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giraffe manor Kenya

Kenya is a nation rich in wildlife and adventure, tourists who visit leave in awe. The breathtaking beauty of the country’s outdoors is world class. The country boasts of national parks and game reserves that have a range of animals and birds. The world-class hotel, the Giraffe Manor is a caveat.


The Giraffe Manor is located in Nairobi’s Langata suburb and is owned by the Safari Collection. It occupies 12 acres of land covered with vast indigenous forest. This makes your stay at the hotel extraordinary. It is littered with beautiful green lawns and beautiful courtyards that simulate paradise.

There are only twelve rooms, at the manor. This creates the feeling of exclusivity. Visitors only have good things to say about this place.. It is truly out of this world.

What makes Giraffe manor stand-out from the many hotels that exist in Kenya is the herd of Rothschild’s giraffe. They roam around during mornings and evenings. They occasionally peep through the hotel windows. Seeing the lanky creatures up close is an experience you don’t get to stumble into often.

It may be rivalled by some resort close to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, but the animals in question are predators, which are not to be toyed with.

You are allowed to touch and feed the giraffes, they are harmless. They are fairly domesticated.


Staying in the hotel may price out local tourists. For international tourists, it is worth the cost. Staying at the hotel set you back about $525 for a double rooms. This is inclusive of departure and arrival transfers. Extended stays are rewarded by some discount.

Other places are often hyped and overpriced, only to disappoint you with poor services. Not the giraffe manor. A visit here is a once in a lifetime experience. Opinions will differ, but the facilities are of good quality, by most accounts. Upgrades and upkeeps are constant.

Food at the Giraffe Manor Kenya

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There are diverse types of foods offered at Giraffe Manor making the meals exceptional. They also allow you to have the meals with other people or in a private setting if you would prefer.

As a romantic gateway, this is almost a scene out of a movie. The food served ranges from European to African cuisines. The chefs know their craft.


Giraffe Manor Staff

They also have professional staff members that are well versed in giving the best services to clients. They react first to any complaints and maintain the beautiful look of the facility to the required standard.

The workers are always willing to show you around the facility. Whenever you feel that you want to have a walk around the manor, which is safe. Although English is the most widely spoken language here, you will find that there are some workers who speak multiple languages.

The Rothschild Giraffe

Giraffe Manor Rothschild Giraffe

The Rothschild Giraffes are not the usual giraffes you see in zoos and national parks around the world. They are a unique type which is distinguished by their white socks. They have the freedom to roam around the facility, and their calm nature gives no cause of concern.

Rothschild Giraffes Kenya

However, the staff are always nearby when you are interacting with the giraffes. They will tell you what you should do and what to avoid. There are also other animals found at the manor, such as the warthogs. These are to be avoided where possible.

What is more amazing is that warthogs are not afraid of people like other ordinary warthogs. At Giraffe Manor, these animals roam the facility giving you an opportunity to interact with them closely.

When to Visit and Accommodation type

Mid-June to October is the best time to visit Kenya. This is the dry season. You will be able to enjoy the outdoors without the rain. The size of the giraffe manor makes it highly sought. There is not enough room to accommodate a lot of people at once. For peak season, book early.

For the best experience, we recommend booking a minimum of two nights. This will allow you to really settle in, and not rush through it all.

There are different types of rooms at Giraffe Manor. These are offered at different prices. They include the standard rooms, the superior rooms and superior suites.

The rooms’ common features include a private balcony, Wi-Fi, En-suite bathrooms, Spa, restaurant and a laundry service. There are rooms equipped with fireplaces and are furnished keeping its original 1930s design.

The main manor house contains six rooms and four in the adjacent new building that is almost the same as the original manor. What they need to improve is their bathrooms to make them look modern.

Our Conclusion on The Giraffe Manor

The Manor offer an excellent once in a lifetime experience. I would recommend a seven-night stay. Although brief, it is brilliant. A one night stay gives you a taste of the excellent experience.

Arrival time at the facility is 11 am and they have strict check out times, which is the same time as the check-in time. Their full package includes transport. This is great help for first-time visitors. Navigating through the country especially the capital city, Nairobi may prove to be a hard task for them.

It is especially ideal for couples who are looking for a quiet place with lovely scenery to celebrate their honeymoon. It is also convenient for families with children because the vast space will allow the children free movement and allow them to play with the giraffes.

During winter in Europe, it is the best time to visit giraffe manor because the weather in Eastern Africa is warm and places like the manor have areas that are sun-kissed for the most part of the day.

Also, there are activities you can participate in if you want to stay for long, which include visiting the nearby giraffe centre and the nearby nursing centre for baby giraffes. Giraffe Manor will give you one in a million experiences that you will truly cherish.

Giraffe manor history

  • built in 1932, 
  • country house hotel since 1984
  • Located in the southern part of Nairobi’s suburb of Karen
  • American conservationist, Betty Leslie-Melville and her husband Jock the house in 1974 and founded the Manor
  • opened it to guests in 1984
  • Tanya and Mike Carr-Hartley bought it in 2007.
  • Main Manor has six rooms, Garden Manor, also has six-rooms.
  • Garden Manor was opened in 2011 and renovated in 2017.

Is giraffe manor worth it?

Honestly, I have paid more for places that don’t come close to the climate and uniqueness that the Giraffe Manor offers. In my opinion, it is certainly worth it. You cannot put a price on once in a lifetime experiences.

Is giraffe manor ethical

I have neither seen or heard of any unethical practices being carried out. You are expected to treat the animals with respect, during your stay.

Is giraffe manor safe?

Absolutely. The staff go above and beyond to enhance your experience. Safety issues are mitigated. That being said, you are around wild animals, so you may get a kick or nibble. If you follow the safety guidelines, you will be safe.

Is giraffe manor real

Absolutely, you should go and see it for yourself. 

Does giraffe manor have wifi

Yes, your stay is inclusive of wifi.

How to book

You can get in touch with the Manor itself, or use the link we have provided in this post. Book the Giraffee Manor here.

How much does it cost

The costs vary based on season, demand and what room you would like to stay in. For up to date cost, Click Here.

How far is giraffe manor from Nairobi airport?

The giraffe manor is 26.9km from Nairobi airport if you take Mombasa Road. It is 37.2km via the Southern Bypass.

How to get to giraffe manor

If you are coming from Nairobi airport, the Giraffe Manor offers airport transfer as a free standard part of the package.

Can you visit for the day?

Unfortunately not, the giraffe manor is on high demand. It only has 12 rooms, so they do not offer day visits. It is exclusive to paying residents.

What to do at giraffe manor

  • Take walks
  • Visit the National Park
  • Visit the giraffe centre
  • Visit local suburb, Karen
  • Visit the elephant orphanage
  • Feed the animals
  • Eat and drink in the sunshine
  • Much more

What to wear

There is no official dress code. Dress for comfort and in line with the weather.

What animals live at the manor

There are giraffes, of course. You will also find warthogs.

Giraffe manor in Kenya video


Lunch menu

Set menu, 3 course, fairly Western diet.

breakfast menu

Full English breakfast, as well as Muesli, pastries and fresh fruit.

Check in time

 11am, which is also the checkout time

Giraffe manor fact sheet

Giraffe Manor Fact Sheet

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