10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Angola

Places to Visit in Angola

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What are the 10 places to visit in Angola? Angola, a country with a long stunning beach, rich history of local tribes and vast oil reserves is truly a worth visiting place in Southern Africa.

Angola has struggled throughout its history. From Congo occupation to Portuguese invasion and later civil, the brave and enduring people of Congo faced all hardships. They were, at last, successful in creating a peaceful homeland in 2002 at the end of the four-decades-long civil war.

Today’s Angola is a peaceful country with loving welcoming people and heavenly beaches. Before we proceed to the list of worth visiting places, here are some suggestions that we strongly recommend you consider before visiting Angola.

The best time to visit Angola is from June to September. This is because temperature and rainfall are just perfect for travelling. Before June, there is too much rain. After September, you can only visit southern areas and beaches.

Take lightweight cotton and linen for a visit to the south and tropical clothes in the north. Nights are cold in Angola so bring some warm clothes with you. Also, make sure you have at least one raincoat as rains are unpredictable here.

Here is a list of the top ten destinations in Angola. Take our word for this, planning your trip around these places wise strategies.

Kalandula falls

kalandula falls:10 Places to Visit in Angola

Kalandula falls are one of the largest by volume in Africa. Located in the north of the country and fed by River Lucala, these waterfalls have a spectacular view. The falls are spread over 400 meters and fall from over 100 meters from the jungle’s cliff tops. The best time to visit Kalandula falls is at the end of the rainy season when River Lucala is in full swing.

Coastal Forts of Colonial Period: 

Angola hosts a rich heritage of Portuguese forts spread all over the coastal belt. The largest of these forts is Fort Sao Miguel in Luanda. This fort was built in 1576 and served as a slave depot and protection post for the newly created city. This fort now serves as a museum of armed forces. Other notable forts are Fort Naulila and Fort Cuangar both in Cunene province.

Head to Clear, Shining Beaches

You will miss half of your pleasure if you do not give Angola’s sunny beaches their due time. Fortunately, the best-developed beaches are located near Luanda.

Palmeirinhas beach offers excellent scenery for as long as 45 kilometres of the deserted coast. On the opposite, Santiago beach is renowned for its rich fishing. For swimming and sunbathing, the Ilha peninsula in Luanda is the best bet.

Go on a Safari

The country has only one fully functional safari park. Kissama is currently being reintroduced with wild animals. The park has a considerable population of wild animals including elephants and rare black Palanca antelope.

Visit Benguela

Benguela is a beautiful Angolan city located on the south coast. The city has a rich colonial heritage. The city is peaceful and calm. The city reserves its share of glamour in colonial architecture, open spaces, and stunning beaches. The city is a must-visit.

Raid the Rails

Angola has built a train track over the ancient trade route of inland Congo to the Pacific Ocean. This train route has 67 stations, 42 bridges, and lets you see most of the Angolan land with the opportunity to meet its people.

Miradouro da Lua

Miradouro da Lua: 10 Places to Visit in Angola

Miradouro da Lua is a spread of different shapes of soil that look like the moon’s surface. Miradouro is located on the way to Kissama from Luanda. There is no road sign so you will have to take care of its location before you depart. The place is famous for its mesmerizing sunsets and moon nights.

Tundavala Gap

The amazing cliffs of Tundavala Gap lie near the city of Lubango in the southern part of Angola. The cliffs divide Angola’s low and high plateau. The view from these cliffs stretches to miles. The rim of cliffs is known as the Serra da Leba escarpment.

Museum of Slavery

Angola has been a colony for the most part of its modern history. Slavery has a history here. The museum of slavery, located 25 miles far from Luanda, gives you a deep insight into the role of Angola in the historical slave trade through the pacific.

Mausoleum of Agostinho Neto

In the heart of Luanda, there is located the mausoleum of Angola’s first president Mr Agostinho Neto. The mausoleum has a unique architecture and it is open for public visits. When in Luanda, do pay a visit there.

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