Most walkable mid-sized cities

We frequently talk about a company’s or an industry’s marketability, but we hardly ever do so about cities. As the pandemic ends, this recovery may reveal substantial differences in ideal cities’ appearances, surprising power actors in the talent acquisition process, and actual and lasting shifts in where people desire to work. The focus is shifting from mobility to universal access to jobs, food, healthcare, entertainment, and other things. Mid-sized cities, in their most basic form, fit into the concept of the 15-minute city, which aims to make everything a person needs accessible in 15 minutes or less. There are advantages for the environment and mental health if you downplay the need for long commutes and highway driving.

Florence , Italy

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Florence is modest for a large European city, so you can quickly get around on foot. In the middle are grouped binding sites; you need not more than 30 minutes. Because Florence is the ideal walkable size and has so much to see on the ground level, it is a walkable city. Depending on how often you stop to relax, the walk could take between two and a half hours and 3 hours and 15 minutes. To get off the main path, away from the crowds of tourists, and to experience the city from a different perspective, it is well worth the 3,3 miles (5,3 km), nevertheless. 

It is undoubtedly one of the most visited locations in all of Europe. The city is renowned for its art, architecture, and monuments from the Renaissance. Additionally, the city is home to various galleries and museums, like the Uffizi Gallery and the Palazzo Pitti, and it continues to impact politics, society, and the arts. It is a dream to travel to such a stunning city.

Ann Arbor, MI – USA

Ann Arbor, one of the top college towns in America, has a population of 118,087 and is home to the University of Michigan. Still, it is much more than just a top travel destination for students! This Michigan city, known as one of the leading innovation hubs in the country, is home to software and tech firms like Google and Thomson Reuters, as well as positions in the health care and education sectors with Michigan Medicine and Ann Arbor Public Schools. 

While there, you can go canoeing down the river or fly fish all day on the Huron River Water Trail. Watch a movie in the Historic Auditorium at the Michigan Theater while munching on buttery popcorn. At Kerrytown Market & Shops, you may purchase handcrafted art, regional herbs, spices, and teas, among other things. Visit the Ann Arbor Art Fair for regional artwork, live street entertainment, and mouthwatering cuisine. Join over 100,000 other fans at a Michigan Wolverines football game by making your way to The Big House and decking it out in blue and maize.

Charleston, SC – USA

Due to its vibrant nightlife, pleasant temperature, and fantastic career possibilities, Charleston expands three times faster than the average American metropolis. This coastal South Carolina city has 129,888 residents and has stunning beaches, delectable seafood, and picturesque scenery. Additionally, it has a long past, so there are many museums to visit and a lot of American history to discover! Visit Charleston’s renowned Pineapple Fountain in Charleston Waterfront Park as one of the city’s best things to do. 

Shop at neighborhood boutiques, second-hand shops for antiques, and art galleries on Charleston’s historic King Street. Discover the more than 300 vendors providing locally sourced food, artwork, toys, and other items at the Charleston City Market. Join 40,000 other participants in the Cooper River Bridge Run. Take a Charleston ghost tour to look for local ghosts and goblins. At Forte Jazz Lounge, take in live jazz performances by regional performers and Grammy winners.

Discover the more than 300 merchants at the Charleston City Market who offer a variety of locally produced goods such as toys, artwork, and food. Participate in the Cooper River Bridge Run with the other 40,000 runners. On Charleston ghost tours, seek the local ghouls and spirits. At Forte Jazz Lounge, catch local musicians and Grammy winners performing live jazz music. When you get to the castle, be ready to wait in line because the check-in and security procedures take some time. 

Windsor, Berkshire – Great Britain

England is renowned for its magnificent gardens. Windsor won’t let you down. In addition to the magnificent castle grounds, you will also find the Windsor Great Park located here in the town. From the castle, turn south, and you’ll find the 2.65-mile-long, 5,000-acre Long Walk, bordered by woods. Saville Garden is situated inside. The 1951-opened rose garden, best viewed from an elevated promenade, is the attraction. The Ascot racetrack and Legoland, a favorite destination for a family who enjoys rides, are among the local attractions.

Warwick, Warwickshire – Great Britain

This charming hamlet near the River Avon is awash in history. Start with taking a tour of the Lucy family’s elegant Victorian mansion, Charlecote Park. Spend some time exploring the public areas of the extensive grounds in addition to the library, which is a favorite. Next, block off some time to see Warwick Castle, which is the outcome if Disney and the Knights of the Roundtable had a child. 

The castle has the classic appeal of all English courts with the added benefit of being in excellent condition. It has a tearoom with delectable delights and is less expensive than Warwick Castle. Another critical location is the Lord Leycester Hospital. This lovely edifice is a living museum where ex-service members/brethren serve as guides. Glamping is available on the grounds of Warwick Castle, and visitors receive early castle entrance and nightly “knight school” sessions. You’ll dine in a medieval banqueting hall and sleep in a comfortable bed in a big canvas tent.

Westmount, Quebec – Canada

Westmount, which has several commercial districts and Westmount Park, is home to Sherbrooke Roadway, Montreal’s second-largest street (which houses an arena, playgrounds, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, a swimming pool, and a soccer field). Even though Westmount competes with Toronto and Vancouver for the title of the most affluent community in Canada, it only has 20,000 residents. Despite being relatively small compared to other significant Canadian communities, this one has services that inhabitants may access on foot.

Longueuil, Quebec – Canada

The lovely Montreal suburb of Longueuil is located on the south bank of the Saint Lawrence River. Redfin’s 2020 walkability rating for this industrial, residential, and commercial metropolis with a 2017 population of 246,855 was 54.4. People might enjoy traveling to this area to spend a day cross-country skiing or hiking in Parc Michel-Chartrand in Longueuil, established in 1657. Nature lovers must visit the Boise du Tremblay on Longueuil’s northeastern outskirts. The International Percussion Festival, a 6-day music festival held in the city in July, comprises more than 500 players.


In conclusion, it is a good idea that there are well-known developments that have made cities in the UK, USA, Canada, and Italy more walkable. In these countries, road redesign prioritizes pedestrians and cyclists by building wide sidewalks and creating areas for kids to play and vendors to sell their wares. By emphasizing buses, cycling, and walking, deliberate efforts are still being made at the turn of the century to build a city “with more public space for children than for motor vehicles.”

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