Most Scenic Train Rides in Europe

For one to understand and tour Europe, the best way to see all in one day is through train rides. Escape the world by travelling in first-class trains that will leave you breathless. Though not faster than a car, the train rides give you that sense of assurance and make you feel the worth of your money as you get to gaze at the beautiful views in slow motion. Pack your bags and make memories of Europe with train rides.

Flam Railway, Norway

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The seven-hour rail journey across Southern Norway is part of the highest mainline railway in Europe is beautiful that the long hours will feel like a perfect TV episode in broad daylight.

 Passengers who find great joy in old-style little towns will be thrilled with this view whilst in the Flam Railway.

The 20km branch line to Flam Railway is recorded as the world’s steepest railway line. The branch line was constructed in 1940 to curb transport problems for the villagers of Sognefjord.

Along the way, it offers visitors with that divine picturesque view of mountains, stunning Lake Reinung Avtonet and cascading waterfalls.

The famous 93m Kjosfossen is also part of the package. Definitely, a spectacular view which is worth our money.

West Highland Line, Scotland

There’s really no railway which competes with the West Highland Line for it offers various amazing landmarks it is definitely one of the best relaxing Line one could tour on.

It moves from Glasgow North to Mallaig, the line swerves through different peaks and highlands before stopping at Rannoch Moor. This view is to die for as it leaves you breathless.

The West Highland Line offers delicious homemade pancakes and coffee at the station. This gives you the nostalgic feel of home but their hospitality will make you feel at home.

What’s there not to like when you will enjoy a snack whilst being encircled by outdoor sights of the uppermost point, the West Highland Line could offer.

Stockholm to Narvik, Sweden

The Norrlandståget sleeper is one of the best decisions any man on earth could make when they wish to have that glamorous trip from Swedish capital to Narvik. Get impressed by a route that offers the impression that striking setting is unexploited on sleeper trains. 

Get to watch the hypnotic of forests and still lakes from the comfort of the snug berth in summer. Whilst in winter, you will get exposed to a sky full of Northern stars. A perfect star gazing opportunity in a sleeper. A definite must-have scene to elapse in retro thoughts of life. Definitely priceless right? Pack and travel, never miss this opportunity.

The train 19 hour which embarks on a 1,000km journey to eastern Sweden crosses the Arctic Circle into Lapland, clasping between mountains and Lake Torneträsk before making a destination into Norway. It is definitely a journey at its luxurious best as the views let your soul and spirit fly to the incredible wonders to see and the perfect treatment in the train.

Glacier Express, Switzerland

The Glacier Express has formed the most prestigious railway lines in the world. It is more than the usual as their aim is of providing top-notch service to travellers. The trains slither along Alpine valleys and steep slopes to mountain retreats. This Line shows you land that sings to your heart and sound, giving you that sense of awe.

The Glacier Express moves between St Moritz and Zermatt, then glides through the Alps to Piz Bernina mountains. So many sceneries to view with just one affordable budget. What’s there not to like when all is on one package, from the gorgeous sights to the amazing services provided within the Glacier Express. A thrilling moment, one must partake, the bucket list.

An astonishing coup of 291 bridges and 91 tunnels, the railway was recognized as a Unesco world heritage site. 

It would be a waste of time to get a glimpse of the majestic areas that the Express passes through hence it takes eight hours to cover up a 300km journey. Slow but sure within its services. Perfect right? Yes yes yes. It proudly takes its time to reach its destination as a way to give people ample time to look out the window and see God’s hands at work.

Rome to Palermo, Italy

Well known for its perfect energy of romance then travel from Rome to Palermo in an old fashioned way of the railroad. It gives you a luxurious time to spend with your loved one whilst getting to see nature unfold in your eyes. 

It’s not every rail journey that gives you the sea expedition but Rome services perfectly deliver that, giving you that smile you deserve throughout the journey to Palermo.

 A half a day journey with the scenes of the Bay of Naples, Calabria, Italy’s famous toe, Mount Vesuvius whilst passing through Tyrrhenian Sea coastline. An expedition one should never miss out.

The train delivers sights of the north coast of Sicily to Palermo. You will definitely love the places and might even consider staying on board for another 12 hours going back to Rome from Palermo.

Mariazellerbahn, Austria

Travelling an impressive 78km with the Maria Zell railway is the best and longest narrow line in Austria. It has been operational since 1907 till to date, hence showing consistency in the railway line. Through its consistency, travellers are enthusiastic to clock in with the Mariazell railway.

It starts its journey to the west of Vienna , at St Pölten. A tradition of excellence. 

Slithering through remarkable Pielach valley,  the train gets swallowed by the mountains and heads for Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park and Gemeindealpe Mitterbach ski resort.

 Getting to see the train pass through 19 bridges and 21 tunnels, before arriving at Mariazell is fascinating and intriguing. A train ride worth embarking on with friends as you get to snap pictures of every moment surpassed through the journey.

 First-class railway line carriages deliver an exquisite view of the area. Try the Mariazell and you will never regret the fun-packed journey alongside great food services offered whilst having that out of this world outlook.

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