Most scenic route from Toronto to Vancouver

There are several ways to approach the fantastic journey of driving from Toronto to Vancouver . There are 4,400 kilometers(2,735 miles) between Toronto and Vancouver when driving a car. The quickest and shortest travel from Toronto to Vancouver takes 46 hours without crossing into the US. Your route may potentially pass through up to five Canadian provinces and 11 US states along the way, putting the distance into perspective. 

Spread this trip across many days to get the most out of the stops. We advise that you require a minimum of one week to make the trip or a little under six hours of driving each day. Depending on your route and the number of days you decide to travel, there are many cities, charming towns, and fascinating landmarks to visit during your epic journey from Toronto to Vancouver.

Day 1

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Toronto to Sault STE Marie

You may go west across Northern Ontario from Toronto and enjoy many beautiful landscapes. You largely follow Lake Superior’s and Huron’s northern coastlines. And because of the Canadian Shield, there are many impressive cliffs. Visit Blue Alpine Village, a stunning mountain ski resort town about two hours north of Toronto. Wander in and out of adorable stores. Get something to eat. Take a quick stroll or get a massage before your road journey. It is ideal for stretching your legs. 

The hiking trails in Killarney Provincial Park and the French River Provincial Park waterfalls are two more stops you can make. Both parks offer fantastic opportunities for paddling. Explore the lovely Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park for a day. With a 1.5-hour break for trekking to waterfalls and lookouts, the trip takes four hours to get there and four hours to get back.

Day 2

Sault Ste Marie to Thunder Bay

Seven hundred kilometers and slightly under 8 hours are required to drive from Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay. When traveling from Toronto to Vancouver, take the scenic route that hugs the northern shore of Lake Superior. Stop at many lovely parks to take in the scenery along the way. With its cliffs, waterfalls, pictographs, swimming, and fantastic hiking and paddling, Lake Superior Provincial Park is a great place to hike around Lake Superior.

Serendipity Gardens Cafe is a lovely place to stop for a snack while strolling around the lake in Rossport. Additionally, there is Pukaskwa National Park, which has quiet beaches, high cliffs, and a swaying suspension bridge across a waterfall. Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park offers a pleasant short stroll, and Eagle Canyon, close by, offers a zipline and suspension bridge activity.

The provincial park at Sleeping Giant is terrific! There is a charming lakefront campground, cabins, and a good beach. There are many hiking opportunities nearby—a few quick and straightforward. However, the most incredible walks are strenuous and last a half or full day, so plan to spend the night here.

Day 3

Thunder Bay to Winnipeg

It is a 700-kilometer and approximately 7-hour drive from Thunder Bay, Ontario, to Winnipeg, Manitoba. It takes 760 kilometers and 8.5 hours to travel from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg if you take the detour to explore the backcountry of Quetico Provincial Park. One of the best waterfalls ever is undoubtedly found in Silver Falls Provincial Park. From a hilltop, you first glimpse the stunning flowing Dog Falls. The trail then circles, allowing you to take a dip wherever you dare! The drama of these waterfalls appeals to me. You may do this hike while staying in Thunder Bay because it is only a 30-minute drive from the trailhead and takes around two hours to complete.

The second-highest waterfall in Ontario is at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, stunning! It is conveniently alongside Highway 17. Both the modest visitor center and the wooden boardwalks are top-notch. It contains on-site campsites and short, simple treks. On a cross-Canada road journey, Quetico Provincial Park is ideal for those seeking a backcountry adventure. With over 2,000 lakes, it is renowned worldwide for backcountry canoeing.

Day 4

Winnipeg to Calgary via Regina Route

The 1,335-kilometer drive from Winnipeg to Calgary takes roughly 13 hours and 20 minutes. Between these two locations lies Stone Hall Castle Tours, a labor of passion that results in an unexpectedly enjoyable historical lesson. This stunning structure contains tapestries, authentic Old Master oil paintings, furniture from the 16th and 18th centuries, and 1,000-year-old Greek limestone. Spend the night or pause to take a tour. Discover the RCMP’s (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) extensive history and contributions dating back to 1873.

Day 5

Calgary to Edmonton to Banff

The Royal Tyrrell Museum, one of the most significant dinosaur collections in the world, houses dinosaurs that once roamed Alberta’s Badlands along this path. On your journey to Drumheller, stop at Horseshoe Canyon. Towards the south, take a fantastic hike along the Hoodoos Trail. Check out Horsethief Canyon next, then proceed north to Edmonton after visiting the Tyrrell Museum. 

Sylvan Lake Park is ideal if you’re craving activities on the lakefront and beaches. Beautiful boardwalk huts serving ice cream, burgers, and beachwear line the shore. Go-karts and pedal boats are also accessible nearby. The enormous West Edmonton Mall has more than 800 stores, nine top-notch attractions, two hotels, more than 100 restaurants and bars, many specialty shops, and many things to do. Waterpark. Amusement ground. Theater. Firearms range. Golf range skatepark. Yep. It’s excellent.

Admire the six mountain ranges in the area from the rooftop observatory. At the Sky Bistro, savor a delectable meal while taking in the stars and the setting sun. Visit Johnston Canyon; it’s a quick, simple, and lovely trip that takes you through a wooded canyon full of squirrels and chipmunks. You get a reward for an incredible waterfall at the conclusion. After 5 o’clock, the Banff Gondola is 20% less expensive.

Day 6

Banff to Kelowna BC

Banff to Kelowna is 480 kilometers away and takes about 6 hours to drive. This road is both breathtakingly gorgeous and highly congested. For the daring, you can make a halt in Golden, a mountain village! Golden is located at the confluence of two heritage rivers, surrounded by three mountain ranges, and is close to five national parks. You’re right; it will be busy. Excellent skiing, climbing, and hiking. Incredible heli-skiing and whitewater rafting. 

A must-see is Kelowna Boardwalk. Enjoy peaceful strolls across Rotary Marsh Park and Tugboat Beach at the northern end. Wander past picturesque parks, lakefront hotels, dining establishments, and marinas. After that, observe the commotion at Kelowna City Park, which frequently hosts festivals and buskers. It’s fun to browse the stores and eat in the downtown area. A special mention goes to Lost Together, a terrific consignment store for used apparel.

Day 7

Kelowna to Vancouver

Welcome to the last section of your drive through Canada from Toronto to Vancouver. The shortest drive between Kelowna and Vancouver is 390 kilometers or just over 4 hours. You travel this route through Merritt and on to Hope, where you connect with the Trans-Canada Highway.

But if you can travel across the stunning Okanagan Valley to the south of Kelowna. There are charming towns, vineyards, and orchards along the road, and the vistas are breathtaking. Ideally, travel to Osoyoos before turning west; Vancouver is reached in just over 6 hours and is 520 kilometers away. Alternatively, you can go to Vancouver faster by driving Highway 3A, which is 450 km away and takes 5 and 20 minutes. Penticton is a fun destination to explore because of its long, hot summers and dry winters. 

Penticton beaches on two lakes, with a floating canal in the middle. You get art galleries, award-winning wineries, ski slopes, and hiking trails. One of the most outstanding hotels in Vancouver is the Shangri-La Hotel, which has a spa, an outdoor pool and hot tub, a private yoga room, and a top-notch restaurant. Robson Street’s upscale shops are immediately around the corner, and the waterfront of Vancouver is three streets away. There are a lot of funny things to do on this road trip.

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