes is Seneca, Otisco, Cayuga, Skaneateles, Honeoye, Canandaigua and Seneca which were formed by glaciers.

The lakes bring people from all over the world together by offering family-friendly outdoor spots and enhance yourself through hiking, paddling and fishing. The beauty of nature at its best can only be found at the Finger Lakes. Ready to try it? Then you have made the best decision any money can offer.

California’s Pacific Coast Highway.

The Pacific Coast Highway of California is regarded as by far the best scenic route to get you to Colorado. It offers views of cliffs, villages alongside the sea, wild forests, endless skies and rugged coastlines as you route along the Golden State’s coast.

Pacific Coast Highway

The 123 miles can never be felt when you are with your family and friends as the route offers stunning views like none other as it lands you into California’s lifestyle of surfing villages, wineries, Hollywood specialities and fresh farm produce.

Relax with a cup of coffee in the Union Square and drive through Lombard Street which is full of life of people and buildings which are striking. Have a daring adventure of camping within the forests and stretch your legs by the picnic benches alongside the road whilst indulging yourself to God’s divine creation.

Enhance yourself for an exhilarating drive through the most famous routes to get you around California. The moment you get to your home area, you would have enjoyed the taste of half of the world.

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