6 Most Scenic Half Marathons To Add to Your Bucket List

Are you looking for an area to run that half a marathon? Then choose to race in places that give you a breathtaking view of jaw-dropping trails and hill sceneries, and will make you forget miles of a race that’s dominating your trip. These beautiful areas are worth the race as they offer unique experiences.

A half marathon fanatic? We have sought some of the Most Scenic Half Marathons. Check out these places and you will see yourself running more than half a marathon because of the glamour they have to offer. There’s some European, US and world half marathons that integrate into your travel but offer you the whole world in one place.  These kinds of events will definitely imprint great memories on your skull.

Salomon Golden Leaf Half Marathon (Snowmass Village, Colorado)

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If you’ve always longed to experience unique scenery, The Golden Leaf Half Marathon is the perfect reason to perceive the natural beauty of Colorado. Runners get an amazing tour of the Snowmass Village to Aspen, as they run through Rocky Mountain ski areas. What’s there not like?

 It’s like killing two birds with one stone. A tour and the RUN. Intriguing isn’t it? I thought so too.  The hills are worth it as they give that amazing blend of colors. 

Kauai Half Marathon, Hawaii

Hawaii is well known for its beaches, and the warm welcoming Hula dancers and Taiko drum troupes that dazzle you before you get to run a worthwhile Kauai Half Marathon. You will get impressed by the coastlines in Hawaii. Definitely, worth the trip.

Get used to the uncommon element of running and experiencing a whole advanced level of site seeing whilst fighting for a medal. Then the Kauai Half Marathon is the best place to experience it. As the morning rays shine in the early hours in Poipu, the oceanic sounds of the beaches are intriguing. 

As you get to pass through the non-violent volcanoes, untamed desert and a tunnel of lush green tropical rainforests, they lead to a beautiful island with the coastline being the destination. A marathon should be exhausting but with these unique views that would be the least on your minds.

It is 506m of bittersweet gain. No pain no gain. Luckily, the last route to the race has a downhill trail that will motivate you with the spectacular misty Omao and picturesque beaches in front of your eyes. Before you know the race will have been finished. It will be a memorable and exciting journey with a scenic view out of this world. 

Kilimanjaro Half Marathon

The sound of Africas’ joy and pride. If you are desperately trying to finish an impossible and never-ending marathon, Mt Kilimanjaro’s unique structures will see you fight every last strength in you to win whilst being captivated by the beautiful elasticity of the road with rolling hills and towering trees.

There are 300m of elevation 95 degrees so don’t forget to pack up your water bottles so as to avoid dehydration. Instead of getting the dull straight road that makes you think twice of quitting, the trails of Mt Kilimanjaro are the best with its beautiful trails. It’s quite motivating to the runners and affordable. It’s a little different that makes a difference so do try this Marathon as it is Simple, unique and friendly.

 With Kilimanjaro, a variety of wildlife at the national wildlife park is phenomenal as a run could actually turn into a dream vacation. Getting to the top with rolling hills is magical; things get drastically easier as you get downhill with a view and air to die for. Already packing? Come in numbers with friends and family.

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Valencia Half Marathon

There is nothing more embarrassing than the Spanish races as they are well organized. With Valencia being the best run with the impressive City of Fine Arts and Sciences, 21 kilometres will feel like a 100 meters jog.

 Good weather, wide roads, neatly sorted areas will make the marathon quite easy and short. Thirst is well taken care of by efficient water stops so there is nothing to worry about it. A great passion for hospitality towards their runners, definitely makes them feel special.

An October, half marathon with 77 degrees, don’t forget to carry your full summer gear. The marathon route runs past the famous Marina, through the central park and definitely past a roaring crowd, happy to see cheer the runners in the main district. It is already proving to be a loved race by everyone in the city so why should you be left out.

La Jolla Half Marathon (San Diego, California)

The La Jolla Half Marathon kicks off at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and is one of best half marathons in the world. Runners dash through the amazing coastal itinerary and then climb the summit of Torrey Pines State Park. It definitely seems hard but not even as great sceneries are all around.

The race finishes at La Jolla Cove after getting to witness beautiful landmarks and tall countryside buildings. It is such a beauty with a feel at home vibe.

Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon (Sonoma, California)

Ever heard of a romantic marathon? The Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon will captivate you with its California and gentle hills. You must be in love with this sight. Cuvaison Carneros Winery is the starting point and it is also equipped with beautiful and stunning areas around it.

As they run, they see Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area, the San Pablo Bay, and the hills of Marin County. A must-see site with friends. They are nothing more fun than getting a reward for finishing a race. Runners are given t-shirts, medals, wine glass and tickets to a party. What’s there not to like when you get to wine and dine with others after an exhausting day.

Experience that phenomenal nature that you always see on social media whilst doing that half a marathon that you have a passion for. By the end of the Marathon, you will be grasping for another Marathon to commerce because every run with those amazing views will give you a reason to smile. Try it.

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