Tag: Cecil the Lion

Cecil the lion was shot down in a hunting expedition by American dentist Palmer. There was a worldwide outcry that forced Palmer to shutdown his dental practice for a few days due to fear.

Two Zimbabwean men were subsequently arrested and prosecuted for having participated in this scheme that led to the assassination of Cecil. What was unknown to these men was that Cecil was part of a study that was being carried out by the university of Oxford.

This is thought to be one of the reasons why this made as much noise as it did. Poaching goes largely unquestioned in this part of the world. The local authorities are thought to be part of these schemes. Some underpaid or simply greedy workers are bribed to turn a blind eye to these crimes.

Cecil the lion’s death highlights are much bigger problem that remains unsolved today. One of his two sons, Xanda was also shot down not long after Cecil the lion’s death.

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