Where to Stay Near Bryce Canyon National Park: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you planning a Bryce Canyon National Park trip and wondering where to stay? With so many options available, deciding on the best place to stay can be overwhelming. This article will explore the various accommodations available near the park, including hotels, lodges, and cabins. 

We will give you recommendations based on travel preferences, such as budget-friendly options, family-friendly accommodations, and romantic getaways. Pay attention to your interests to make it easier for you to choose your dream stay. Bear in mind that basics can also be overlooked. 

Best Neighborhoods to Stay Near Bryce Canyon

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A good neighborhood is a place where people can easily meet their daily needs while feeling safe, where people find high-quality urban landscapes and open spaces, shopping and recreation, as well as good transport links to the places they need to get to https://www.neighbourhoodguidelines.org/why-neighbourhood-design#:~:text=A%20good%20neighbourhood%20is%20a,they%20need%20to%20get%20to

In this case, neighborhoods near Bryce Canyon National Park are places and cities surrounding the park where you can stay and have access to any activity and place. It is up to you to stay inside or outside the park. Places outside the park are more affordable than inside. Stay where you can easily access the park without a hustle. 

Bigger towns are further away from the park but offer various hotels and food-related options. If you want to stay close to the park, choose one of the smaller cities, like Bryce Canyon City, Hatch, or Tropic. Below are five best neighborhoods to stay in near Bryce Canyon National Park.

Bryce Canyon City

It is for first-time visitors and those who want to be close to the park entrance. Bryce Canyon City is a small town adjacent to Bryce Canyon National Park. Check on their store and their exhibits. There is a fine bookstore inside the visiting center, and a nice museum. There are a lot of hiking options with different levels of difficulty. 

At the lodge, you can find both accommodations and food. Enjoy the art of the stars above during a hike or while camping. Two campgrounds are inside the park: North Campground and Sunset Campground. There are Bryce Canyon City Budget Hotels like Bryce View Lodge and Bryce Canyon Resort ranging from 97 to 149. If your budget is more flexible, you can go for the mid-ranged and luxury hotels. 


It is more ideal for budget travelers looking for privacy and comfort. Tropic is a beautiful small town in Southern Utah, surrounded by the monumental Bryce Canyon Park and the gigantic rock formation. It is for natural beauty lovers. It is close to Bryce Canyon National Park, Kodachrome Basin State Park and  Anasazi State Park.

Access Zion National Park, Dixie National Forest, Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument. The accommodations are limited for budget and mid-range hotels but ideal for those looking for more luxurious options. Visit some best restaurants for food, go fishing in the Tropic Reservoir and Pine Lake and check the Natural History Museum and the Tropic Town Pioneer Museum. For budget-friendly accommodation, expect to pay from 90 in places like Bryce Valley lodging and 227 for Pioneer village. 

Saint George

It is ideal for those seeking nightlife and entertainment. Places to stay in St. George are 116. Staybridge Suites St George for 116, IHG Hotel 64 and Chalet Motel 105. It has a mild climate and features great lodging and vacation rental offerings, award-winning dining choices, and some natural wonders. It has biking options on paved trails. One of the area’s best attractions is the Tuachan Amphitheater.


It is a more urban environment but a bit distant from Bryce Canyon. It offers the best accommodation compared to the other areas. Escalante Petrified Forest State Park and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument are close by. You have a lot of choices in food and accommodation. You can have a great hike there. Expect to pay around 34 for the low budget accommodation and more than 390 for luxury hotels. 


This is one of the best option for those who want to save money on lodging. Panguitch is one of the best places you can stay in near Bryce Canyon but more populated than Bryce Canyon City or Hatch. It offers the best opportunities for accommodation and restaurants in the whole area.It also has a better location than the other small towns in the area, since it is close to Bryce Canyon National Park, Dixie National Forest, Panguitch Lake, Panguitch Lake, and Cedar Breaks National Monument.

It features old and beautiful buildings worth seeing, cozy motels and hotels at budget and mid-range prices. Get a glimpse of the small streets and restaurants in Panguitch. Go to Panguitch Lake and boat, fish, kayak, or ride a horse, drive to Dixie Forest and Cedar Breaks Monuments and do some quality shopping or eating. Attend festivals in the city such as the Annual Quilt Walk and the Panguitch Valley Balloon Rally. 

Best Hotels and Lodging Near Bryce Canyon

Yonder Escalante

The vintage campground is located on 20 acres of land near Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and just an hour from Bryce Canyon. It features a drive-in movie theater where you can watch movies from the 1960s. The campsite has a communal bathroom and shower, laundry facilities, a general store, an outdoor pool, and a hot tub. All of the shops and eateries of Escalante are a mere 3-minute drive away. You can have a room for 189.


  • Communal bathroom and shower
  • Laundry facilities
  • General store
  • An outdoor pool
  • Hot tub
  • Pets allowed


Best Western PLUS Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel 

Rooms start at 90. It is located 1.6 km from Bryce Canyon National Park and offers convenient amenities and comfortable accommodations just minutes from Scenic Byway 12 and the Escalante National Monument.


  • 2 swimming pools
  • Free parking
  • Swimming pool
  • Free WiFi


Alternative Accommodations Near Bryce Canyon


Amongst the campgrounds available near Bryce Canyon is Bryce National Park North Campground, Bryce National Park Sunset Campground, Ruby’s Inn RV Park and Campground and Bryce Canyon Pines Campground. Make a reservation by phone at 435-834-4771. Include your name, contact information (phone # and/or email address) and the dates you wish to reserve. The average price is 20 to 125. Portable showers, toilets, and changing rooms are prohibited on North Campground.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy self-check-in system
  • Close to the park
  • Convenient
  • Reservations accepted


  • First come first serve

Vacation rentals.

They start from 90. There are 587 vacation homes from 7 providers in Bryce Canyon. Vacation rentals include houses and cabins. Rent a comfy cabin in Bryce Canyon, where you will see the best of the park. The outdoor sightseeing opportunities from your vacation accommodation are mind-blowing, and invigorating in Bryce Canyon National Park. You can stay at Stone Canyon Inn or Cottonwood Meadow Lodge. Make reservations at Booking.com.


  • Home-based
  • More room
  • Feels like home
  • Pet friendly
  • Comfortable 


  • Hardly have staff onsite


So make your choice well in advance of traveling to Bryce Canyon. Lodging options range from vacation rentals, campgrounds, hotels, lodges and tents. Stick to your budget, but do not compromise on comfort. Familiarize yourself with the restrictions of each place you plan to pass through and stay in. Book your accommodation as early as possible, especially in high season, and read reviews from previous guests to make an informed decision. Please share your experiences and recommendations in the comments or on social media.


What are the best hotels near Bryce Canyon National Park?

The Best Western Plus Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel, Yonder Escalante, The Lodge at Bryce Canyon and Stone Canyon Inn are among the best hotels near Bryce Canyon National Park. These hotels offer several amenities, including comfortable accommodations, on-site restaurants and breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Visitors should consider their needs and preferences when choosing a particular hotel, such as desired location or amenities.

What are the cheapest hotels near Bryce Canyon National Park?

The Rodeway Inn Bryce Canyon, Days Inn, Bryce View Lodge and Ruby’s Inn Resort are the more affordable hotels near Bryce Canyon National Park. These hotels are a good choice for travelers who want to save money on accommodations while still staying close to the park. However, remember that prices can vary depending on the time of year and availability. Therefore, checking current rates and booking in advance if possible, is recommended.

What are the best neighborhoods to stay in near Bryce Canyon National Park?

Cannonville, Panguitch, Escalante, Hatch, and Glendale are some of the best areas near Bryce Canyon National Park. These areas offer a range of lodging options, dining and shopping opportunities, and easy access to the park and other nearby attractions. Visitors should consider their individual needs and preferences, such as proximity to certain activities or desired amenities, when choosing a particular neighborhood.

What are the pros and cons of staying in Bryce Canyon City?

Bryce Canyon City has some assets, including impressive viewpoints, spacious accommodations, a rustic look, inviting amenities and more. However, there are also some drawbacks to consider. For example, Bryce Canyon City is far from other cities, limiting dining, shopping and entertainment options. Also, the city attracts more visitors in July, making it difficult to find parking during peak travel times.

Are there any campgrounds near Bryce Canyon National Park?

Yes, there are several campgrounds near Bryce Canyon National Park. Two popular options are Sunset Campground and North Campground, both operated by the National Park Service and offer many amenities for visitors. Other campgrounds nearby include Ruby’s Inn RV Park and Campground, Bryce Pioneer Village RV Park and Campground, and the KOA Campground in Cannonville. It is recommended that campgrounds be booked in advance, especially during peak travel times, to ensure availability.

Can I rent an RV near Bryce Canyon National Park?

Yes, there are several options for RV rentals near Bryce Canyon National Park. Some popular rental companies include El Monte RV, Cruise America and Apollo RV Rentals. It is recommended to book in advance, especially during peak travel times, and carefully review the rental agreement terms to ensure a smooth experience.

Are there any vacation rentals near Bryce Canyon National Park?

Several vacation rental options near Bryce Canyon National Park include tent sites, RV parks, cabins, houses, and glamping. These rental options provide visitors with a wide range of accommodations to choose the option that best suits their needs and preferences while visiting the region.

When is the best time to visit Bryce Canyon National Park?

The best time to visit Bryce Canyon National Park is usually from September to early November. During this time, the weather is usually pleasant and there are often ranger-led activities for visitors to enjoy. In addition, the park is less crowded during this time than during the peak summer months, making it a peaceful and enjoyable experience.

What are the top attractions near Bryce Canyon National Park?

Top attractions near Bryce Canyon National Park include the park, Navajo/Queens Garden Loop, Inspiration Point and Navajo Trail. Visitors like to explore these popular attractions when they visit the area around the national park.

How far is Bryce Canyon National Park from Las Vegas ?

A drive from Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon National Park is about 265 miles and will take about four hours.

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