Most Scenic Route from Florida to Maine

Travelling can be hectic. It doesn’t have to be when you are journeying the route from Florida to Maine. We have prepared the Most Scenic Route from Florida to Maine. It’s so adventurous, stunning when you are travelling with family.

There are a lot of touring activities and eye-catching places that you can view. Take pictures and create lifetime memories. Enjoy the mountainous and historical part of the journey by spending four days stopping by varying cities along this route.

Florida to Maine is 1595 miles, requires at least 24 hours. For a more scenic drive, we have added a few must-see detours.

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Day 1

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Jacksonville, Florida

Drive the 213 miles for about 3 hours 40 minutes from Florida into Jacksonville. Enjoy the most top attractions of this city by visiting the well known Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens.

It is the largest Fine Arts Museum in Northeast Florida. Soothe the taste of your eyes by viewing the excellent art designs from the best-talented craftsman. Pass by Ritz Theater and museum. Enjoy the art, historical, cultural landmark and designs from African American talents.

Do some shopping and art walks in Jacksonville downtown, a fantastic activity that people always enjoy. You may be the luckiest person and meet some of the city’s musicians and artists. They often perform live in the city and artists display some of their artwork. Try some sea salt caramels at Sweet Pete’s restaurant and enjoy the best of their seafood.

Travelling in summer, visit Jackson Beach and relax like someone who’s there to stay. 


Obviously, after a long drive and busy day in Jacksonville, you need some a day off the road. Richmond is one city that can offer you the most fantastic sleep that you always need. Get a beautiful sleep at Country Inn and Suites by Radisson hotel. It is super modern and provides the best breakfast. If you need some pampering, visit Hilton Richmond Hotel and Spa and get yourself treated like a queen. 

Prepare yourself for another exquisite experience when you wake up in the morning. You are ready to embark on another 2 hours journey into Washington. Make Sure your car has a full tank, if not? Do not worry; Richmond has got you covered.

Fill up your tank at Exxon or Sunoco gas stations in town and get ready for more and more excitement. You cannot afford to leave Richmond without visiting its beautiful Parks, Taylors Hill Park full of architectural details, Chimborazo Park with a beautiful gazebo, Libby Hill Park, Jefferson Park Oregon Hill, to mention but a few. 

Day 2


Drive for 2 hours from Richmond and reach Washington DC. You cannot miss viewing the most recognizable symbol in the United States, the Capitol and Capitol Hill. It is where the Senate and the House of Representatives sit.

Ever had one of the most special memorials in Washington? Never had that, the Lincoln Memorial is the statue for the late President Abraham Lincoln built-in 1922. Pose for a picture with the best-loved memorial and keep it for memories. 

You cannot forget a visit to the Whitehouse on your bucket list. Visit the White House and view the iconic building where the President of the United States officially resides.

We all love to know history, don’t we? Exhibit the National Air and Space Museum and collect the history of spacecraft and aircraft making. The record includes space flight science and technology. Watch the different kinds of animals at the National Zoo and make the journey unique, especially for your little ones. Washington is fully loaded; you cannot get much of it unless you decide to stay!


From Washington, you can stop by Philadelphia to get some sleep and get ready for another day. It is probably Day 2 of your trip, and you already think you have had enough. No no! Enjoy a beautiful sleep at the Ritz-Carlton hotel or Philadelphia Marriott hotel. The treat is just incredible with the best services. It would be best if you had such a treat after a long and exciting tour in Washington. 

Philadelphia is a beautiful city known for its best cheesesteak and beer. Taste this mouthwatering well-prepared cheesesteak at Geno’s Steak Restaurant. Have you ever heard of the Liberty Bell? It is the city’s most tourist attraction, and it symbolizes American Freedom visited by masses of people.

Get a sweet angle at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Walkthrough Ben Franklin bridge and enjoy the glorious skyline view of the Delaware River. Do you believe in magic? If you visit Philadelphia’s magical gardens and see the beauty of art, you will spend time just loving to walk through these magical artistic designs believing in its magical part.

Day 3 

New York

I love NY! It isn’t just a phrase; the iconic skyscrapers, the Neon-lit Times square and its notable Broadway theatres make it lovable. You cannot say you have been in New York without facing your fear of heights in the Empire State building. Do not miss the opportunity to stand at the heart of New York city’s 86 floors.  High Bridge Park is one of the best parks in New York City. With its rocky cliffs and mountainous view, experience the best mountain biking in this Park.

The Rockefeller Center is one of the scenic views in New York, and most visitors have it listed on their itineraries. Get yourself a selfie when you’re touring this magnificent place. Exhibit the Egyptian artwork, American decorative arts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is one of the famous Museums in the United States with a great collection of all the cultural elements.


Portland has such beautiful places that are admirable. Arriving in Portland, you are already in there, just 2 hours to get into Maine. You need to sleep and prepare yourself for the last part of the journey. Get a fantastic sleep in one of the best hotels in Portland. Holiday Inn Portland is one of the best hotels offering the best services from cleaning to bedding.

Try Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, and you will never regret sleeping in Portland. The food is so tasty, and their response is just on top of the world. If you love Italian food, then you’re at the right place. Portland is uniquely known for its best Italian sandwiches; get a takeaway from Amato’s Sandwich Shop. 

So do not leave Portland without visiting Mt Hood, one of the greatest natural icons. Enjoy wine tasting as you tour this natural beauty. Full of history and geology is Mount St Helens. You can see as many animals as you can that live there, such as deer and elk. Visit the confectioners and get a sample of some of their Products. They make good coffee mania and chocolates.

Day 4


By the time you twinkle your eyes, you’re already in Maine, and it’s just 136 miles and about 2hours from Portland. 

I can hear you say this is just amazing! Yes, it is, So pack up your bags and get ready for the experience. You will surely love it!

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