Active Vacations for Couples

Looking to get away as a couple but tired of site seeing and spa days that do not raise your adrenaline in any way? If you answered Yes, then what you need is some adventure to get your heart racing while you clench your partner’s hand in pure thrill. 

Couple on a bicycle

The best destination offering a lot of activities you can indulge in with your partner is New Zealand but there are other destinations in the world with some adventure like Italy, South Africa and Zimbabwe. All the activities in these destinations will be covered in detail, so without further ado let’s dive into adventure.

Bungy Jumping, New Zealand 

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The most famous jump in this country is from the historic Kawarau Bridge mostly because of the commercial done by AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch during the 11980s which got a lot of young couples interested in the leaps. We could safely say all big bridges have bungy jumping in New Zealand. Our best pick to jump as a couple is the one in Ngongotaha on Paradise road. 

This one is more of a swing than a jump and they call the site Velocity Valley. The jump can take 2 people at once, so you can go in with your better half. For the gliding action there is a harness specially designed for that. You are cocooned inside the harness then the ripcord is pulled and you are winched to 40 metres high, then hold on to your hats as you plunge towards the earth at a mind blowing velocity more than 130 km/h. All this fun is conveniently located near the city centre, just within 8 km. 

Jet Boating, New Zealand 

Those familiar with surfing know how thrilling it is to ride the waves, if you are not familiar yourself then this is one of the best ways to experience that feeling. The Waikato river is New Zealand’s longest river feeding the mighty Taupo lake. These unfamiliar and seemingly vigorous waters offer some of the best jet boat rides you will ever experience. Who said jets only roam the skies, get into your life jacket and hold on tight as you jet through the waters. 

Get a closer look at the mighty Huka Falls and experience the geothermal phenomena of Orakei Korako. All this in the presence of colourful surrounding plant life, passing past cliffs and geothermal landscapes. Just as you begin to relax another 360-degree spin gets your adrenaline sky high once more. If you are more into speed then a visit to Rotorua is a mast, to attain the highest speeds there is a watercourse built just for this and powerful jet boats with power as much as 450 horsepower to deliver the fastest experience.  

Rafting, New Zealand 

Nothing gets more adventurous than a ride on the fastest flowing untamed water bodies, encountering unfamiliar and unique challenges with every ride. This thrilling ride is a sport in most countries with suitable conditions. There are ratings to the sport, with grade 1 rivers offering tranquil waters, becoming more hostile going up with grade 5 being the highest level featuring ripping waters for the most extreme version of the sport. 

The trips also have different durations, ranging from just a couple of hours to 5 days. Rafting rivers include Lake Tuapo, Bay of Plenty and Hawke’s Bay. Lake Tuapo is the best you can raft on as a couple, it has three sections of water of grade 1 , grade 2, grade 3 and close to extreme in grade 4. All the trips are led by qualified rafting guides and you will be well equipped with all the gear and special clothing. 

Skydiving, New Zealand 

It is true this is not an adventure for anyone, but I bet you all want to experience that great view from 12,000 feet. As long as you are physically fit there is nothing stopping you from skydiving. The young able bodied couples and the old who love to take on a challenge, this is the most exhilarating and extreme activity you can indulge i8n. Skydive in Queenstown and Wanaka to view the vastness of the land, snow-capped mountains, volcanoes, forests, jewel lakes and even geothermal wonders. 

Kayaking and Glacier Hiking, Iceland 

Go on an adventure lasting more than 6 hours on the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. All you have to do is bring warm clothing and hiking shoes that work best for you because the rested one’s might not be as comfortable as those you can bring yourself. Take in the natural beauty Kayaking past the beautiful icebergs then hiking in Skaftafell later during the trip. The trip does not require any expertise, open to beginners from as young a s 14 years. 


Also known as rappelling, this is an easy to learn mode of descent that lets you interact with the environment, descend 100 m into a hole for a thriller of an experience. Even the waterfalls look a particular way on your way down, you seem to become one with the water in a certain way. 

Queenstown Hill is home to some of the best abseiling sites in New Zealand, but these only descend into the breathtaking caves, to witness a waterfall you would have to go to the runway in Egmont National park. 

Safari, Southern Africa

Go on a hide away of your life in southern Africa, go on a boat cruise on the Zambezi river which lies between the countries Zambia and Zimbabwe, and that’s not all the area has to offer. Go to Victoria falls for romantic views of the great falls that were named one of the seven wonders of the world, for the adventure part, dare yourselves and take a swim in the scary Devil’s pool. 

The great Zambezi river is not only for cruising but the main event is fishing there, which is actually practised as a sport. Then head to Botswana for a romantic hot air balloon ride over the Kalahari desert. Don’t forget the giant of Southern Africa which is South Africa, visit Kruger national park for some game tracking and viewing, and while you are in that country, catch a glimpse of the amazing table mountain.


One of the best ways to strengthen your relationship is completing tasks and making memories together, and what better way to do it than going on an adventure with your better half. For the most active getaway, we suggest that you herd New Zealand as it has a lot of activities to offer. The best activity from those discussed is skydiving, the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your body while you float free like a bird next to your partner.

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