11 of The Most Scenic Places in Illinois

Running out of ideas of a perfect family road trip?  Why not try to escape into the wild of Illinois. Illinois has astonishing and diversified attractions to indulge oneself in. The breathtaking picturesque sites and exceptional towns will blow one away.

For social media devotees, Illinois offers a great rife of natural places to take pictures in, such as the historic structures and the cascading waterfalls. It is definitely the best places to be as it housed the former President Abraham Lincoln. Your truly kind of place for a getaway.

Shawnee National Park

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The 280,000-acre national forest shelters a vast of Southern Illinois. The jaw-dropping forestry look is ideal for a campfire set up before sunset. It is a 160-mile trail of the stream to streams giving a perfect natural art that calms and inspires. This view is best under the Greek sky of the Shawnee National Park. Try it; there is nothing to hate.

The Great River Road

The Great River Road trail the course of the Mississippi River ending at Iowa. The winding road provides clear views of the river and the forestry. Experience the uncommon element of the road drive.

For a visitor to understand the American culture, they have to understand the river as it passes through Midwestern towns such as Grafton and Alton. The towns offer an exquisite orientation of town’s culture, music and local cuisine.

Anderson Japanese Gardens

It is boasted throughout the world that the Anderson Japanese Gardens are one of the most genuine Japanese gardens in North America. John Anderson built the gardens in 1978 with the aid of Hoichi Kurisu. The 12-acre nature reserve is located in Rockford.

It encompasses of rock gardens, waterfalls, lavishing bridges and a traditional tea house. It is unfortunate that the garden is closed during the winter season but the restaurants are open throughout the year.

The beautiful gardens have an outdoor setting that soothes the soul with its ravishing flora and fauna. That kind of romantic touch of the wild then tries these gardens for a memorable tour around the world.

Starved Rock State Park

 The 2,630 acres of Starved Rock State Park is declared as a National Historic Momentum because it yearly brings in visitors from all walks of life. Visitors get an exotic chance of hiking past through spectacular waterfalls and towering trees.

After a vigorative and relaxed walk in the park, the Starved Rock Lodge has its own treats to quench the visitor’s thirst with a post-hike beer and tantalizing food. Definitely worth it? Also one gets to spend the night either at the lodge or the camping sites.  

Illinois State Capitol

The picturesque statehouse is located in Springfield. It was established in 1868 with a French twist of style. The 361-foot-high dome building once housed former president Abraham Lincoln, hence recognized as an educational and informational reserve for tourists.

The building was also in respect to all important workers who toiled day and night to keep the state capitol afloat till date. Fascinating news of the past is it?

Then pack those bags and get to be educated in Springfield. A guided tour is given to tourists around the Italian Renaissance Revival building and gets to witness its priceless décor.

Galena Historic District

The perfect escape to a vintage lifestyle with the excellence of tradition. Galena Historic District gives one a nostalgic feel with its vintage look. A visit to Galena feels like a step back in time.  It is a small town in America.

The district is infested with activities that keep one on their feet from viewing parks and museums to live music events. Visitors make use of Americana shops and restaurants after a wearisome day and quench their thirst with the American twist in food and beverages.

The last detour of the day is to in check into Desoto hotel which is regarded as the oldest functional hotel in the state since 1855.

Illinois Beach State Park

The   4,160-acre state park offers a variety of activities such as bike trails, swimming, scuba and cross country skiing.

The barefoot walk on the fines sands on the beach make one feel at home. A must experience with the family as great packages are available. The beach will surely dazzle visitors of all ages with its outdoor recreational facilities.

Giant City State Park

The sandstone cliffs formed 12,000 years ago gives the Giant city State park an appealing open-air lover’s heaven on earth. The park is also popular with its vast activities of hiking and rock climbing to fishing.

Matthiessen State Park

Matthiessen State Park was named after Fredrick William Matthiessen who was a philanthropist and an industrialist. It offers an assortment of canyons, forested hiking and waterfalls.

The park is regarded as a special choice for family and friends due to its picnic facilities, wildlife and abundant vegetation. Visitors will be intricated by the aliveness of the flora and fauna in the garden.

Grand View Drive

it was established in 1903 and is regarded as the world’s most beautiful drive.it offers visitors views of the Illinois River and the chance to sight prestigious and historic areas around the area.

There are places to park and snap that perfect glimpse you get of the drive. A signature of excellence fit for the royal. There are many places to explore and picnic tables to connect with families on a personal outdoor level. Sounds interesting right, I know. Take this chance and Escape into the best view the world can offer you.

Illinois Route 66

It is a 301 mile from Chicago to St Louis and is soaked with ancient roadside attractions that are entertaining and fun-packed. The Old Prison, Hall of Fame and Museum in Pontiac are places to be acquainted of despite its seriousness.

Great knowledge, great wisdom, then hit the road and get entertained. Where the sun smiles, the sea is whispering, that definitely is Illinois at its best to cater all ages of people. Take that break…See the unobstructed world.

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