Most Dangerous Cities in Scotland

No one wants to live in a dangerous city. But unfortunately, some places are just more prone to crime than others. If you’re looking to avoid trouble, it’s best to steer clear of these Most Dangerous Cities in Scotland. Even though Scotland is an independent nation, most of the research was closely related to other UK regions. Due to the epidemic and shift to online crime, fraud is far more frequent than any other type of crime. The study also emphasizes that corruption exists everywhere, so people should exercise caution wherever they are, at home, in public, and online. You can still visit Scotland if you follow a few standard safety precautions, including never strolling alone in the dark, in abandoned locations, or engaging in unusual conversation late at night. Let’s examine Scotland’s most dangerous cities.


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Glasgow is Scotland’s most populous city. The population of Glasgow amounted to 1,680,669 people in 2021. Being a key location for the nation, numerous enterprises are accessible to the public. In Glasgow City, 1,613 violent offenses weren’t sexual, as well as 1,787 that were (2020-21). Dishonesty was the most often committed crime, with 13,560 cases, followed by other crimes, with 13,217. Between 2020 and 2021, 43,331 offenses happened in Glasgow City. Glasgow is the most dangerous city in Scotland based on these statistics. Glasgow has the second-lowest crime rate in Scotland (682 crimes per 10,000 people), only behind Dundee City. Many of these might be vacationers.


Compared to the rest of the nation, Dundee City has the highest recorded crime rate (688 per 10,000 residents). Ten thousand two hundred thirty-seven crimes occurred in 2020. Also, dishonesty offenses, such as fraud, embezzlement, theft, and white-collar crime, accounted for one-third. There isn’t a problem with teenage knife crime like in southern towns, yet some areas of Dundee, such as Perth Road (which serves the universities), offer great pubs and restaurants with a student ambiance.


Although Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital, it’s fascinating that it’s not the country’s most dangerous city. Five hundred twenty-four thousand five hundred ninety-nine people lived in Edinburgh in 2021, a 1.08% increase from 2015. It is good news for Edinburgh businesses since the city is extremely safe. However, crime can occur everywhere, so you should still hire security personnel.

In Edinburgh, 52,081 crimes and offenses took place between 2019 and 2020. Dishonesty-related offenses are the most frequent, followed by other offenses and traffic violations. Less frequent crimes like arson, vandalism, and violent crimes, both sexual and non-sexual, have large numbers nonetheless. In general, Edinburgh experienced fewer crimes in the second quarter of 2020, but thieves are still looking for an opportunity to cause disruptions to your business.

 Aberdeen City

The majority (53.2%) of crimes in Aberdeen City are crimes against trust (e.g. theft, shoplifting, etc.). The percentage is higher than the 47.4% national average for Scotland. It’s exceedingly difficult to run a business and much harder to safeguard. Choosing the best security provider is challenging, and for a good reason. It isn’t easy to put your staff’s safety in the hands of a business. Crime involving drugs has increased in Aberdeen. Almost everyone and their dog is a dealer because the cost of living in the city is so high that individuals feel they must work illegally to make ends meet.

West Dunbartonshire

In the Argyll and West Dunbartonshire police area, major assaults increased from 95 to 121, while attempted murder offenses rose from seven to thirteen. More than 2,100 domestic abuse instances occurred in three months, a 1% increase in the number of events overall. However, fewer than half of the reported incidents are crimes. Sexual crime statistics are significantly worse. Less than 46% of rapes and attempted rapes surfaced. It was just 41% for acts that were lewd and libidinous. The detection rate for the possession or dissemination of pornographic photos of children reached 100&, up from a 70% rate the year prior. However, just 63% of indecent communication offenses become evident.

North Lanarkshire

Regarding documented crime, North Lanarkshire is Scotland’s fourth worst council district. Statistics show that the local authority region not only has the fourth highest total recorded crime rate (530 offenses per 10,000 inhabitants), but it also has the fourth highest rate of sexual violence offenses. In North Lanarkshire, there were 5839 dishonesty offenses and 3323 that involved vandalism or setting fires. And the local government was second only to Glasgow in terms of offenses classified as “other” (6058 total). Regarding crimes per 10,000 inhabitants, South Lanarkshire came in at number twelve with 463. Of Scotland’s total 246,511 registered offenses, North Lanarkshire had the third-highest amount, accounting for 18,070.


Some Level 2 registered sex offenders and all Level 3 registered sex offenders who live in the Fife municipal limits are known to the Fife Police Department. Despite the reducing effect of COVID limits on recorded crime rates, housebreaking and car crime have decreased in Fife. With loosened constraints, there have been more violent crimes. Fife continues to catch the large majority of those who commit violent crimes. Rape and attempted rape cases have grown from 44 to 74 in Fife, while sexual assault cases have increased, in contrast to the national trend.


Locally, more homicides were committed per 100,000 people during the past five years than anywhere else in the nation, including London . There were 11 verified murders in Inverclyde during that time, according to research based on official government and police figures. They indicated that there are 14 killings per 100,000 persons in Inverclyde. Senior law enforcement officials in the area today emphasized the need to contextualize the data and assert that our streets are safe.

South Lanarkshire

The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation reveals South Lanarkshire’s poverty split. We encourage people to exercise and enjoy their local open spaces. Still, they cannot travel farther than necessary or meet up with people from other households unless expressly permitted. On a lovely winter day, a trip to the hills can be very alluring, but such an adventure can rapidly become deadly, especially for the unprepared and unskilled.


Falkirk gives off the impression of being a dangerous and unpleasant place. Falkirk is a nasty, hostile place with a lot of antisocial behavior and a very biased population. One hundred thirty-three violent assaults or attempted murders occurred in the Falkirk Council area, or 8.7 occurrences per 10,000 people. The SNP Government will keep making investments in crime prevention and collaborating with the police to develop the best strategies for further reducing violent crime where it still exists.

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