Most scenic route from Michigan to Florida

Michigan State to Florida is a long trip. Make this trip a fantastic one by traveling for four days. Enjoy the most scenic drives and places along the way. 

This is a 1616 miles road trip that takes about 28 hours 31 minutes. Stop to take in some of the scenery as you go. There are amazing places to drive through. Make it an amazing drive you will never forget. 

This Michigan to Florida road trip will cost about $273.78 in fuel.

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Day 1 Stop in Mount Hope WV 

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Detroit MI 

Start from Detroit, the largest city in the Mid-Western State of Michigan. One thing you cannot do is leave Detroit without a few minutes at the Motown Museum. Pass by and enjoy the earliest music of legends, such as Marvin Gaye. 

You have a long way to travel to Mount Hope and a lot of stunning views waiting for you.

Hocking Hills Scenic Byway

The best driving route from Michigan to Florida will take you about 4 hours 3 minutes to drive and view the 244 miles Scenic Byway; Hocking Hills reveals nature’s deft artistry. The magical landscape has carved gorges, recessed caves, and sculptured rocky outcrops; misty waterfalls tumble into Emerald pools and trails.

 There are stunning places to view in Hocking Hills State Park. These places contain rugged cliffs, bluffs, lush evergreen plants, and waterfalls. 

Cantwell Cliffs have spectacular views and steep inclines; The Byway stretches to Rock House with the undulating outcrops of foliage-draped sandstone.  Rock House is the only actual cave in the Park. 

Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve is one of the deepest gorges in Ohio, and it is another natural place with stunning views. You cannot leave without viewing this most popular area in Hocking Hills State Park. It also offers information on Hiking trails or camping. Hocking Hills is a fantastic sight, and you cannot finish all the stunning views in a few hours. 

Welsh Scenic Byway 

Spend 1 hour 12 minutes on a drive through this 50 miles Byway. Welsh Scenic Byway comes loaded with scenery farms, museums, and churches. The University of Rio Grande is also found along this Drive. 

Travelers visit Bob Evans Farms with the Homestead museum. There’s a sub-loop down south and the townships that formed the core of the Welsh settlement. To the west are Amish farms passing through the village of Oak Hill. Visit the three charcoal furnaces and learn as much as you can. Welsh is a stunning Byway, heading towards A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway.

After this long trial, you need to take a break off the road. Stop in Mount Hope and sleep at Days Inn by Wyndham hotel or Country Inn and Suites by Radisson. They offer the best services and beautiful beds. If you love Italian food, try Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant and enjoy the sweet salad.

Day 2 Stop in Townsend, GA

519 miles about 7 hours 59 mins S

It is now Day 2 of your long trip; drive towards A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway for about 8 hours. I recommend that you take a day off the road and sleep in Townsend, GA. That way, you can guarantee yourself a new day viewing the stunning Scenic Drive. One of the best places you can have a sleep at is America’s best value Inn Darien. There’s good parking, and the services are on top of this world. You can also try Econo lodge, a good visitor place to sleep and feel at home.

Day 3 Stop in Titusville, FL. 

408 miles about 7 hours 58 minutes

A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway. 

Here we are, driving along the A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway. This two-lane roadway displays the beauty of nature, true serenity, and history. 

The Byway bisects the seaside luxury stretching to the golf mecca that is Ponte Vedra Beach. It connects to places such as the National Monuments, State Parks, and estuaries. Recognized as one of the best National Scenic Byways, it’s America’s spectacular Drive. 

Rejuvenate yourself in natural beauty. Pass by Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve. It contains a lot of pleasant plants and wildlife such as tortoises, alligators, and deers. There’s an everlasting fascinating bastion system close to Matanzas. 

The historic Castillo De San Marcos National Monuments. Explore the many ranger-led tours and the popular cannon firings. Do not forget the Stone House Ximenez-Fatio Museum; It has all the natural decorative arts and period furnishings, and it is one of the best-preserved colonial buildings.

Leaving A1A Scenic and Historic Byway, drive towards Indian River Lagoon. Remember to always take shots of this natural beauty.

Indian River Lagoon

Indian River Lagoon is vast, leaving a sliver of land for hundreds of miles. It is worth exploring the Indian River lagoon with Jensen Beach and Fort Pierce close. This is one of the best places to see on the way to Florida

This fascinating Drive is full of futuristic innovation. There’s an estuary brimming with wildlife. Stop by Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge and view the migratory stop of birds along the Atlantic Flyway. A lot of activities happen there such as guided nature walks, birding tours and many more. Stunning views at the Space View Park and the United States Walk of Fame Museum, the Park has an exciting glimpse into space exploration.

After a fantastic trip around Indian River Lagoon, you have to take a break and sleep in Titusville. A city in the county seat of Brevard County in Florida is the only city on the planet where Rockets launch.

 Everyone wants to experience a visit to such a unique place. Sleep at Travel Inn of Titusville, one of the best hotels offering the best bedding and food services.  You are now close to the final destination but not yet done with driving along with the most scenic drives. 

Day 4 The final stop in Florida 

239 miles, 4hours 37 minutes

Fort Pierce to Miami 

This scenic Drive is between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. There are 43 bridges that you can come across, with one of the 7 miles long. You have with you expansive views and beautiful weather—exotic flora and fauna for the perfect getaway. 

Take a tour at Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock Botanical State Park, containing species of plants and wild cotton and mahogany mistletoe. The white-crowned pigeon and mangrove cuckoo, and various butterflies such as Schaus’s swallowtail and silver banded hairstreak reside in this Park. 

Largo Chamber of Commerce is a must-visit. Enjoy activities such as guided boat tours, snorkeling, kayaking, and deep-sea diving. Enjoy swimming with Dolphins Dolphins and sport fishing. 

Along the Drive is John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Marvel around the 30000-gallon saltwater aquarium. 

You can spend time enjoying the glass-bottom boat tour. If you love adventuring, try scuba or snorkeling. There are a lot of places to make your journey a fantastic one. A few are the rain Barrel, Indian State Historic Site, Lignumvitae Botanical State Park, and many more!

There’s a lot of excitement along the Michigan and Florida route. Get ready to create unforgettable memories! What are some of your favorite driving routes from Florida to Michigan?

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