Most liberal cities in Texas

Liberalism is a political and ethical philosophy that supports and encourages individual freedom. Liberals prioritize social justice, ensuring access to healthcare, keeping an eye on economic activity, and promoting social equality over liberty, the will of the governed, and legal equality. There are many fantastic places for Democrats to live in Texas, even though more counties support the Republican party in general elections. Even in Republican areas like Texas, large cities tend to lean more liberal.


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The United States of America’s Starr County contains the city of Roma. In 2010, 9,765 people were living there. In Tamaulipas, Mexico, you can find the city alongside the Rio Grande, across from Ciudad Miguel Aleman. According to the results of recent elections, Roma people tend to be entirely democratic. Roma has more Democratic voters as compared to other adjacent cities. Roma tends to lean more democratically than the country as a whole. People with bachelor’s degrees or higher in education tend to support more liberal candidates. Women make up 55.02 percent of the Roma population, and educated women are much less inclined to vote for conservatives.


Travis County includes Austin, the state capital of Texas. Regarding politics in Texas, Austin has long been the lone blue dot in the middle of a sea of red. It currently ranks as the second-best place in the nation and first in Texas to live if you’re a liberal. Austin is second only to Seattle on the list of American cities suitable for liberals, although a couple of other Texas centers rank in the top 25. Texas is a conservative state, yet Austin is still very liberal. In the most recent election, more than 70% of Travis County’s voters cast Democratic ballots. Since the election of 2000, the County has been liberal.


The population density in Houston is 4,283.93 people per square mile, and 88.9% of your neighbors are likely to be Democrats. A resident’s likelihood of supporting gun control is 73.1 percent, while their likelihood of being religious is only 48.5 percent. The likelihood of a resident supporting abortion rights is 58.5 percent, and support for environmental protection is 54.9 percent. Additionally, there is a big chance that a neighbor supports taxes, with a 51.6 percent probability that this is the case. Houston’s median price for a home is $123,900. As you can see, Texas has several locations where you can find folks who share your political views. Whether you consider yourself a Democrat or Republican, you will surely get a place to call home in Texas.


More than 1.3 million people live in Dallas, a metropolis in northeastern Texas, and they appreciate the city’s diverse economy and authentic Texas culture. Dallas is a liberal city. The most liberal area of Dallas is its County. In the most recent election, 64.9 percent of the County’s voters cast Democratic ballots, while just 33.3 percent supported the Republican Party. You might expect some liberal pockets from around Walnut Hill Lane south, except the Park Cities (Highland Park/University Park), which are known to be strong right wing. It used to be a haven for liberalism because of homosexual people, but gentrification is changing that. Although Oak Cliff and the “M” Streets are known for their liberal beliefs, gentrification has altered the atmosphere in both places.


Consider Laredo if a bigger city has more of your attention. Approximately 150 miles southwest of San Antonio is where the town is situated. There are 6,679.84 individuals per square mile in this area. A resident’s likelihood of being a Democrat in this area is 82.2 percent. You have a 55.9 percent probability of being pro-choice, a 47.4 percent chance of being religious, a 52.5 statistical likelihood of being pro-environment, a 65.9 statistical chance of being pro-gun control, and a 59.1 probability of being pro-tax, among other Democrat-identifying traits.

El Paso

You can find El Paso in the southwest and is Texas’ sixth-largest city, with more than 678,000 residents. Since 2000, it has become a liberal city. Hispanic people make up 81 percent of the city’s population. Democratic candidates received 66.7 percent of the vote in El Paso County during the most recent election. El Paso County has typically voted Democratic throughout the 2008 presidential election. Despite losing the entire state of Texas by roughly 946,000 votes, Democrat Barack Obama received 66 percent of the vote with 121,589 votes.


Elsa, Texas is a lovely destination for Democrats if you don’t mind being about as southern as it gets. A resident’s likelihood of identifying as a Democrat in this area is 87.3 percent. The site has 1,419.66 individuals per square mile of population. With fewer than 6,000 people living here, this is a smaller region. However, Elsa is a part of the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission and Reynosa-McAllen metropolitan regions. There is a strong possibility that in Elsa, 60.3% of people support abortion rights, and 60.4% support gun control laws. Only 40.4% of respondents are probably religious, and 50.4% are pro-environmental. And there is an 85.3% chance that someone supports taxes.

San Antonio

San Antonio, located in south-central Texas, is a sizable city with a vibrant downtown. Because 58 percent of voters are Democrats, the city leans relatively liberal. The inner city is unquestionably more liberal, while some outside areas trend slightly to the right. The small towns nearby, particularly those north of San Antonio, are unquestionably much more conservative. Although the suburbs have a modest tendency to swing to the right, liberals still live there. Living in San Antonio has some drawbacks, including extreme heat and a disproportionately high crime rate.

La Grulla

The town of La Grulla is located around 50 kilometers west of Elsa. According to the most recent Census, this town has fewer residents than Elsa—just over 1,600. There are 172.634 individuals per square mile in this area. According to estimates, a resident of La Grulla is likely to be a Democrat in 90.8 percent of cases. There is a 90% chance that someone is in favor of taxes. Additionally, residents have a 63.6 percent likelihood of supporting abortion rights, a 37.9 percent likelihood of being religious, a 50.3 percent likelihood of being pro-the environment, and a 63.7 percent likelihood of supporting gun regulation.

Crystal city

Texas’s Zavala County has Crystal City. As of 2020, the city had 6,354 residents, according to the US Census Bureau. Based on the outcomes of recent elections, Crystal City has a reputation for being quite democratic and has more Democratic voters than other adjacent cities. Crystal City is more democratic than the rest of the country. People with bachelor’s degrees or above in higher education tend to support more liberal candidates.


Texas is the most known conservative state in the union. And unless overwhelmed Democrats attempt to seize control of the state or develop into a more potent opposition force, it will continue to be a stronghold for the brand of conservatism made famous by the culture wars of the previous 15 years and former President Donald Trump. But even though the above cities are in a pretty conservative state, the cities mentioned above are very liberal.

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