Most Scenic Route from Florida to Washington State With Guided Map

You are pondering how the route from Florida to Washington State will be?  Well, this is an enticing 3062 miles (4 955 kilometres) journey, passing through 9 beautiful cities with unique places that will leave you with the most precious memories. 

Travelling this 46-hour drive can be hectic but not if you split it up into several stops. The route is an opportunity to witness the capturing and refreshing moments, best mountain views, meandering modern road architecture, and ancient geographical landscapes from the southeastern region to the pacific northwestern part of the United States of America, such as the Grand Canyon.

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3,189 miles
about 49 hours 20 minutes of driving
about 7 days
about $544.61 of fuel

Atlanta, Georgia 

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Your first 480-mile drive will take you 7.5 hours from Florida to Atlanta; indeed, you will need to refresh. Atlanta is one city where you can take a breath off your route to Washington State as you pass by touring the most historical sites. These include the Martin Luther King Jr historical site, the Atlanta history centre comprising the Swan house, the Olympic Games Museum, the Smith farm, and other beautiful gardens. 

If you are a health-conscious person, you can take a walk or enjoy a short run at Piedmont Park, the largest Park found in the metro region of Atlanta. Ever heard of the Battle at Peachtree Creek? It is in the present-day Piedmont grounds where the Civil war battle took place. Not forgetting the children’s playgrounds and a swimming pool located at its Aquatic Center, Piedmont Park, is loaded with different packages for every age level.

Talking about different kinds of refreshments, particularly on a Saturday, farmers gather at the Green Market selling sheep’s milk, smoked meat, fresh fruits such as peaches and mutton. After such a long day of touring these beautiful sites, Atlanta offers you excellent hotels in which you can take a magnificent sleep as you prepare for another drive into Nashville . Barclay Hotel located in downtown Atlanta, Canopy by Hilton, found in midtown Atlanta offering you the best cocktails, wine, well-prepared breakfast and all different kinds of specialities. 

Nashville, Tennessee

Now you cannot wait to see what is even ahead after the capturing moments in Atlanta. Isn’t it worth travelling such a long route to Washington? You can nod a yes to that. The 4 hours that you take to drive from Georgia to Nashville are nothing compared to the long route from Florida getting into Georgia. This 250-mile drive will give you time to stop by viewing the State Capitol Building, The birthplace of country Music located in Northeast Tennessee, where you can get so much history of the best country music artists such as the talented Dolly Parton.

Feeling hungry, Nashville has got you covered with The Four-Way restaurant located in Sousville, which offers the best menus, including fried chicken, fish, green vegetables, cheeses etc. If you are a photo lover like me, Tennessee has the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, the most visited Park in America because of its best views, waterfalls, and camping sites. You can pause by and take one or two photos to capture these geo-historical moments. 

The Great Smoky National Park mountain view (see picture

Saint Louis, Missouri 

The drive from Nashville to Saint Louis, Missouri, will take you 4,5 hours, driving about 310 miles. Saint Louis is known for its outstanding historical arts, sports monuments and the great Gateway Arc. When passing by Saint Louis, you can take the kids to watch the penguins and different kinds of large mammals at the Saint Louis Zoo. You can take a tour with family, which I love about Saint Louis, full of vast family views. 

The Missouri Botanical garden is one of the best natural jewels in America. You cannot pass by Missouri without touring and viewing this beautiful garden with all the eye-catching scented flowers and, of course, not forgetting the Great Gateway Arc, iconically known as the ‘Gateway to the west’, built to celebrate the westward pioneers of the 19th century. A place not to miss all these adventurous places. 

Missouri Botanical Garden

Kansa City, Missouri

Taking about 3,5 hours to get into Kansas City is a fantastic trip that you can not forget to put on your bucket list. It is 250 miles from Saint Louis, which you cannot just pass by, known for its steak and barbeque treats. This city is also called the barbecue capital, and you can get your treat of barbecue steak at Joe’s Kansas City barbecue. You can get the most historical jazz history in this city, especially the famous Big Joe Turner. 

One of the best moments that you won’t regret passing by viewing are the different Museums found in this city which include 

  •  National World War I Museum

The monument built in 1928 contains the history of the sons and daughters who died during the war serving and fighting for freedom. Tourists have the privilege to walk through caters and trenches, an experience that these men and women went through during the war.

  • Nelson Atkins Museum 

This monument consists of a different art collection from African art, Chinese, American, and Japanese. You can see that when it comes to getting the most talented craftsmanship artwork, one cannot miss such an exceptional opportunity.

  • Arabia Steamboat Museum 

Have you ever heard of a boat carrying 400 000 pounds of supplies that sank in the Missouri River and was found after 130 years by an archaeologist? Resultantly, this led to the construction of the Museum.

You can choose to get a one night sleep in one of the luxurious hotels in Kansas before taking the 5.5-hour journey to Sioux. Sonesta Select is one of the beautiful hotels located just 22km from the centre, the beautiful Indigo hotel just 2.7km from the city, to mention just a few.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Get the most homemade baked goods in this city by passing by after driving about 360 miles from Kansas City. Visit the Queen city bakery and get the most mouthwatering baked goodies. Sioux is so visitor friendly with the gorgeous Falls Park. It leaves you admiring the waterfalls and sculptures. You can not miss The Butterfly House and Aquarium protecting different aquatic animals and flying butterflies. You cannot afford to leave a camera as you need to document all these precious memories.

If you travel through summer, remember to visit the Wild Water West Waterpark. It is by far the best family fun entertainment site providing you with different fun spots that include batting cages, mini-golf and sand volleyball.

Wild Water West Waterpark (Source)

Rapid City, South Dakota 

It will take 5 hours after driving about 350 miles into Rapid City, located in the South of Dakota. Because of its coolest temperatures, Rapid City has a lot of coffee shops. You can imagine the variety of the coffee prepared to soothe your taste. You cannot pass by without getting just one cup of coffee to have a taste of how it feels. 

I am one person who cannot get enough of the natural places; the magnificent Black Hills National Forest can make you want to stay in Dakota. It consists of caves, mountains, lakes, streams, and trees, giving the forest an eye-catching green coloured environment.  You cannot miss this one! 

Kids can also enjoy the Dinosaur Park, which contains the sculptured seven dinosaurs for a beautiful attraction.

Billings, Montana 

A 5-hour drive covering about 320 miles into Billings needs a  day off the road and a night of perfect sleep. Here are the top list hotels you can choose from. 

The Hilton Garden Inn is an excellent place to take a rest before embarking on another journey. Hilton inn, located on a short proximity level to other tourist attractions, offers the best food and laundry services. Hilton inn is one place to put on your bucket list. 

Holiday Inn Express and Suites offers the best workout platform if you are eager to do a short exercise before going to bed. 

Boothill Inn and Suites is a good hotel for family travel. You can enjoy the family journey experience with better services and a good family setup. 

Taking a few moments to visit Lake Elmo State Park will not cause any harm before taking off. One of the peaceful sites with different natural sounds. You can spare just a few minutes to capture a fish to see if you are one lucky person! Fishing is one of the popular activities found in the Park.

Missoula, Montana 

Almost there but not yet done with the adventurous and scenic sites that this route has in store. You are getting into the Final big city before getting into Washington State. 

The journey from Billings into Missoula is a 5-hour drive with a distance of about 350 miles. You cannot get enough of the adventurous sites. Missoula has one of the best skiing and snowboarding sites that is the Montana Snowbowl. If you are a mountaineer, you can excite yourself by skiing these 950 acres of land. If you travel between May to October, you can grab one or two farm produce at the Missoula Farmers Market and taste the fresh vegetables and baked goodies. 

Another place to soothe the taste of your sight is the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness. You can choose to span the bitterroot mountains or watch wildlife such as black bears and lions.

Finally Washington State 

You are already packing your bags to take this scenic route, and I am sure you cannot wait! The distance from Missoula Montana is 7 hours covering a distance of 440 miles. Ready to get into the final destination, with so much thrilling experience. You are again welcomed to Washington by vast adventurous places such as Mount Margaret and the Palouse Falls. 

If you are an apple lover, then you are at the right place. Washington state is known for its high apple produce. 


The travelling bags are already packed in the car, ready to take this scenic route into Washington. By now, I am sure you aren’t wondering what the course would be like, and you are prepared to have memories stored in your life adventure. Here you go!

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