Most Scenic Route from Charlotte to Asheville

You’re wondering what to expect on a drive through the most scenic route from Charlotte to Asheville. Well, a non-stop trip from Charlotte, North Carolina, heading to Asheville, North Carolina requires 2 hours and at least 5 minutes to cover 209 km (130 miles). Apart from majoring in the most scenic route such as the Kings Mountain National Military Park, Cowpens National Battlefield, Newfound Gap Road, and the Great Smoky Mountains. 

Other places to stop for camping, good road and favorable temperature, hotels and restaurants, and other sites include stopping at Lincolnton, NC; Newton, NC; Hardaway, NC; Jacktown, NC; and finally, stop at your destination in Asheville. You need not forget some things as part of your itinerary to cover this one day’s journey. These include: warm clothes, hiking attire, camera, and your pet should be fine. 

Crowders Mountain Drive – Charlotte: 

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As you embark on this mesmerizing trip, it is noble to explore the surroundings by driving westwards of Charlotte. The Crowders Mountain Drive requires 40 minutes to reach the 5,126 arced State Park. Visible from a distance are two high mountain peaks: Crowders Mountain and The Pinnacle. It is pertinent that you consider the reasons why Crowder’s is a ‘must visit place’ before you leave Charlotte. Such makes it an ideal place for you if you enjoy hiking on rocky terrain. Sloping valleys and reflective lakes are observable to its landscape, bringing natural beauty. 

Every season brings a unique set of natural features that beautify the park. The two featuring landscapes offer secluded geographical landscapes to you, which is aptly for hiking. If you’re interested in walking, it has short paths and rocky trails that you will undoubtedly enjoy stretching your legs. As such, don’t forget to carry either your photography to capture the ‘out of the world’ experience.

Kings Mountain National Military Park – Blacksburg: 

The trip from Asheville to Kings Mountain National Military Park takes 46 minutes over an approximate 66 km. You can take the Sen Marshall Arthur Rauch High Way to get there. More specific information is accessible at Located along the North Carolina and South Carolina border, the place carries crucial history about how the American Patriots fought victoriously against American Loyalists during the southern campaign of the Battle of Kings Mountain. 

The Living History Farm is situated in a highly sacred place. Centre to its establishment is the complementary development puzzle that includes the residue of 19th-century architecture. Presently available are a cotton gin, tobacco barn, blacksmith, and carpenter shop. A combination of all these makes up a very significant and memorable experience in your adventure. 

Cowpens National Battlefield:

Coming from the Kings Mountain National Military Park, you need 37 minutes to cover a 48 km journey. You can use Battleground Road, which eventually runs into Chesnee Highway. You can pass through the Cowpens National Battlefield visitor center housed in Cherokee County, South Carolina, established to commemorate the victorious battle at Cowpens. 

The site bears witness to America’s victory underscored by a triumphant war strategy called the double envelopment. Brigadier General Daniel Morgan’s revolutionary army triumphantly flanked British Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton’s British army. Against this backdrop, a fantastic museum constructed precisely at the same spot, important housing information to this effect. Further details about the Cowpens National Battlefield 

Newfound Gap Road – North Carolina, Tennessee: 

When traveling from Cowpens heading to Newfound Gap Road, you must move swiftly for 2 hours and 30 minutes over 172 km. Indeed, you have two good hours of driving to witness the fantastic scenery starting from Mountain Farm Museum in North Carolina stretching to the Sugarlands Visitor Centre. 

Newfound Gap Road is not a loop, as you may think. Instead, it is a long-stretching Highway 441. You will find it a breathtaking place lying low within the gap, also with some high elevation areas as you drive through you. Many activities are experienced at this scenic drive depending on your entry point, for instance, ascending 3000 feet through various trees and enticing evergreen spruce-fir forest, among others. As such, you need to gear up for a long drive, so don’t forget to grab some juices and other supplementary snacks.

The Great Smoky Mountains: 

You only need 18 minutes for a 16 km drive from the Newfound Gap Road to get into The Great Smoky Mountains. The Newfound Gap Road is arguably considered the most scenic route among several excellent driving roads in the Great Smoky Mountains. All you need here is to prepare yourself to witness wildlife, stunning views, historic cabins, and a priceless time in the park. 

For instance, Newfound Gap Road is no longer befitting for another visit despite incredible mountain views like Campbell Overlook. The Cades Cove Loop is the most traveled route within the Great Smoky Mountains. A classic example can be drawn from Cades Cove, surrounded by beautiful mountain views. A more substantial factor that pulls the crowd to drive through this route is the presence of black bears, turkey, and deer.

The town between Charlotte and Asheville

There are many places or towns to stop by between Charlotte and Asheville. If you’re making a direct route from Charlotte, NC, to Asheville, NC, you can consider stopping by four places along the way. Firstly, you can stop at Lincolnton, North Carolina, for which you need to travel for about half an hour in the northwest of Charlotte. From there, you can stop by Newton, North Carolina. Here it would be best if you traveled for approximately an hour northwest of Charlotte. 

In about an hour, you can stop at Hardaway, North Carolina, as you go east of Asheville. Maintaining the eastwards of Asheville, it is an hour and a half to go northwest of Charlotte for you to arrive in Asheville. So it is against this backdrop that you need to enjoy every moment as it passes. You don’t need to get stuck in one place because the experiences are so magical that you wouldn’t want to get off the dancing floor. 

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