Cape Town

Guide To The Kirstenbosch​​ Botanic Gardens

Kirstenbosch​​ Botanic Gardens

Along Rhodes Drive, in Newlands stand one of the most stunningly beautiful gardens that you have ever laid your eyes on. The Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens are a massive draw for nature lovers from across the globe. They are now formally known as The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. If you are in Cape Town, this is …

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The Amazing Butterfly Park Cape Town

Entry Fee Butterly Park Cape Town Considering visiting the Butterfly Park Cape Town? Entry Fee for the Year The entry fee for the year allows you to enter multiple times. The place is open from 9 am – 5pm, with the last tickets sold at 4:30pm. On the 24 of December, the opening times are …

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Enjoy The Deliciousness of South African Wine With Cape Town Wine Tours

Guide to cape town wine tours

Wine Tours Guide Considering taking one of the Cape Town Wine tours? South African wine has long been regarded as a world leader. Low cost, crisp, delicious, there are many adjectives we could use! The other plus point is that when visiting the stunning location of Cape Town, you can easily venture off on a …

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