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The risk of being a victim of a violent or property crime each year in San Francisco is 1 in 16, making the city more dangerous than 98 percent of all large and small communities in the United States. By comparison, San Francisco is nearly twice as safe as Compton, California, the infamous scene of drug gang turf wars and a city that is nonetheless more dangerous than 90 percent of all cities in the United States. Have you ever wondered which places in San Francisco you should stay away from or where the most dangerous places are? You may be interested in the statistically worst parts of San Francisco. This article says that the most dangerous cities in the Bay Area are as follows.


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The city’s highest crime rates are in Bayview. Due to the high level of gun violence in this location, the crime rate is 161% higher than the national average. With significantly higher murder rates than other parts of the city, Bayview, Hunter’s Point, and the Tenderloin are the most hazardous neighborhoods in San Francisco. Even though the lowlands to which it is related are more dangerous, Bayview Heights is still not what we would consider a safe area.

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is brimming with well-known landmarks, museums, and natural beauty. There is a nasty side, though, as you might not believe. There are numerous haunting locations and urban legends with Golden Gate Park as their setting. But don’t worry, this park is full of mystery and intrigue rather than frightening. At night, there are more of them. Most of those beaten or stabbed in the garden at night are intoxicated or high. However, there is a greater risk that you may run directly up to these fools, a circumstance you probably want to avoid many enigmatic and scandalous stories about Golden Gate Park, ranging from frightening murders.

The Tenderloin

On the west of Union Square are the Van Ness, Taylor Street to the east, Geary to the north, and Market to the south. In the Tenderloin, there is a higher rate of violent crime, such as assaults, drug offenses, and robberies, as well as widespread homelessness. Any time could be dangerous in this place. The Tenderloin is a high-crime area, especially for violent street crimes, including robberies and severe assaults. Tagging and graffiti art are widespread in the area. Illegal drug use and trafficking happen on the streets. Property crimes happen regularly, particularly theft from parked cars.

Hunters Point

infamously criminalized and poor. One of San Francisco’s most historically significant and deadly areas is the Hunters Point neighborhood. Crime statistics still show how dangerous this area is. The most polluted community in the state and nation is Hunters Point, which is also the most contaminated area of San Francisco. Visitors to these regions should exercise common sense caution by being aware of their surroundings, avoiding making themselves a target, and avoiding going alone or at night. These are wise precautions to take anywhere you are in a city, as a crime in San Francisco can take place where it does not seem risky. Even in tourist-friendly regions, crimes frequently happen.

Mission District

East-central San Francisco is where you find the Mission District. U.S. Route 101 and Potrero Hill, a neighbor to the east, encircle it. The area of Valencia between 16th and 24th Streets is the Mission’s center. Despite being one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in San Francisco, the Mission District can be highly unpredictable after 9 or 10 p.m., and the violence has many different sources. Although it’s still not the cleanest neighborhood, the Mission used to have a reputation for being dangerous and filthy. These days, though, it’s relatively safe.

SOMA (South of Market)

A vast neighborhood stretching between Market and Townsend from the Embarcadero to 11th Street is known as Historic South of Market (SOMA). Between 4th and 10th Streets, in the northern portion of SOMA (around Market Street), there is a lot of crime. South Of Market has an overall crime rate 67% higher than the national average. The South of Market Area has featured a unique blend of retail, leisure, and residential areas since the turn of the 20th century. In this area of SOMA, many brick-lined industrial loft buildings were constructed in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Western Addition

Between Divisadero and Geary and Van Ness and Fulton is roughly where Western Addition is. Petty crime is prevalent in several areas of Western Addition, including muggings and automobile break-ins. The main draw in this region is Japantown, a collection of Japanese restaurants and businesses spread across many city blocks in the three enclosed malls. Although this neighborhood isn’t the best, Japantown is typically relatively safe. Even though it’s far less dangerous during the day, avoid pulling out large amounts of cash or keeping your eyes fixed on a smartphone screen. There is safety in numbers, and if you attend a concert in the evening, there will be plenty of other people nearby, arriving and departing.

Outer Mission

Although the neighborhood is known as the “Outer Mission,” Bernal Heights separates it from the Mission neighborhood. Due to their distance from one another on San Francisco’s southern boundary, the Excelsior and Outer Mission neighborhoods tend to be frequently combined. Even though there are not many reported crimes in this area, there are many. Most of the homes in this area, including duplexes and apartments, were constructed in the 1950s. The in-law suites in many homes have become crowded with renters looking for affordable housing, clogging the streets with their cars.

Richmond District

According to new information from the Richmond Station of the SFPD, there has been a significant increase in burglaries in the Richmond District yearly. In 2020, there were 7,084 reports of burglaries overall, up from 4,827 reported cases in 2019. Richmond and Marina had experienced the most increases in burglaries of any neighborhood. The city had seen a 47% increase in burglaries from the previous year. However, the Richmond neighborhood offers a lot, especially the Inner Richmond sector. 

Nob hill

Nob Hill has a high violent and property crime rate for San Francisco. Compared to the national average, Nob Hill has 43% higher crime rates. Nob Hill’s violent crime rate is 30% lower than the national average. You have a one in thirty risk of becoming a victim of crime in Nob Hill. Based on which side of the hill you are on, Nob Hill has a different atmosphere than other older, wealthy neighborhoods. 

This area, sometimes called “Snob Hill,” gained a reputation for wealth during the Gold Rush when railroad barons (sometimes referred to as “nobs”) and other gold-rush supporters constructed their homes atop the hill, which was now reachable by cable car lines. Their location on the mountain protected them from the chaos of the boisterous waterfront and less affluent Tenderloin district.

The surrounding downtown areas have significantly impacted the neighborhood, making it much more varied. The large hill hinders a sense of neighborhood cohesion in the middle, and each side picks up specific characteristics of the neighboring neighborhood.

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