Most Walkable Midwest Cities

There are few exceptions to the Midwest’s heavy reliance on automobiles. All you have to do is go to a mid-sized town that is highly walkable. Many envision New York City and Los Angeles as large cities. Cities are spending more money to make their communities more pedestrian-friendly. More people are interested in relocating to cities where they can walk to restaurants, shops, public transportation, parks, and parks. 

When people consider traveling to a metropolis, they rarely consider the Midwest. But there are many fantastic cities to visit in the Midwest. When cities invest more in developing walkable neighborhoods, it is simpler for owners and developers to draw customers to their retail establishments, dining establishments, and apartment complexes.

Downtown Bloomington, IN 

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Bloomington, centered around Courthouse Square and boasts a reasonably sizable farmer’s market, has a lot to offer. Downtown Bloomington, which is close to Indiana University, is constantly bustling. Restaurant options for locals are incredibly diverse (and of the highest caliber), with anything from Turkuazcafe to The Irish Lion Pub to Laughing Planet burritos. The oldest microbrewery in Indiana, Uplands Brewery, is located nearby. The abundance of art galleries and First Fridays are just the cherry on top.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois, is one of the most well-known large cities in the Midwest. You can spend two days exploring the city if you have the time. However, even a short day trip to Chicago is worthwhile. This Midwest City is full of so many enjoyable activities. From the John Hancock Center, the Willis Center Tower, and riverboat city cruises. The Navy Pier, where you can get an amusement park, among other things, is usually a popular destination for tourists. You may find excellent museums and art galleries in Chicago. Another well-liked destination is Millennial Park, home to the well-known “Bean” sculpture. It is obvious why visiting Chicago, a dynamic city in the Midwest, is a popular activity in Illinois.

Duluth, Minnesota

Consider checking out Duluth, Minnesota, if you’re seeking a seaside city in the Midwest to visit. On the beaches of Lake Superior, the city of Duluth offers a wide range of recreational opportunities. You can go sailing, swimming, and water skiing in the summer. You can stroll along the lake in Canal Park and take in the Rose Garden in Leif Erikson Park. The world’s most extensive freshwater sand bar is also close by and makes for a fantastic getaway after a hot day in the sun. You can also explore the great hiking paths in Duluth that are close to the lake. Visit one of Duluth’s many fantastic restaurants or breweries after a day of enjoying the sun and sand.

East Hills, Grand Rapids, MI

The East Hills Council of Neighbors has worked to promote the business sector, improve parks, and redevelop abandoned buildings. The primary commercial and retail area is on Cherry Street in the Cherry Hill Neighborhood, and the Brewery Vivant anchors it. The East Hills neighborhood group contains about 200 shops, making walking to what you need easy. In the East Hills, single-family homes are majority.

Downtown Madison, WI

Madison has long had a walkable downtown that is trendy with bars, restaurants, and boutique shops because it is between Lake Monona and Lake Mendota. The square’s Saturday farmer’s market draws crowds, and State Street consistently entertains people from all walks of life. The University of Wisconsin has a sizable presence in the area, and getting to its facilities by walking or bike is simple. Some locals’ favorite pastimes are walking downtown, purchasing ice cream from Babcock Hall, and unwinding at the Union Terrace with a drink.

Sioux Falls, SD

There is always something to do in Sioux Falls because of the city’s blend of big-city style and small-town charm. Central finance, agricultural, and communications companies have headquarters in the town and surrounding areas since South Dakota does not levy a state corporate income tax. Sioux Falls might be the most fantastic Midwest city for you, whether the city’s economics sparks your curiosity, its reputation as one of the best small cities for retirees, or its unique creative and industrial composition.

In a 100-mile radius, Empire Mall is home to several renowned retailers that provide some of the best and most fashionable selections. Try CH Patisserie for macarons prepared by Chris Hanmer, who has appeared on shows like Top Chef, if you’re looking for specialty food shops. For a more individualized shopping experience, patronize local hip stores like Simply Perfect and Mint & Basil.

Lincoln, Nebraska

The best city in the state is Lincoln, which serves as Nebraska’s capitol. Since Lincoln is the state capital, there are many activities to do there. You should visit the State Capitol and the Historic Haymarket District if you appreciate history. You can find a lovely botanical garden and a few museums on the University of Nebraska campus. Visit the Pioneers Park Nature Center if you want to learn more about the region before it was a significant city. Due to its distinctive selection of eateries, breweries, and pubs, Lincoln is also an excellent stop if you plan a gastronomic road trip through Nebraska.

Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, OH

Over-the-Rhine, one of the country’s oldest urban historic districts, still retains several structures from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The neighborhood is large and established enough that each area has a unique vibe, whether in The Gateway Quarter, Brewery District, or North of Liberty Street. There is a beautiful mix of condos, single-family homes, and multi-unit buildings in terms of housing, and they are at different price points. The Cincinnati Streetcar will debut in September, making it easier for locals to travel between busy areas and the city center.

Branson, Missouri For Outdoor Adventures

In Branson, Missouri, there are a ton of things to do. One of the most incredible Midwestern cities, Branson is ideal for a fantastic weekend trip. It is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors because the Ozark Mountains are nearby. You may explore Bridal Cave, swim at the Lake of the Ozarks, and trek the trails. At Table Rock Lake, you can also spend the day engaging in water activities like swimming, boating, and kayaking. One of the top relaxation parks in the Midwest, Silver Dollar City, is a great place to visit if you enjoy theme parks. The city also offers fantastic dining options, vibrant nightlife, and exploring exciting shops.

Downtown St. Paul, MN

St. Paul, sometimes regarded as the weaker of the Twin Cities, has worked very hard to revitalize its downtown. Downtown St. Paul is now much more than simply office employees, thanks to the new CHS Field for the Saints, the Xcel Energy Center, the farmer’s market, the Fitzgerald Theater, and iconic food establishments like Mickey’s. Living downtown has never been more alluring for someone who wants to take a stroll to work and be close to everything. Although condos are the only type of property in downtown St. Paul, there are various choices in terms of size, facilities, and style.

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