Most scenic route from Colorado Springs to Estes Park

Driving from Colorado Springs to Estes Park takes about 2,5 hours in regular traffic, covering a distance of 134 miles or 215km. Choosing the best scenic route is what makes a road trip a thrilling one. 

However, you can make the most out of this journey by traveling through scenic places. The itinerary goes like this; you need about 8 hours of touring the most scenic route, which covers about 279 miles.

Most scenic route from Colorado Springs to Estes Park

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Colorado Springs

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1 hour 4 minutes, 30 miles 

Some of the great places of interest in Colorado include Garden of the Gods. It is one of the most incredible places you have ever seen and is also a Pikes Peak region treasure, packed with many multi-use trails where hikers, mountain bikers, or leisure walkers view and tour the Pikes Peak and foothills. You can also get a glimpse of Colorado wildlife, loaded with something for everyone.

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

These natural fossils came from the constant volcanoes, which created mudflows and ash storms. Dinosaur Ridge

Explore more than 300 dinosaur tracks and fossils. This area is a National Natural Landmark. There are two self-guided trails, the Dinosaur Ridge Trail and Triceratops Trail, and tour the magnificent place and get hands-on exhibits and educational programs.

Pike Peaks 

2 hours 37 minutes 94 miles

Drive from Colorado Springs, CO, to Pikes Peak, the most pleasant Mountain Road in the United States.

Most visitors enjoy hiking up its trails. If you dive at the top, you will see Alpine views stretching out in all directions, continental divide, Garden of the Gods, and the cities of Woodland Park, Colorado Springs.

You can climb to the summit using the most popular route: Barr Trail; it starts from Manitou Springs and has a gain of 8000 feet, covering a 13-mile trek. You can also get the best of Pike Peaks from the Garden of the Gods Visitor Centre balcony, and it is just a National Natural Landmark.

There are a lot of things you can do at Pikes Peak. Enjoy the ride and get a glimpse of the new reservoirs at the Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway. 

Leave the car and enjoy cycling up Pikes Peak. Hiking is the most exciting activity you can enjoy at the Mountain; it gives the most views and clear pictures of the natural summit, and Pike Peaks is just a wonder.


Pass by George Town and watch the most charming places. Take a tour of the Georgetown Waterfront Park and enjoy playing at the arching water fountain. The Park is full of life. Visit Penang Botanical Garden and view the charming fluorescent flowers as well as evergreen trees. Georgetown is so lovely; you cannot pass by without getting a few shots.

Peak to Peak Scenic Byway 

For the best experience trip to Estes Park, drive along Peak to Peak Scenic Byway. It passes grand mountain views, historical sites, etc. Enjoy Pikes Peak Hill climb, where competitors usually gather to race from Mile 7 on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Guanella Pass Scenic Byway 

50 minutes 23 miles or 37km 

The George Town Energy Museum is a must-see. So much history was found in the Museum about electricity generation from 1900.

This Scenic Drive covers the path from Georgetown to Grant. It has curvy roads, and exhilarating hairpin turns. The exciting part of it is the diverse landscape and so many valley views. 

Getting through Georgetown, which offers many activities, including viewing the Victorian architecture, the Hotel de Paris Museum with artwork and elaborated woodwork.

Guanella pass has so many spectacular mountain views, such as Mount Evans and Mount Bierstadt. The route is just an introduction to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Carry a camera with you and get a snapshot of various animals, which make frequent appearances, for example, the bighorn sheep and the beavers.

Idaho Springs after Georgetown

From Georgetown, make sure you pass through and stop by Idaho Springs. It is one of the common stops along this route that travelers prefer to and from the mountains. Idaho hot springs are well known for their hot springs and most top scenic places, such as the Clear Creek River, Echo Lake Park, with a national forest campground starting from Mount Evans Byway.

Mount Evans Scenic Byway 

 57 minutes, 27 miles or 44 km

This drive contains incredible views such as alpine meadows and lakes, mountains, bighorn sheep and goats, etc. This drive begins in Idaho Springs, stretching to Mount Evans. Pass by Heritage Visitor Center and Museum touring the fascinating exhibits of the gold morning and pioneer life. There’s also the Underhill Museum which preserves all the artifacts of Idaho Springs. 

You have to visit Mount Evans Summit; this 14130 feet will leave you breathless. Great views at the summit will leave you speechless; make sure you get much of the experience by taking beautiful pictures.

Lariat Loop Scenic and Historic Byway 

36 miles, 41 minutes  

This scenic drive winds through Evergreen and Morrison historic towns. It travels from Golden, passing through the foothills of the Rockies. It has beautiful and majestic mountain views and a lot of Golden attractions, such as the Colorado railway Museum with an extensive collection of artifacts.  

Visit Foothills art center with a lot of historical information. You cannot forget Lookout Mountain Park, with fantastic panoramic views. Closely is the Buffalo Bill Museum and grave. Watch out for Boettcher Mansion featuring guided natural programs such as exhibitions. Nearby is also Windy Saddle Park, with a whole lot of pretty stunning views?

Panorama Peak 

7.3 miles, 30 minutes

It is a 14 km loop trail that features a beautiful forest setting. The track is an interesting one used for hiking, mountain biking as well as road driving. 

Get the best view from the old lookout tower. The Roosevelt National Forest is also an exciting ride viewing the quickly changing blue skies and sunshine in the higher mountains. 

You can also get the best scenery on the northernmost roads, circling parks, and meadows.

Rocky Mountain National Park 

1 hour 32 minutes, 46 miles  

You will surely love Rocky Mountain National Park; it has 110 peaks above 10000 feet of elevation. This scenic drive starts from Estes Park, stretching down to Peak to Peak Scenic Byway and traveling through the Colorado River’s headwaters. East of Estes Park is the remarkable Longs Peak flat summit, the tallest Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park. Just a short trail, and you are already to the Enos Mills Cabin Museum, one of the most historic places. 

Consider a stop at Stanley Museum in Estes Park, with excellent exhibits, paintings, photographs, etc. Moreover, this Museum contains the history of the Stanley Hotel, which is the first luxurious hotel.

Estes Park 

47 minutes, 36 miles

Estes Park is just a great town. It is a Rocky Mountain National Park base, which shelters much wildlife, including elk and bears. Closely is the Wilderness area of Roosevelt National Forest. 

So you can now see how scenic this route is. You can get much out of your day if you want to make your trip an exceptional one.

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