Things to do in Bugibba Malta

One of the best things about visiting a new place is the urge to experience new things. Why else would you be visiting another place? Bugibba is a village along the Northern coastline of main island Malta. Fact that it is in Malta we already know that it is going to be an amazing place to visit. Now the problem comes when you know the place you want to visit, but you don’t know what you want to do. 

If you are looking for things to do in Bugibba, Malta then follows through with this guide as it will show you some of the best ideas that will give you the experience of a lifetime in Malta. Bugibba is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malta and attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. Although Buġibba offers little in terms of culture and history it still is a great place to visit. 

Bugibba Malta boats in the water

Things to do in Bugibba

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The journey to Bugibba itself is a great experience to be it by air or road transport. The eagerness to get there will probably give you enough adrenaline to want to kick start your vacation with amazing experiences. Below are some things you can do in Bugibba, Malta

Visiting neighboring villages.

Within the area of Buġibba itself, there aren’t really a lot of interesting places to visit. If you’re looking for major attractions and points of interest, you’ll need to venture outside the area to see the really interesting stuff. Good thing is, within a walking distance range there is Qawra and St. Paul’s Bay which offers great activities for both adults and kids. 

In these places, you will find many restaurants which you can try. There are also a lot of places to explore and sea diving is one of the most popular activities that people undertake. The other two villages have more to offer in terms of Maltese culture hence offering you a great authentic Maltese experience. 

Visiting Gozo and Comino

If you’re interested in visiting Gozo and Comino, which by the way has an amazingly beautiful Blue Lagoon you can take a boat trip from the small harbour of St. Paul’s Bay, which is within walking distance from Buġibba. You can choose a combined trip to Gozo and Comino as day trips to the Blue Lagoon or afternoon trips are easy to achieve.  

There are so many things that one can do in Gozo. The marine life there is to dive for. There is also the Azure Reef which used to be called the Azure Window before it collapsed back in 2017. If you love sea diving and swimming with the fish, then this idea will definitely make your experience in Bugibba a great one. The Blue Hole is one site to make sure you explore. There is so much to do you may not have enough time. 

Seeing Classic Cars

For those who love seeing classic cars then Bugibba may interest you at this point. You will find that there is a Classic Car Collection museum along Triq it-Turisti which is the main road running through Buġibba and Qawra. 

It has a good number of classic cars from different eras that though may not be in their original form because they were restored to their former glory through a few alterations. 

Visiting the Water Park

If you have kids and you are wondering what safe activity you can have with them, then you may as well visit the Quattro Water Park. It is right next to the beach and is a great place for you and your kids to cool down during the hot months of the year. You can relax while they splash around and enjoy themselves. 

During the high season, there’s also a water park out at sea in the same location along the coastline which is also popular among children and has a lifeguard on duty. So you may decide to leave your kids in their care while you go visit other areas. 

Visiting the Malta National Aquarium

The national aquarium is a great idea if you want to see some marine life without actually having to be in the water. The Malta National Aquarium also makes for a fun outing with kids, as they get to see some marine life that they may never see anywhere else. 

The aquarium has several tanks through which they display underwater life that can be found around the Maltese islands. The great news is that there is also a restaurant called La Nave that has great menus and serves good food at affordable prices. There’s also a playground right outside as well, along the promenade.

Checking the Nightlife

Besides having to visit the aqua life, the nightlife in Bugibba is also a great thing to consider. It consists mostly of pubs and bars concentrated around the main square, which you can find along the promenade. Nightlife is mostly what happens when the sunsets. It is an amazing experience which you will definitely need to see for yourself to understand exactly what goes on. 

It may be hard to experience it with kids but some pubs and bars have kid sections where you can enjoy your adult lives while the kids enjoy theirs. There are also a few beaches and nightclubs along the coastline with great music, drinks and food. For great family experiences. 

Final Thoughts 

Visiting new places is hard especially if you don’t know anyone on that side who can help you experience what you need to. Going for a trip to Bugibba without a guide on what you can do may destroy and kill the excitement out of it because Bugibba is quite small and doesn’t really offer the best authentic Maltese experiences. 

Then again, there are so many alternatives you can take once you visit the place. So many things you can do whether you have kids or not. So you don’t have to worry about having a dull experience. Just read the guide above and you will definitely know what to do when you visit the place. 

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