10 Most Scenic Places in New England

Franconia State Park in New Hampshire – famously known as Great Stone Face or The Profile, it is composed of a series of granite ledges

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Found within the famous White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Franconia Notch basically is a mountain pass found within the White Mountains. The park which is maintained by the state is in the northern part of New Hampshire. It is also home to a number of iconic signs of New Hampshire that is the popular Old Man of the Mountain.

First mentioned back in 1805, the Old Man of the Mountain formation unfortunately buckled in 2003. Also on the list is Cannon Mountain which is the home to a ski resort. The mountain can only be reached through an airborne tram. The Eagle Cliff is also situated on the eastern side of the Franconia Notch and as such was named as it is where bald eagles are famously well-known to perch.

Cliff Walk in Rhode Island – located on the island’s rocky coast offering stunning ocean views

The park is a National Recreation Trail which contributes in the long run to conservation, wellbeing as well as for recreational purposes. The walk is on the coast of Aquidneck Island on the south eastern part of Rhode Island. The coastal vistas are not really the only attraction found on the Newport Cliff Walk. The trail travels behind some of Newport’s Golden Age mansions the likes of the Rosecliff, Marble House as well as the Ocher Court.

Wadsworth Falls State Park in Connecticut – The Park was named after Colonel Clarence C. Wadsworth, who was a member of New York National Guard as well as a conservationist.

The Park is situated near the city of Middlefield Connecticut. The Coginchaug River courses through this park. The Wadsworth Falls plummets over Hampden basalt as well as Little Falls, which has a drop of over Portland arkose.

White Mountains in New Hampshire – the mountain is where the highest recorded wind speed, unrelated to a tropical storm took place.

The famous White Mountains are located in New Hampshire are a major icon of New Hampshire, the area covers roughly a quarter of the state. The mountain range is known to extend into Maine. The Mountain also includes the state managed White Mountain National Forest, plus a number of state parks amongst other mountain ranges. The Mountain is home to a number of popular attractions. Did you know that Mount Washington, one of the highest mountains in New Hampshire, is also located within this range.

Quechee State Park in Vermont – shares its name with Quechee Gorge, located within the park.

Found in the eastern part of Vermont, just close to the border of New Hampshire. The park Quechee Gorge is very deep, making it one of deepest gorges within the state of Vermont. The Ottauquechee River is known to flow through the lower part of the Quechee Gorge. The park is a very popular place for kayaking.

Acadia National Park in Maine – The Park’s geography is also very diverse.

Found close to Maine’s Atlantic coast. The park was founded in 1916, and is considered to be the oldest national park in Mississippi River. Though the Park is a small national park, it is very rich in plant biodiversity. The park has a number of islands, among them are namely Baker Island, Mount Desert Island, and Isle au Haut. Mount Desert Island is the biggest island in the park, as well as the biggest island in Maine plus the largest island on the USA’s Atlantic coast.

Green Mountains in Vermont – not only are they a major geographic feature of Vermont, but they are also part of the state’s identity.

The name Green Mountains range was given to the mountain range located in the state. Vermont is French and also a combination of the words vert and Mont, which translated means Green Mountain. The mountain range is famous for the numerous skiing areas. There are a number of ski resorts located around the Green Mountains Vermont. These resorts have been a major part of Vermont’s tourism industry.

Bash Bish Falls in Massachusetts – the highest-ever single drop waterfall found within Massachusetts.

Is a waterfall found in the western part of Massachusetts, within the Taconic Mountains. The main headwater of the waterfall begins in the town of Mount Washington, Massachusetts, which originates from a spring within the Bash Bish Brook. The Brook passes over a gorge before as it makes its descent. The falls navigates a number of torrents before finally tumbling, finally falling into a pool. During the final drop, the Bash Bish converts into two waterfalls, which are then divided by a rock that cuts out the waterfall. This waterfall is a part of the Bash Bish Falls State Park.

Baxter State Park in Maine – Overnight camping is permitted within the park but only during certain months of the year.

Very far from the coast of Maine’s Atlantic is a Baxter State Park, situated in the woods of North Maine. Baxter State Park is also the home of Mount Katahdin. There are about three lakes within the park, plus numerous ponds around. There are several rivers and streams that connect directly to the lakes and ponds. The State Park Authority controls the park. To preserve the integrity of its nature and to keep the park as wild as possible, items that are noisy electronic audio devices or visuals are not allowed within the park.

Squibnocket Beach in Massachusetts – Found on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, this beach is well known for its very high surf plus its rocky shore.

The Surf comes from the Atlantic Ocean which is particularly strong. Come to think of it, Squibnocket Beach is best known on Martha’s Vineyard for its consistency in having some of the strongest surf on the island. The beach also has a distinct issue of being a regulated access beach. A pass is therefore required so as to gain access to the Beach.

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