7 of the Most Scenic Places in California

As a kid, growing up, admiring iconic musical stars such as Rihanna, Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg singing of California dreams and bed. You would always have that zeal to hit that road to California and experience the good life they encountered, but work still gets in the way.

So the good news to it is that it’s never too late to try it out despite the mounting pressure at work. Therefore, pack your bags and wake up to a cool breeze of the Californian air and get to experience the other side of unlimited fun with daring adventures.

Griffith Park

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The Hollywood striking, municipal park of Los Angeles, California, has tourists flooding it yearly. The park covered 4,000 acres and was established in 1896. It offers outdoor opportunities of hiking 50 miles which enables one to get the best glimpse of the zoo whilst on the peak of the mountains.

It has a grand view which makes the photographers flood the park to take pictures of all they gaze upon. The park has starred in many movies due to it’s accommodative and splendid sceneries.

Informed information can be acquired at the museum and Los Angeles zoo. The Los Angeles zoo is full of mountain lions, coyote, Gray fox, deer, skunk, untamed animals that are extinct. For a romantic touch, get yourself a ticket to the Greek theatre and get flourished with love. 

The “Glass Beach”

Used to beach sand getting in between your toes then get amazed by a different of a beach structured with glasses. The beach is located in Fort Bragg, California. It’s rare, a unique formation of glasses from dumped garbage is extraordinary. 

Check into an uncommon plane of existence and get the most fantastic view of a lifetime. Unfortunately, taking a piece of glass as silverwork is illegal; hence pictures are the only way to remember beautiful scenery at the beach. Every tour around the coast will give you a reason to smile.

The beach not only showcases its glasses, but it also offers activities such as viewing the tide pools, rock climbing, cliffs, surf and whale watching. A great new adventure begins at the beach.

Santa Barbara

A legendary welcome to a city furnished with a dramatic backdrop that will make you yearn for more days in it. Santa Barbara is situated in Central California and is famous for its Sicilia style, which is out of this world. The favourable climate of Santa Barbara, primarily makes it easy for people to yearly enjoy the facilities it has to offer from indoor to outdoor activities. Activities structured to live with joy.

It’s splendid outdoor wineries, agricultural sense, beach, zoo and Stearns Wharf are the wow factor in Santa Babara. Travel and enjoy the best resort to dazzle you. After an exhausting day, tour around the downtown and get to experience the European market with its exquisite food.

The Cypress “Tree Tunnel”

Cypress is one of the most pleasing sights. It gives you peace of mind. Situated in Point Reyes between the Pacific Ocean and Tomales, the interlock of trees at the top is a divine masterpiece.

The stunning road is famously known as the “Tree Tunnel” that gives the best sunset picturesque for social media fanatics. A great experience with a view that meets more than the eye. The ordinary out of the unordinary. 

After getting the perfect outdoor view of secluded trees then relax on the nearby beaches of Drakes Estero, Point Reyes and North Beach. Enjoy the paradise of nature with its inbuilt relaxation.

Lake Tahoe

The Sierra Nevada is blessed to be sourced with fresh water from the Lake Tahoe. It is denoted to be the largest Alpine lakes in the country. An incredible thrill of the outdoor fun package, offering swimming, windsurfing and kayaking are outrageous. Relax your mind and enjoy life and what it has to offer.

Hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail is a world-class package as the spectacular view of Nevada can be seen from the peak of the mountains.

In winter, staying indoors is never fun, Tahoe Lake objects to this notion with its outdoor skiing. An impressive way to entertain visitors with its endless creations.

Napa Valley

Well known for its wine grapevines, Napa Valley is located in San Francisco, California. With Napa Valley, it’s always a celebration with its winery tours. Share moments through refreshments and the valley have a wide variety of impressive sceneries to gaze upon.

Find the human in an adventure as fancy restaurants will dazzle you with locally sourced, savoury menus. The food quality is top-notch with an added dash of sparkling wine. The brick-built, architectural structure of the buildings is divine with its European-Style. These stunning designs will immortalise your brain.

Hot air balloons, trains are only ways to have the whole valley scenery in one glance. Prepare for your adventure transformation with the hospitality of the valley locals. The 250-acre estate is equipped with tennis courts, full-service spa and hiking trails that will make you forget the passing hours of daytime. It is simple made perfection by showcasing the excellence of luxury at the valley.

The most memorable memories are made at the valley by enhancing life by taking part in local activities.

 Death Valley National Park

The National Park is the largest in Eastern California. Its name usually gives readers Goosebumps, but tourists will defer this notion as it has golden vast of sceneries. The park got its rude name from gold seekers who struggled to pass through the National Park, little did they see from its out busting nature of world-class.

It offers a spectacular view of towering peaks, flora and fauna, wildlife and marine life. Definitely, shows the existence of life through nature.

Start planning your trip to Death Valley National Park and get fully informed at the park bookstore or get your kids busy with a junior ranger program what’s there not to like when all glory and activities are enticed to people at large. Come stay and enjoy your vacation with a new set of experiences. The Death Valley National Park never disappoints, that’s a full guarantee, you should try.

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