Couples Retreat South Carolina: 5 Sensual Places

South Carolina has so many wonderful features that we seem to forget that it could be an ideal place to take your loved one on a retreat.  When we want to take our loved ones on holiday we always think about the most romantic place to go and well what’s better than Paris the city of love.  

Well maybe, just maybe South Carolina can offer the exact romance as Paris.  South Carolina offers a set back drop for a romantic weekend getaway with your spouse. 

South Carolina has perfectly groomed lawns, lovely beaches below the Mason-Dixon Line and the rugged views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The climate is perfect for anyone of those beach days or even just a stroll in the park.  Without any more blabber let’s take a look at some of the best-rated getaway sites in South Carolina. 


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Charleston has been voted year after year as the number one couples destination to visit in the United States.  There are well-groomed and manicured secret gardens that lie hidden behind decorated iron gates.  Well resorted Colonial-era mansions line the streets and horse-drawn carriage tours are offered along with the cobbled stones. 

South Carolina Skyline

This City is made perfectly for walking and you can spend hours exploring the land on foot.  Combined with low country cooking that is done by award-winning chefs, historical museums, unique shopping experiences and a picturesque beach within a short drive, you have truly hit the jackpot for a destination that guarantees a fairy tale escape down the romantic road.  

Many award-winning chefs have opened new restaurants and garnering national accolades.  No one has to go far to find tasty menus to suit your appetite with fresh and local ingredients supplied by the local farms.  You haven’t truly experienced Charleston if you haven’t had their biscuits and pimento cheese.  You will also find that Charleston has some of the freshest seafood in the country.  

Harbour View Inn is the best choice for a romantic getaway in Charleston.  They offer candle lit dinners and a free city trolley stops right in front of the Inns doors in case of rain.  You can catch the sunset from the Inns rooftop at the end of the day and they often have music playing in the evenings.   


This is the perfect place for couples who enjoy exploring old cities.  Although they have modernized, there is still that classic feel to the city.  It is centuries old and is located on Port Royal Island and is like a dream come true.  In this city, you will experience picturesque scenery and antebellum architecture. 

You can take a stroll around town and Beaufort offers some of the best eateries and restaurants as well as shops to help pass your time.  After you have fuelled up some coffee or tea and snacks at one of the local coffee shops you and your partner can take a romantic walk along the waterfront, walking down the boardwalk at the Sands in Port Royal or take a stroll across the Woods Memorial Bridge which is famous for its cameo in the movie “Forest Gump”. 

The best hotel to stay in here is at the Anchorage 1770 Inn. This is found along the seaside and is a bed and breakfast boutique designed for relaxation with light and gentle breezes coming in from the perch on the Front Porch. 

Myrtle Beach 

Myrtle Beach is often for families on their family holidays each summer but during the off-season, couples head here to gain a completely different environment.  For the duration of October through to April, the beach comes alive and couples have discovered a perfect destination for that romantic getaway.

Myrtle Beach sunrise

During the Fall season many shops, attractions and cafes are still open for you to enjoy the pleasure on a romantic holiday with your partner.  The plus side to this is that there are few tourists and families around compared to the number during the summer season.   

There are a few wonderful resorts that one can go to, to enjoy the beach and world-class dining with entertainment that you do not have to leave the grounds to experience. North Beach Plantation is one of the places to go to enjoy a luxurious spa, heated pools that are both inside and outdoors and many more features. 

You can dine at the resort’s restaurants and perfect for the couples who love to golf, the beach doesn’t disappoint with many of the golf clubs like Arrowhead Country Club and Beachwood Golf Club. 

Kiawah Island Golf Resort

This resort is perfect for an active couples’ romantic getaway. This Island has five golf courses that you can choose from and you can spend time teeing off and your nights relaxing in a luxurious space at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort.

This resort also has one of the best tennis resorts in the world. There are other activities as well that you and your partner can spend time doing together, like tours on the beach, kayaking and resort events that allow you to have fun together.  It is also a short drive to Charleston where you can take a drive for the day to explore. 

Hilton Head

Hilton Head has miles and miles of sandy beaches with a laid back vibe of the coast.  It has some of the best sunsets that you can enjoy with a glass of wine or two at the end of the day. There are many different couples-friendly activities that you and your partner can enjoy doing together.  Hilton Head has a natural beauty to it.  

You can walk along the beaches or have a guided tour in one of the many different estuaries where one can experience magnificent wildlife.  You can go on cruises or take a trip through Calibogue Sound where the sunset offers a wonderful backdrop for romance. You can rent a villa and enjoy your privacy or stay at one of the many hotels on the island.  


I think that if you are looking for a relaxing couples getaway then Myrtles beach is best suited for you.  If you enjoy sporting activities such as golf or kayaking then I’d personally recommend Kiawah Island Golf Resort.  But not all romance depends on sports and activities.  Take into account the time you enjoy spending with your loved one in peace and quiet.

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