Most walkable cities in Washington state

With all of its business and billion-dollar corporations, Washington State is becoming a more and more sought-after place for singles and families to settle down. It is home to numerous prosperous enterprises, including some of the most well-known brands in the world, like Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, Amazon, and Costco. With nearly 60% of the state’s population, Seattle receives the most significant attention and has many notable neighborhoods. No Washington city made the list of the ten most walkable in the US. Still, Tacoma and Seattle were among the cities with the most significant increases in commuters walking to work over the previous five years. Good news for the Washington-Oregon rivalry: Seattle defeated Portland in the commuter share of pedestrians, 9.1% to 5.7.

Seattle, Washington

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Seattle is for people looking for an urban lifestyle. Suburban areas with tiny, accessible downtowns still provide desirable attractions like small-town pride and locally owned stores and restaurants. Travel to Seattle for a fantastic “cup of joe” at the well-known Pike Place Market, which is perfect for coffee enthusiasts. Seattle is a terrific city to explore while enjoying a drink as you stroll along the Pioneer Square Art Walk and catch a glimpse of the iconic Space Needle, scoring a “Very Walkable” 70.8. Seattle appears to have a bustling downtown, three professional sports teams, a distinctive cultural arts scene, a rising economy, and a stunning waterfront. You are likely to locate the area that best suits you because there are so many well-liked communities across the city, each with its distinctive flavor.


Bellevue is a hidden treasure just north of Seattle with unrivaled mountain views, wonderful city parks, delicious restaurants, a thriving business, and stunning Lake Washington. Located roughly a 25-minute drive from downtown Seattle, this booming neighborhood is divided from the city by Lake Washington. The cultural arts scene in Bellevue is outstanding. With so many lovely parks, it is one of the walkable areas in Washington that you can find. Bellevue has a lot to offer, including the KidsQuest Children’s Museum, the Bellevue Arts Museum, and the yearly Arts Festival.


With a walk score of 51, Kirkland is one of Washington’s most livable and walkable cities. The Kirkland brand may be familiar to you from the Costco stores. Costco took the name of this charming town for the Kirkland Signature brand as it has its headquarters in nearby Issaquah. But it offers so much more than simply fantastic prices. The Cross Kirkland Corridor Trail is a prime illustration of Kirkland’s commitment to healthy, ecologically friendly living as a community. This trail is guaranteed to keep you and your family entertained as you work toward a healthy lifestyle with volleyball and basketball courts, a kid’s zip line course, and a playground.


Participating in a Walk Tacoma is an excellent way to exercise while learning about the history of this beautiful city. It’s also true that not every town is ideal for walking around. Some cities seem to want you to know them only superficially and superficially. Sidewalks come to an end or never were. You fully understand that you proceed at your own risk when you see multi-lane roads and high-speed limits. Despite the lack of or sparse use of crosswalks, Tacoma is one of the safest cities to walk in. Tacoma’s downtown, 6th Avenue, the Proctor District, the area around Tacoma Mall, a strip mall off Highway 16, and a neighborhood in the North End all indicate that a lot needs action to make the city walkable. These strolls also demonstrate how much has already been accomplished.


One of Washington’s walkable cities is Spokane. The gorgeous Spokane Valley, surrounded by wineries, mountain lakes, and waterfalls, is located on the eastern border of Washington State. Spokane meets all the requirements to be a desirable place to call home. Spokane boasts a bustling downtown with great food, wine, and a breathtaking riverfront park. It is an excellent place for walkers, runners, and meanderers because it has pedestrian bridges and trails that cross the river. It also has the expo center from the 1974 World’s Fair and a 1909 Looff carousel. Spokane has lots of enjoyable surprises.


With 35,836 residents, Lynnwood has an average Walk Score of 54. Walking-friendly outdoor activities and beautiful locations to visit are both abundant in Lynnwood. Lynnwood has no parking meters, high costs, or arrogant attitudes. You will discover many fantastic dining establishments, cutting-edge movie theaters, and a bewildering array of local outdoor activities in addition to shops. Whatever your interests are—food, clothing, the performing and visual arts, history, wildlife, or outdoor adventure—you can find it near Lynnwood in a couple of minutes. Everyone can find something here! Lynnwood is a terrific area to go “lost” if you enjoy an utterly unstructured journey with no plans or agendas to direct you. Lynnwood is a very walkable neighborhood with many fantastic parks and trails to enjoy for a high-quality, low-impact vacation!


The average Walk Score in Burien is 52. Nothing is more reviving than taking a stroll or a trek outside. If you’re seeking to move away from your neighborhood, there are many roads and trails near Burien, Washington, that you may tackle. Try the North Seahurst Nature Trail for a lengthier hike. The difficulty level of this trail ranges from easy to intermediate. It resembles a loop trail. Take a leisurely walk and breathe fresh air by immersing yourself in the beautiful woodland regions that make up Seahurst Park. A substantial portion of the population in South King County and West Seattle has numerous restaurants serving Burien’s walkable downtown, which is renowned for its authentic “main street” vibe.

Mountlake Terrace

The average Walk Score for Mountlake Terrace is 52. The area of Mountlake Terrace is pleasant, secure, and intriguing to explore on foot. Most of our main thoroughfares have sidewalks, and many of our secondary streets do. There are no roadways in the city with speed restrictions higher than 35 mph, and the city is actively looking for measures to reduce speeding in areas where it is common. We undoubtedly fall short the most when it comes to the practical walk. Even though things are improving, many City residents still do not have destinations within a 10-minute walk.

Melody Hill

Melody Hill is one of the city’s walkable locations. This region is primarily in the 220th St SW corridor in the city’s northwest section. Some multi-family and single-family homes are to the south, but most of this area is commercial or industrial. Although the building style is heavily auto-oriented and bicycle infrastructure is nonexistent, most streets have decent pedestrian infrastructure (sidewalks, crosswalks). A large number of nearby companies is probably why this region has a higher Walkscore.


One of Washington’s walkable cities is Everett. Everett’s parks and trails make for some of the best locations for outdoor fitness enthusiasts to get some exercise during the warm months. Whatever your preferred outdoor activity—walking, jogging, pushing a stroller, or biking—Everett provides the ideal trail for the perfect midday escape. A trip to Everett’s waterfront is necessary, and an excellent way to spend your time is to get in a good workout while admiring the scenery. For your benefit, there are various trails to choose from around the Everett waterfront. There are several things to do in Everett for tourists and potential residents. The second-largest marina on the West Coast is in the city. Boeing’s Future of Flight, Jetty Island, and the Flying Heritage Museum are a few additional attractions.


Since Vancouver is known for having a small downtown core and being a somewhat walkable city, many of the things you wish to visit will probably be close to your hotel. The city of Vancouver, Washington, can be found on the Columbia River’s northern bank. Vancouver, which has a population of around 169,982, is the fourth-largest city in Washington State and the county headquarters of Clark County. Vancouver is renowned for its stunning surroundings, environmentally conscious culture, and welcoming atmosphere. Although Vancouver is officially a suburb of Portland, the city offers vibrant nightlife, excellent job possibilities, and top-notch educational institutions.

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