The Most Scenic Marathons in the World

Pacing up and down the hills in your area? Getting tired of seeing blocks after blocks in your home area? Try the best scenic marathons the world has to offer. From the States to Switzerland to Algeria and China, all these countries, annually host a spectacular marathon with amazing views to see whilst running.

You will get past the cascading waterfalls, towering hills and mountains, quick gaze on the wildlife. Enjoy unforgettable marathons that offer best experiences.

A group of marathon runners on the road

 New York City Marathon 

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The marathon started in 1970 till present hence had become the most famous marathon to be watched and run in the world. The demanding of the marathon is illustrated by the tracking of runners from Staten Island, then the New York City Marathon passes through Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and finally the Manhattan.

A city shutdown is put in place to pave way for the runners from all walks of life. As they run from city to city, bridge to bridge and hills to hills, this picturesque view never gets old but motivates the runners to the finishing line. It is the largest annual marathon that passes through five divisions of New York City intending to inspire the people through running and bringing different people all over the world together as one.

The crowds’ roars and cheers as runners flood the streets to compete in the annual New York City marathon. It is a legendary marathon out of the ordinary. Get to explore sites whilst running the desired marathon, killing two birds with one stone. Try the New York City Marathon and you will enjoy with the locals and other visitors. The fun begins with you and with others.

Boston Marathon 

The marathon in Boston is the longest traditional marathon to be continued after the Olympic Games. The celebration all over the world never ends over the Boston Marathon. It is held on Patriots Day with the inspiration of the 1986 summer Olympics.

It runs from Hopkinton to Copley Square in Boston. The most viewed spot in New England is the Boston marathon as people are eager to see the brave and daring runners. It gained its fame by being the oldest annual marathon hence has attracted a vast number of tourists around the world.

26miles and difficult hence challenging as you get to run over the Noting hills, ‘scream tunnel’ and downhill sections. The runners get motivated by the Boston Red Sox team after a match as they line up along the road and cheer up runners.

 Sahara Marathon in Algeria

Since the ceasefire between Saharawi and Morocco in 1991, the Sahara Marathon was initiated as a charitable marathon with a desert adventure which is daring and amazing. The multi-day race is hosted in Southern Morocco, in the Sahara Desert.

Part of the entry fee is donated to the Sarahwi people as human empathy to better their lives. Therefore, this marathon is more than a race. The marathon runners bond with the Saharawi refugees by staying in clay houses and tents with them. Its 17 years bringing people together.

 The 251km marathon starts in El Ayoun camp and ends in Smara. It has the 21km, 10km, 5km and the children’s race hence caters for all ages that are fit to run. A marathon intended to get you connected with the other side of the sorrowful state of the Saharawi people and assist in any form of way you can.

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The Sahara marathon takes you down the cultural lane. A race initiated for the aid of assisting refugee children in Western Sahara. This marathon Promotes sporting activity to the highest level. Get to experience the high-class admission to unique experiences of Algeria. This country has many best sites for unique pictures for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Don’t miss out on an opportunity like this.

North Pole Marathon 

Push yourself to the edge and run on 3,600 meters ice pack on the North marathon in the world. The impressive hilly terrain will drain all the runners’ energy but the thought of pain is easily diverted to great memories of beautiful landmarks of the North Pole.

It’s the coolest, 42km marathon guarded by armed officers to safeguard runners from polar bear attacks. It’s a unique adventure with a different element in the cold weather.

There is a female and male division on the marathon. A surreal experience and a story to tell. Indeed it is a genuine challenge which is amazing to the eye. At the finishing line, an award ceremony and shoots for runners at the Geographical North Pole. Refresh and reconnect, celebrate with others and let memories flow and do forget about the rest. Happy moments created with strangers last longer.

Great Wall Marathon in China

The most amazing race in China takes marathon runners on an impressive trip through Chinese historic monuments ravishing landmarks, and small Chinese towns, cheering the runners.

The Great Wall of China is also part of this exhilarating marathon. A cultural marathon worth every run though the steps are demanding. The marathon starts in Huangyaguan, Beijing.

Demanding, difficult and beautiful marathon ever seen has three distances of the full marathon, half marathon and 8,5km. It also tests the physical and mental strength of people hence a great challenge to put in your bucket list.

Welcome to happiness, the marathon that takes you on a tour of out of this world. Feel the real experience and run a famous marathon with professional and celebrity runners.


Zermatt Marathon 

 42km Matterhorn is one of the most attractive mountains and challenging race in the world. The blissful scenery from the top makes it worth all the effort as you get to view the gentle valleys and mountains of Switzerland.

Try this marathon and you will come back yearly for that impressive marathon with an adventurous package. This is a luxury anyone can afford.



Be part of the thousands of runners who have a zeal to win an award while others want to get to the finish line as a family. Scenic as they look, fun with family is a top priority, travel and make memories with these beautiful landmarks.

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