Most Dangerous Cities in San Diego

According to popular opinion, San Diego is one of the best places to live in the United States. There are many activities, beaches, and a robust economy (among many other things). San Diego not only boasts fantastic weather throughout the year, but it also offers excellent conditions for water sports like kayaking and jet skiing. San Diego is undoubtedly one of the safest major cities in the United States while not being the most significant metropolis in the world. San Diego carries several inherent vulnerabilities due to its size. Most of the city’s neighborhoods are calm, so keeping safe and sound only requires recognizing the riskier places and taking the appropriate precautions. However, a few of its cities are unsafe and require one to take caution. These are San Diego’s most dangerous cities.

Kearny Mesa

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One out of every seven residents of Kearny Mesa suffers from a crime. Fourteen thousand two hundred ninety-one crimes get committed per 100,000 residents in Kearny Mesa. The vast majority of crime in this 3,664-person neighborhood, which bears the name of a military governor from California, takes the form of little thefts. Buses and other forms of public transit are hazardous. Tourists may need to double-check their baggage or wallets since they risk having their money taken. However, this neighborhood is safe for strolling, even for women traveling alone after midnight. Hampton Inn and Embassy Suites are two nearby hotels offering reputable and secure services.

East Village

With 13,053 residents, this neighborhood has a 489 per cent greater crime rate than the rest of San Diego. While it might seem like property crime is getting all the attention, the most apparent criminal activity involves heavy drug usage. Drug-addled homeless people and heroin addicts abound in this area. Data show that there were third more drug-related arrests in 2018 than in 2017. Surprisingly, there are a lot of police officers patrolling this neighborhood every day.

Residents have concerns about the security of hotels or public transportation. This area is unsafe for bike or foot trips, especially at night. Additionally common is petty crime. Tourists and women should carry less cash when they travel. And this is to prevent being robbed.

San Ysidro

The San Ysidro neighborhood in San Diego County is located just on top of the US/Mexico border. This San Diego neighborhood isn’t on this list because of its proximity to Mexico, which we think is a terrific bonus, but instead because of how far it is from the city’s attractions and how cheaply built its homes are.


Mariana has a livability score of 71 and a population of 4,435; it appears to provide excellent living conditions. Meanwhile, the crime rate in Marina is 523 per cent more than the national average for violent crimes and 390 per cent higher than the San Diego average for property crimes. Every Marina citizen has a 1 in 9 risks of becoming a crime victim. So, this is one of the San Diego neighborhoods to stay away from. Unfortunately, this neighborhood’s police are frequently slow to respond to crimes. As a result, it is ideally dangerous to explore the area, especially at night. It warns against female travelers traveling alone. While cash handling is not safer during the day, buses are.

Mission Valley

There are concerns about property safety in this 7,490-person neighborhood, which has one of the highest crime rates per 100,000 residents (10,817). Mission Valley is safer than 8% of the other communities despite having violent offenses, 176 per cent more than the national average. The police seem to be less present here. The advantage of this area is that it appears to be in the center of everything, whether it be transit or retail. Typically, people believe that taking public transit is safe. Therefore, carrying cash does not present a risk. You can explore the Mission Valley on foot, on a bike, at night, and in many spots that are easily accessible by foot.

Oak Park

One of the least troublesome ghetto areas, Oak Park, has a slight gang problem and a car-stealing addiction. Seventy-three per cent more violent crimes are committed against its 9,873 residents than the national average. There are not enough police in Oak Park, despite their visibility. Walking or strolling should only be done during the daytime in the vicinity of Oak Park due to the potential hazard. Visitors who are female and alone should preferably have company through these undesirable areas at night. Is San Diego safe at night? And this answers it. The safety of public transportation depends on the route. Dealing with significant amounts of money is therefore not advised.

Lemon Grove

Although the parks and neighborhoods have improved recently, we wouldn’t advise anyone to visit Lemon Grove’s downtown area, especially late at night. And this implies that while you might be able to stroll to your neighborhood bar or restaurant in Lemon Grove, it probably won’t be the standard or safety of living in which you may find comfort.

Little Italy

Three thousand one hundred seventy-one people live in this primarily Italian neighborhood and enjoy the tastiest food and beverages. Due to the colorful residents, this region is quite walkable, making exploring wonderful. Little Italy has minimal problems, save for property crime, which is a persistent worry in this neighborhood. Infrequent police patrols are visible. Safety is the least of their worries for lone female travelers during and at night.

Cash muggings may occur close to public transportation stations in Little Italy due to the high theft rate, rendering even hotels unsecure. Crime has generally fallen by 5% annually.

Cortez Hill

Even though it only has 2,825 residents, this region sees the same level of crime as the others. Seven thousand three hundred ninety-four crimes famously get committed for every 100,000 people, including 1,451 violent crimes and 5,943 property crimes. There will always be police in this area. Female tourists are not ideal for exploring alone at night or on foot unless they have company. Instances of using the bus have been uncommon, especially regarding hotel safety in this region.

Midtown District

While some areas of it, like Liberty Station and Point Loma, are beloved by many San Diegans, other regions are not places we would advise you to choose to settle down in. It’s a regrettable 180-degree turn between the Midtown District neighborhoods. Cute bungalow homes hidden in the Point Loma hills can be seen on one street, while just off the main drag, you can find vacant lots where many crimes get committed.

Mountain View

Because of its plateau location and unimpeded view of San Miguel Mountain to the east, the region is referred to as Mountain View. This neighborhood has a moderately high crime rate and a fraction of instability. Although the city has endeavored to establish a neighborhood-like layout here, we wouldn’t recommend purchasing homes.

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