Romantic things to do in Medford, Oregon

Share the laughter on a romantic getaway with someone you love whilst doing activities that will imprint your mind. Get that spark back as you get to have the romantic adventure of a lifetime in Medford, Oregon as you have the candlelit dinners in luxurious hotels, wildlife watching and outdoor sporting activities. These fun-filled activities will make you overstay your journey with the thought of wanting every, happiness with your loved one.

There is nothing that lures a woman in this world than to receive a fantastic retreat during her summer days. Rogue Valley is in the heart of the Southern Oregon, Medford and enclosed with spectacular views which bring a sense of awe for the loved ones.

Rogue River

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The Rogue River offers romantic activities such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking and jet boating. Have the adventure to remember as you get to hike, view wildlife and mountain bike around the shimmering valleys of the city.

Main Street in downtown usually gets soaked with visitors as it offers cafes, boutiques, fantastic antique stores and restaurants with a local vibe. It is a great way to relax and have dinner with a loved after a great tour around stunning picturesque buildings of Oregon.

Engraving its way through the valley, the 215-mile Rogue River is a  river that starts West of Mt. Mazama, Crater Lake National Park and flows into the Pacific Ocean.

The world-famous river has sections, the Upper, Middle, Lower sections. It offers a variety of special water activities like salmon fishing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing and lodge-to-lodge floating.

 It also delivers fun activities such as mountain biking, visiting charming turn-of-the-century towns in the surrounding area and hiking.

Upper and Lower Table Rock, Medford, Oregon

The upper and lower Table Rocks of Medford Oregon has two prominent volcanic plateaus, which rises above the river are must-see scenery of monolithic mesas.

The monolithic mesas are the backbone to the history of region’s culture, hence offer two-mile hiking for lovebirds to get to the Table Rocks and have an overlooking view of the spectacular view of the city’s landscape. Nothing romantic than to be right next to a loved a one whilst seeing the beauty of nature.

This city has it all, as you get to be acquainted with nature with your love- a perfect way to connect and relax together in harmony.

Hawk Vineyard & Winery, Medford, Oregon

Hawk Vineyard and Winery is a 25-acre that was established in 2009 with the motive of romance through its wines.

You will get to tour the winery vineyard and wine test together. Sipping and wining with a lover is a perfect summer vacation to die. Please take a tour of the vineyard, state-of-the-art facility as it offers divine cuisines and a dash of wine, bocce court and a terrace to relax on whilst chatting.

 Try the simple romantic way to live with this vineyard and enjoy every step of the experience.

Applegate Lake, Medford, Oregon

The 85 deep feet, Applegate Lake, is located in, Rogue River National Forest. Have the experience to see numerous fish of the Lake which include Chinook, steelhead trout and rainbow trout.

 Be part of the Applegate Lake’s hiking trails honour as the views are breathtaking. These sceneries include Kinney Mountain, Collings Mountain, and Stein Butte.

A perfect sight to engage yourself in and relax your mind.

EdenVale Winery, Medford, Oregon

EdenVale Winery, Medford, Oregon, is situated in the capital. The winery is exceptional with its rich, human-made wines that will leave you craving for more. Be part of the wine tasters and have a moment to share with a loved one in the winery.

Get acquainted with the modern art decor and impressive terrace with beautiful tables, amazing gardens with picnic setting for couples to relax and get lost in the unique environment.

The winery adventure will give a romantic atmosphere at EdenVale Winery. Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime, be the one to boast about the local-made wines of Medford in Oregon.

Medford Railroad Park, Medford, Oregon

The Medford Railroad Park offers an outdoor train museum that honours the historical events of the state.

The museum also offers miniature train rides around the park for that romantic fun activities whilst enjoying the parks scenery. It is a fun, well-managed park with lots of memorabilia for ages to enjoy.  The park offers a section for private parties and gathering. Plan to ride the train ride and you will end up wanting to ride it nonstop. The clubs are fun and exciting with its organic music that takes you to the moon.

Diamond Lake, Medford, Oregon

Diamond Lake is a natural water body in southern, Oregon.

The significant part is the package Diamond Lake offers in its recreational activities, of swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing near Silent Creek, al hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and hunting. These activities are on a low budget and affordable to everyone. Enjoy the fun with the one you love and get to share laughter on this adventure.

Go outdoors in winter by having fun with sports such as skiing, snowmobiling and sledge dog racing. Rest your heads in superb lodges with their five-star hospitality like none other. Surprise her by having dinner on a boat rental and eat good cuisine in restaurants with a low budget.

Fall in love with the activities as you get to share the laughter with your loved one. Try it, and you will have her screaming for her with exclusive activities.


An elaborated adventure on a romantic getaway with for couple is a must, yearly to keep the fire burning. Ignite that spark by touring the world and experiences activities of the Medford, Oregon which include skiing, wine tasting, boardwalks, clubbing, and picnics at the beach and nature walks. Book online to the city of Medford, and you will enjoy the romantic things to do in Medford. Relax, stay calm and enjoy the promising like never before.

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