Most Scenic Places in Canada

As the early morning sun first touches the top of the mountains, I believe you could almost hear the hills sing with joy. There is absolutely nothing like it, from the sweet aroma of the summer air to the gentle breeze of Mother Nature… One would swear there was Mother Nature’s best-kept secret!

Canada is a mixture of mind-numbing exhilarating and an accurate description of love at first glance. 

Anthony Island

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It is located in the Southern coast of Haida Gwaii, in the areas of the British Columbia. Its pride dwells in the beautiful totem polls, national park and National Marine Conservation which illustrate Haida’s unspoiled culture.

Feel the uniqueness as the local Haida performers take you on a vivid ancient entertainment about their world. Artistical energy is felt through the rocks, national marine conversation and their national park. Something one is advised not to miss as the tour is merely exceptional.

After an informative tour of the Haida town from its ruins to the marine, venture in the unique elements of bird watching the diverse species of birds, use this tour as escapism to forget about the bitter life and horrible bosses who are always on your neck and travel in style. 

Cavendish Beach

Situated on Prince Edward Island, is one of the best beaches in Canada with a heavenly touch. Famously known for its tasty oysters and Anne of Green Gables, what’s there not to enjoy when all elements intertwine to bring out the delinquency of good life at its best.

Yearly, people travel from all works of life, travel to the Cavendish Beach to get connected with its family fun-packed amusement parks, music festivals, arts theatre. It’s charm imprint memories for a lifetime with its indoor and outdoor fun for all ages.

It’s all fun and plays, but what’s a tour without getting acquainted with its ancient knowledge. The old architectural buildings and the friendly locals will gladly impart knowledge about the Beach to you. The ideal choice for a vacation to travel and have memories to make and remember.

The Beach offers activities such as golfing, kayaking, parasailing and deep-sea fishing. Exciting adventures at your fingertips. Travel and see the other side of the world.

Get the fresh, full-flavoured lobsters, and deep-sea fishes caught every day by local fishermen. A mouthwatering dish every day is an experience like none other. Travel and celebrate life with pride.

Abraham Lake

Are you planning a totally worth it trip? Try the man-made lake, also known as the Lake Abraham is situated in Kootenay Plains of Alberta, Canada. The methane frozen bubbles layers will make you fall in love with nature, though with a twist of danger. 

In summer the sapphire lake remains one of the most beautiful glaciers lakes in Canada with its unique blue waters. The perfect sight for sore eyes that will leave you gasping for more as the hours pass by.

Western Brook Pond

The 10 miles, Canadian fjord is situated on western hemisphere of Newfoundland. It is an exciting adventure filled with priceless events. Eight hours drive is worth it from the St. John’s as fine panorama is ready to be served for the eyes. Foxes, seals, whales, caribou, and eagles give an edgy twist for a daring experience.

Two miles of hiking will get you to the boats which will tour you around the Pristine Lake offering an impressive picture consisting of sparkling waterfalls, Long Range Mountain and retired cliffs. It is a striking area of natural beauty which is a must-see.

Get out of your hibernating cocoon. Be bold, adventurous and get to be part of the wild, carefree life.

Bay of Fundy

Situated in New Brunswick, Bay of Fundy is part of the seven wonders of North America. It’s unique high, and low tides, geological features and marine creatures bring out the pride of the Bay of Fundy. 

Yearly, tourists, attention is drawn but the 56 feet tides which are recorded as the highest in the world. A site to witness and not only read about with family and friends: enjoy an exceptional view at an affordable budget at the Bay of Fundy. 

 Kayakers and rafters make an effort to experience the peaceful scene of wailing whales in tide pools. Get to feel the quality of a glorious moment with nature at its core. At low tide, get connected with nature as the waves of the sea carelessly dribble on the Hopewell Rocks. A dedicated site to experience and get your mind relaxation by the soothing atmosphere.

Be part of the seven wonders of the world visitors and boast on social media with beautiful sceneries which are divine.

Jasper National Park

Forget about the usual park in your city and travel to one of the best parks in the world, Jasper National Park. It is located in Alberta, Canada. Established in 1907, the park is equipped with glaciers, calm lakes, thunderous waterfalls and jaw-dropping mountains. A heaven on earth tour at the Jasper National Park. Try it, and you will beam with joy at the sight of the wonders at this park.

There is equally divided tourism at the park, in summer, visitors get entertained by nature walks with the view of waterfalls, lakes and hiking. An inspirational way of soothing the soul and relax your mind. The perfect therapy for people of all ages.

Since its an all year rounder attraction, in the winter, the Marmot Basin delivers a skiing terrain for skiing lovers. Full outdoor packages which cater for all ages. Stargazing with a beautiful backdrop provided by the park is out of this world. Get in touch with nature and create memories.

 Montmorency Falls

The Montmorency Falls are arguably the most famous in Canada. There are located in the city of Quebec. Fifteen miles from Quebec City , the St Lawrence River conjoint itself into the mouth of the Montmorency Falls. A panoramic view that is sensational and worth travelling for.

Rock climbing, Canyons, Nature walks, and Ziplines are part of the thrill of the alluring Montmonerecy Falls. The tour of the falls is beautiful from the start of the falls to the end of them. It is beauty in its Simplicity, a five-star nature at its best.

The famous international fireworks in Qubecec make use of the falls as an outdoor setting for the competition as it gives that extra moonlit picturesque that is breathtaking.

The cable car is the perfect way to reach the summit of the Montmorency Falls and walk down to get the full experience of the incredible view of the burbling waterfalls over the rocks. The aroma of the freshwater, dirt and Flora and fauna is denoted when you tour around the falls.

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