12 Most Dangerous Cities to be a Cop

A key component of police employment is entering potentially risky situations and resolving them. Most of the time, these events don’t involve lethal force, but in scarce circumstances, the suspect (or other bystanders) may die at the hands of the police. Cities are risky for locals and tourists due to various violent criminal incidents. The …

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Most Scenic Route from Florida to Washington State With Guided Map

You are pondering how the route from Florida to Washington State will be?  Well, this is an enticing 3062 miles (4 955 kilometres) journey, passing through 9 beautiful cities with unique places that will leave you with the most precious memories.  Travelling this 46-hour drive can be hectic but not if you split it up …

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From Cecil, the Lion’s Killing to Xanda

cecil the lion

Poaching continues to rob us Cecil the lion “It’s been just two years since we lost Cecil, and now his son had to face the same fate. At times, it’s not just wealth that one inherits.” Tourism in Zimbabwe has always been one of the bedrocks of the economy. Our concern for the environment remains limited …

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10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Angola

Places to Visit in Angola What are the 10 places to visit in Angola? Angola, a country with a long stunning beach, rich history of local tribes and vast oil reserves is truly a worth visiting place in Southern Africa. Angola has struggled throughout its history. From Congo occupation to Portuguese invasion and later civil, …

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