Top 15 Spectacular Most Scenic Places in Arkansas

Headed out to Arkansas? It is home to some iconic places. We have gathered the most scenic places in Arkansas. You want to make sure you check them out if possible. You may not be able to see them all due to time constraints. Here is what you can expect from each one.

Most Scenic Places in Arkansas

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Whitaker Point – It offers views that will blow your mind.

A beautiful Arkansas that has appeared in almost every Disney movie, not forgetting a journalist’s article regarding the best places to be kissed! Be careful, this place is as dangerous as it is beautiful. The edge of the rock is a bit steeper and narrower than you’d first think, and this beautiful spot has seen tragedy.

Roark’s Bluff A lot of amazing photos have been shot here

Towers over the Arkansas skyline. Roark Bluff is a popular spot for photographers. It’s easily reachable, beautiful, and has a variety of different lighting in the early mornings as the sun rises and echoes off the rocky bluff. You should visit the place during high water, you’ll see two outstanding waterfalls Roark Bluff falls and V Notch Falls. 

St. Catherine’s At Bell Gable in Fayettevilleis a beautifully hidden sanctuary for silent contemplation

Located within a serene Arkansas greenery, St. Catherine’s is a church quite unlike any other. St. Catherine’s beginning in the summer of 1986 and was completed twelve years later. The engineer who built the chapel, Lowell Boynton, used no plans, storing the details in his head during the years the church was under construction. The doors of St. Catherine’s are open to all faiths, and those who wish to pray or reflect are welcome.

The Old Mill Park in Little Rock – making it the perfect picturesque backdrop for photographs and videos

This outstanding structure appears in the opening scene of the classic 1939 film Gone with the Wind and is whispered to be the only building remaining from the film. The park is adorned with statuaries of toadstools, tree stumps, as well as a tree branch-entwined bridge that connects the mill to the rest of the park. Even if you have no interest in the mill itself, the park as a whole is superb.

Bowers Hollow Falls – There is a beautiful pool at the base of the falls that makes the trip worth it

This beautiful waterfall and scenic area are located in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness of the Ozark National Forest. The hike to it is an old road and is used by hikers, so it is usually easy to follow.

Blanchard Springs Caverns – is believed to have been formed, and continually changed

 One of the most remarkable and carefully established caves found anywhere in the world. Located in the Ozark National Forest close to an ongoing mountain spring that pours into a glassy surface trout pond below the cave, called Mirror Lake. Before entering the cavern, visitors will have an opportunity to watch a short movie that introduces the wonders of the underground world they are about to discover.

Buffalo River Waterfalls – Wind swirling in the canyon causes the falls to continually dance about

During times of heavy rain, typically during late winter or early spring, water spills heavily off the cliff Is a single-drop waterfall located within the Ponca Wilderness Area of the Buffalo National River in northern Arkansas. As one looks upward, the water breaks into thousands of individual droplets.

Buffalo River at Poncaleaving an everlasting imprint of the Ponca area in the memory of any visitor.

The segment of the Buffalo River between Ponca and Kyles Landing is considered by many to be the most scenic float of the entire 150 mile-long waterway. The stretch cuts straight through rough, mountainous terrain that would be incredibly difficult to navigate on foot. Sharp outcrops of rock, massive bluffs and spectacular foliage line the entire stretch.

Fiery Ledge – Flatside Pinnacle is the tallest peak within the Flatside Wilderness.

Located outside the Flatside Wilderness and along the Ouachita National Recreation Trail, the Flatside Pinnacle is a 1,550 mountain peak/rock outcrop that offers one of the best sunset views in the entire Ouachita Mountains. Views extend all the way across the Flatside Wilderness, offering marvels such as Forked Mountain and White Oak Mountain.

Rogues Castle, Eureka Springs Located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is just amazing

This castle-like structural design is definitely something to see! A fascinating setting for many weddings, galas and special events, at this manor you will find peculiarities and exhilaration all over. Built over two decades ago, the medieval and fantasy fans will be in their element at Rogue Castle’s Manor.

Magnolia Falls – This waterfall may be the best-kept secret in the Buffalo River area

A very interesting 26-foot tall waterfall that decants into a great little pool of water. The area around Magnolia Falls is very picturesque beyond just the falls itself with some great bluffs and rock topographies. As visitors tend to flock to Hemming Hollow and the like, you will often find yourself alone at Magnolia Falls, making it a brilliant spot for quiet thought and contemplation.

Devil’s Den State ParkIt is a beloved natural and historic treasure where over the decade’s park visitors

An Arkansas icon that has made memories to cherish a lifetime. Snuggled in charming Lee Creek Valley in the Ozark Mountains, Devil’s Den is currently one of Arkansas’s five, original state parks built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. In these parks, the rustic-styled amenities mirror the rugged natural beauty that surrounds them. At the heart of Devil’s Den, a rock dam extends to Lee Creek forming Lake Devil. This eight-acre lake is a tranquil setting for fishing, kayaking, and pedal boating.

View From Hawksbill CragHidden deep in a dense, bluff-filled wilderness, Hawksbill Crag offers something for outdoors enthusiasts of all walks.

Though Whitaker Point has a habit of stealing the attention here, the rest of Hawksbill Crag is certainly not to be overlooked. Climbers will appreciate the serrated landscape and the sheer drops while naturists will enjoy the serene calmness of the surrounding hardwood forests and natural Arkansas greenery.

Petit Jean State Park21 miles of hiking trails lead you through unblemished Arkansas wilderness

A wondrous place, with wild bluffs and harsh caves for the avid outdoors explorer to enjoy. According to legend Petit Jean was actually a young 18th-century French woman. When she learnt that her fiancé planned to travel the Louisiana Territory, she cut her hair, concealed herself as a boy and succeeded to find a position as a cabin boy.

She survived the voyage and the voyage began their exploration. Once they had reached the area of the mountain, the young woman became ill, on her deathbed she revealed herself to her fiancé and was buried on the mountain, not under her own name, but under the name, she had been known by on the ship “Little John”.

Pinnacle Mountain – Two of the most popular trails ascend to the summit of Pinnacle Mountain.

Rising over 1,000 feet over the Arkansas River Valley, Pinnacle Mountain, as well as its neighbouring state park, are must-see natural wonders for any outdoor enthusiasts. A number of hiking trails are in the park. The West Summit Trail is one of the most greatly used trails in Arkansas, while the East Summit Trail ascends even more steeply up several rock scrambles.

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