5 of the Most Romantic Places In Japan

All this while we did not recognize Japan as a romantic destination, everyone was just too focused on the likes of Paris , Rome and Venice , but the 21st-century generation of couples have unearthed this destination and all of a sudden everyone is excited about it as if it wasn’t there all along. If you are still of the mindset that Japan can not be as romantic as the likes of Paris, I invite you to read to the end and see if you will still have the same perception. 

Japanese culture is just romantic on its own, and it is complemented by the beautiful colours of the blooming flowers that seem to be found only in Japan. With attractions like the temples, shrines, snowy mountains, neon cities, white sand beaches and those cherry blossoms Japan is a destination for that unforgettable honeymoon. We could go on about how romantic Japan is, so without further ado, let’s get to discuss some of the places you can visit with you as a couple for that romantic getaway.


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 This is one of the most historical places in Japan and is one of the most romantic as well. Kyoto is home to more than 1 600 temples and is referred to as the cultural capital of Japan. This is because, for over 1,000 years, Kyoto was the capital of imperial Japan and the center of architecture. Hence the breathtaking designs of the temples. Kyoto is well known for its traditional inns which are called ryokan, Tawaraya is one of these inns. 

Tawaraya is over 300 years old. It is designed such that each of its small rooms looks out onto its own private garden. The inn boasts of cedar-wood hot tubs, and while you take a bath, the staff quietly clean and scent your shoes. For food lovers, Japanese haute cuisine reigns supreme in Kyoto. A parade of small dishes is carefully chosen based on the season. Japanese meals include vegetables, tempura, pickles, fish and soup. After indulging in Japanese cuisine, take a stroll on the Tombori river alongside Dotonbori canal, and you can treat yourselves to some grilled octopus dumplings on your stroll. 


 If you mention Japan to anyone the most likely picture they are going to have is that of Tokyo. For couples, the atmosphere in Tokyo simply insists you have fun. Visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building observatory and watch the sunset over the city. Get aboard Jicoo the floating Bar on Tokyo bay. Japan being cultural it’s no surprise that there is a place people seek good luck in love if you want some you can head straight to the Dai-Jingu shrine. 

The capital seems to be all about food, believe it or not, Tokyo has more restaurants than any other city on the planet. Japan is home to the world’s fastest transport network, and yes it’s via train. The Fuji Five Lakes region is just an hour from the capital by train. Japan’s most iconic mountain Mt Fuji is better viewed from here. If you are into mountain climbing, you can make a date with Fuji in the summer as that is the time it climbs. After the breathtaking view of Mt Fuji, book a stay at Hoshinoya Fuji, with floor to ceiling windows the cabins make it easy to gaze at the mountain in complete seclusion. 

Okinawa and the Southwest Islands

Okinawa is home to a more laid back and slower atmosphere than mainland Japan. Tsundara beach retreat is a dream for those wanting to get away from it all. The beach is next to a forest of tropical ambience. There are a number of activities to indulge in like diving, snorkelling and ziplining through the jungle canopy. The best part is it is all exclusive. You’ll have the whole place to yourselves.

On Yakushima, watch the waves and soak in the outdoor bath at ryokan Soyotei. A getaway just feels complete once you make a stop at a spa, go for a full pampering at Sankara hotel and spa. The island-style cuisine on Ishigaki-Jima is sure to blow you away. Small restaurants in Ishigakijima village serve local specialities such as Ishigaki beef, Okinawa soba and awamori liquor. 


Get ready to become childish, playing together will make you never forget Hokkaido. This island is home to vast wildernesses, mountains and volcanic landscapes. Participate in the Sapporo Snow Festival’s wonderland of snow sculptures and build sculptures out of the snow with your partner. Its all about hiking in summer, the hiking trails are in national parks like Shiretoko, Akan and Daisetsuzan.

Book a stay at Marukibune in the Ainu village in Akan and enjoy the breathtaking lake views and artwork. Akan is the best place to try some Ainu cuisine, including potato dumplings and preserved venison. In winter the skiers and snowboarders head to Niseko and Furano so if you are into that as a couple come in the winter and let your boards tag along. 

Wakayama Prefecture

This region is lovely all year round. The place is just waiting for you and your better half to explore, with pine forests, waterfalls, and hidden shrines. Taking the vertiginous cable car may seem more reasonable as it is less tiring, but it’s also less fun as you see less. At Kawayu Onsen Fujiya, the communal tradition makes nudity obligatory, but if you are not too comfortable with this, you can get a room with a private bath perched on its balcony.

Or you can go with the tradition and take the plunge in the river directly in front of the ryokan where hot-spring water bubbles up enticingly. Get to try out the Buddhist vegetarian traditional style of cooking that focuses on balance in every meal. Dishes include silken tofu with sesame paste and wasabi and crispy aubergine topped with caramelized miso. The monks deliver your meals to your chamber quietly and disappear from sight, leaving you to enjoy some of the world’s healthiest meals. 


Japan might not be best appealing for a romantic getaway, but actually visiting it will change your mindset for good. With the fastest and most efficient trains, large pedestrian crossing and for the young at heart, those Japanese comics and anime. A visit to this ancient country will grow your relationship in immeasurable ways. The best pick to visit in Japan as a couple is Kyoto, the features of Kyoto discussed are merely half of what is actually there, and Kyoto does serve the best food making it perfect for a getaway as a couple. 

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