Blue hole Gozo: Not to be Missed

What makes the Blue hole Gozo a must-see? One of the best things about visiting the Malta Islands is the scenery you get to experience. From the tropical sights to the marine and aqua feels that the whole place has. One specific site has been quite popular in the eyes of many. Not only is it a sight worth travel but there is so much more to it than what meets the eye. 

The Blue Hole in Gozo is one of the most visited places in the Malta Islands and today we will be looking at what exactly this place has to offer. It’s an amazing tourist site that is popular for its personified name. It’s Blue like the water that surrounds it but it has a darker aura which makes it all the more interesting. 

Blue hole Gozo

Facts of the Blue Hole

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Also known as Dwejra, the Blue Hole is one of the most beautiful diving sites in the Maltese Islands. Though it is a great scuba diving site it’s also a great site to see for people who enjoy snorkelling, swimming and freediving as well. It offers a very safe entry in and out of the pool as it acts sheltered. However, it does have some sharp rocks so one may be advised to be very careful when getting in. 

The Blue Hole is about 15 metres deep and it also has a lovely archway to pass through which leads to a nice shallow pool. From the pool, one can come out into the open sea at a depth of 9m filled with marine life, coral and other marine and aquatic life. It’s simply a sinkhole in limestone, and it formed a circular rock formation that spans up to 10 metres wide and 5 metres across. 


The Blue Hole is an amazing tourist attraction that has attracted so many people from all over the world. People have been visiting the Malta Islands for as long as they were there for different reasons. Some enjoy the sightseeing, some the windy climate. Others just enjoy the tropical lifestyle.  

Besides the Blue Hole is the main attraction itself, there are many other features that together with the Blue Hole have made the whole tourist experience to the Blue Hole exquisite. Below we will be looking at some of these features. 

Azure Window

Also known as the Azure Reef or The Azure Window was a 28 metre tall natural arch on the island of Gozo. This limestone feature is one of Gozo’s major tourist attractions even though it collapsed in 2017. The now called Azure Reef starts from just below the surface and continues down to under 40 metres. The small rock over the water is no longer accessible by walking. 

Good news is that there are still large boulders from where the Azure window collapsed which is now called The Azure Reef. Right opposite this reef one can see a cave which makes the site all the more beautiful. The Azure Reef has been gradually attracting new marine life and has become a new reef in itself for divers to enjoy. 

Inland Sea

Also known as the Dwejra Inland Sea, this little enclosed bay is connected to the open sea through a cave tunnel. This is normally where divers begin or end, depending on how they chose to start their dive. It has a tunnel that starts at 6 metres deep and quickly drops down to a depth of 15 metres, then goes down another 25m to the seabed half-way through.

The Blue Hole has its own entrance which can be used as an exit as well. However, there is another known route that goes through the Inland Sea and out the Blue Hole. There is however a 200metre distance which can easily be covered by walking or running that will lead to the Blue Hole, then again why wouldn’t you want to maximise such an experience. 

Coral Gardens 

The Coral Gardens are a small rocky protrusion a few dozens of meters wide located close to the Blue Hole. They are truly an amazing site for those who love nature. Only this time, it’s underwater. The coral gardens are very colourful which is something you can expect if you have experienced any underwater touring. 

The water depth ranges roughly from 1-10 metres and that is dependent on the rock level underwater that you will be over. The seabed itself is very rough as it has several plateaus, small canyons that compose it and breaks. Hence it may not be the most comfortable physical feature. However, in case one decides to check on sea life only freedivers will be able to spot species living on greater depth like morays, small groupers or Mediterranean parrotfish.

Sea Life

Sealife is one of the best things about visiting any island. There’s so much to see underwater. Sealife is definitely more interesting than regular life here on land. Once you decide to go exploring in these waters, you can expect to find yourself swimming with some damselfish, thick lip mullets and at times some Jellyfish. You might as well look for male ornate wrasses with gorgeous blue and green scales

The rocky areas you will find are mostly covered with seaweed and this attracts wrasses in numbers. They might be the most colourful species to spot here. In addition to all of the above, you will most probably find some starfishes, sea urchins and jellyfishes of many colours and not forgetting some stingrays. At times people even see small sharks which may or may not be harmless. 


If you are planning to visit the Malta Islands anytime soon. At Least now you know what to expect and what you may want to avoid doing. The Blue Hole in Gozo is an excellent choice if you are looking to escape the modern world and all its technology. If relaxing and enjoying a sea breeze is part of your plan this vacation then I’m sure if Gozo is amongst your choice locations you will not be disappointed.

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