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Chaminuka Game Reserve

Chaminuka is a legend in both Zimbabwe and Zambia. Legend says that he was a war general with black magic in his locker. It is believed that he would vanish right from the front of assassins. His enemies feared him a lot even more than they dreaded his existence. Some factions believed that he had been a spirit that was solicited during ancestral mediums’ pursuit of a higher power. During the first Chimurenga at Zimbabwe, he would be widely sought after by the spirit medium such as Mbuya Nehanda, for direction. Chaminuka is also been credited for having predicted the colonization of Africa. He predicted the defeat of King Lobengula of Matabeleland among other things.

Chaminuka Game Reserve

Lobengula is known for having frequently made journies to Chaminuka’s home in Chitungwiza to consult him. His power went past merely foretelling events, he kept various animals in his care. These are believed to have included bulls, pythons, antelopes, and others. They are all said to do his bidding on commands. His affiliation to Zambia and other African countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo where there has been music made in his honor that is unknown to me and all that we asked for. We can only pretend that there were agents sent from other countries to inquire about him.

His relationship with the King Lobengula came to an end when Chaminuka was accused of witchcraft. In those days, witches and wizards would be sentenced to death. Lobengula sent a messenger to invite Chaminuka to Matebeleland. As cunning as he was, he is said to have made it clear that he would not make it back from Matebeleland alive, but went there anyway. His travel party included his two sons and wife. His wife had been a gift from king Lobengula. His last prophecy was that the European settlers would arrive within 8 years, which is what happened.

Lobengula ambused Chaminuka and his party. They killed everyone except for Chaminuka and one of his sons. He is said to have sat on a rock and played his mbira. An instrument that he would often play before giving a prophecy. His attackers attempted to stab him, all to no avail. He finally gave himself away by saying that only an innocent boy, one who had yet to taste the breast of a woman could kill him. One was fetched, and thus ended Chaminuka’s life. One of his sons escaped and warned his clan to do the same.

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