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Caprivi was named after a German Chancellor, Leo Von Caprivi. It was handed to the Germans by the Britishers in a trade deal. The Germans always wanted to use this as a strategic point to access the great Zambezi River. This would open various trade routes for them. This didn’t work out well for them because in all their plans, the chancellor had not counted on the Victoria Falls and how that could hinder the trade route that he tried to establish. It later became an area of contention between the Botswana and Namibian government, in the case, it was taken to the international court of justice. Within 1994 and 1999, Caprivi strip was destroyed by a civil war.

Caprivi is surrounded by four perennial rivers, Kwabo, Chobe, Linyati and the Zambezi. It also shares its borders with 4 countries, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Angola. It is believed to have upwards of 600 species of birds, from which many cannot be found in any other region of Africa. As you will observe in from the CNN articles, the wildlife in this region is roaring, which had been previously depleted by the presence of the South African army in the area.

There are 6 languages spoken in the region.

There are some good national parks in the region. I suggest you to drive around and see it. There is:

1.Mahango Game Reserve
2.Impalila Island
3.Mamili National Park

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