Most scenic route from Jasper to Vancouver

Driving nonstop from Jasper, Alberta to Vancouver , British Columbia, takes eight and a half hours. There are 495 miles or 797 kilometers of driving distance overall. You might divide the journey into two lovely days to take advantage of the exciting scenic route. From Jasper, Alberta, to Vancouver, British Columbia, possible rest stops are Kelowna, Canada, which starts from Jasper, Alberta. Your journey will cover around 650 miles (1050 km), requiring 11.5 hours. If you’re seeking a meeting spot or a convenient rest stop, consider Canada’s Kamloops, Blue River, Merritt, and Hope. Mount Baker Highway, the Pacific Coast Highway, and Everson, WA. Here is the most scenic route from Jasper to Vancouver.


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  • Mount Baker Highway
  • Everson, WA

Day 1 Starting in Jasper

The road to Medicine & Maligne Lake

Include this drive in your calendar if you’re staying in Jasper National Park one day. You can see beautiful glacier-fed lakes along this road. Maligne Lake itself and the route there are both very special. The road is not far from Jasper, and if you have an extra hour or two, you should also take the well-known climb to Maligne Canyon. Try to invade the driveway at the end of the day if scheduling permits. The route from Jasper to Pocahontas illustrates a typical scenic journey you can take while in Jasper. As a bonus, you’ll have an extra picturesque drive if you’re traveling to the Miette Hot Springs from Jasper. 

Prepare yourself for a scenic day if you’re doing both this and the previous ride because the portion leading to Pocahontas Cabins (where you must turn right in case you visit the Miette Hot Springs) is by far the most beautiful. There are many lakes along the route, and the views are expansive. The first European settlement in the region was located a little to the north of Talbot Lake. The trapper’s cabin is no longer visible, but a small lookout on the Athabasca River has been built on the same site. The short hike is worthwhile if you want to stretch your legs in between.

Kelowna, Canada

Driving roughly 410 miles (660 km) from Jasper, Alberta, to Kelowna, Canada, takes 7.5 hours. One of BC’s most beautiful roads is Highway 97. The lovely Shannon Lake Road traverses West Kelowna. Shannon Lake Road, accessible from Bartley Road, is a fantastic area to cruise. In addition to the stunning scenery, the road also passes by wineries, Shannon Lake, a regional park, and a golf club. By the Kelowna Fishing Charters, Shannon Lake Road becomes Old Okanagan Highway, and residential areas are peppered with bed and breakfasts and stunning single-family houses. In addition, Highway 97 can also reach Okanagan Falls. The Okanagan’s entire roadway provides a terrific way to travel through the valley’s numerous breathtaking vistas quickly. The biggest ice cream cone vendor in the whole valley is in Okanagan Falls, along the highway. 

The falls used to be two substantial twin falls dumped into Lake Okanagan’s mouth and surrounded by pine forests, freshwater lakes, stunning mountain views, and various fauna. The Okanagan Valley is a lovely spot to explore on a road trip. The Okanagan region, which passes through some of Kelowna’s most picturesque locations, is blessed with stunning mountain scenery, freshwater lakes, pine woods, and an abundance of animals.

Day 2: Vancouver, British Columbia

The 242 miles (390 km) that separate Kelowna and Vancouver require a direct trip, which should take 4 hours and 30 minutes. Excellent pit breaks include Bellingham, Summerland, and Burnaby, as well as notable attractions like Sumac Ridge Estate Winery Ltd., The Kettle Valley Steam Railway, or the perennially popular Dirty Laundry Vineyard. Vancouver to Hope is the “initial branch” of your route from Vancouver to Kelowna. You’ll have a few options to get there from the town of Hope. You can travel via Merritt on Highway 5, the “Northern Passage into Okanagan,” or via Penticton on Highway 3, the “Southern Passage.” 

For instance, Bellingham is a coastal city in Washington State close to the Canadian border. It serves as a ferry port to Alaska. Mount Baker is to the east, a sizable volcano with ski trails and a snowy top, and the SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention is a hands-on science museum located in the city’s heart. Three locations, including the Lightcatcher with its curved, translucent wall, house the Whatcom Museum’s art, nature, and local history displays. Fort Langley is a cute little community along the Fraser River. A stopover takes two to three hours. Fort Langley has numerous museums, stores, ice cream parlors, restaurants, art galleries, parks, and trails so everyone can find something unique. The Fort Langley National Historic Site is an actual historical fort that your family can explore.

You can’t deny Vancouver’s attractiveness with its contemporary glass skyscrapers lined up along the ocean and towering mountains in the distance. While no photograph can capture the metropolis, it won’t be challenging to locate Instagram-worthy vistas. Queen Elizabeth Park comes first. Queen Elizabeth Park, located at the highest peak in Vancouver, is an obvious choice for admiring the city and the mountains of the North Shore beyond. While you’re there, take some pictures of the stunning gardens and Bloedel Conservatory, which are home to various plants, animals, and sculptures. Secondly, Believlln One of the top 10 beach cities in the world, according to National Geographic, is Vancouver. In the Point Grey neighborhood, Jericho Beach is a well-liked spot for tanning, beach volleyball, and viewing the massive city while lounging in some warm sand. The Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Willow Stream Spa comes in third. On the fifth level of the Fairmont Pacific Rim, the 8,500 square-foot Willow Stream Spa has a terrace with stunning views of downtown Vancouver, the water, and the mountains beyond. Nine treatment rooms are also available at the spa, where you can get a mani-pedi, relax in a deep Japanese Zen tub, and much more.

Mt Baker Scenic Byway 

It is feasible to prolong your vacation after arriving in Vancouver, most likely on the third day, to see Mt. Baker Scenic Byway. State Route 542 is a stunning playground for outdoor adventurers all year round. The only road to Mt. Baker Ski Area is a 58-mile stretch close to the Canadian border from Bellingham to Artist Point. Although driving on the street is the most practical way to get between these two, you can utilize a train to do it. At Artist Point, observe the sunset or sunrise. Artist Point is one of the most breathtaking vistas in the state that is accessible by car.  

Where to stay between jasper and Vancouver?

You can stay at one of the many campgrounds or RV parks between Jasper and Vancouver. Some notable options include:

If you want something more upmarket, you can try one of the following hotels:

What is the best time of year to drive from Vancouver to Jasper?

The best time to drive from Vancouver to Jasper is in the summer when the weather is warm and the days are long. However, be aware that this is also the busiest time of year, so book your accommodation and campsites in advance. The drive can be beautiful in the winter but may be challenging due to snow and ice. If you decide to drive in winter, ensure you are prepared with proper tires, a shovel, and warm clothing.

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