Month: July 2017

From Cecil, the Lion’s Killing to Xanda

cecil the lion

Poaching continues to rob us Cecil the lion “It’s been just two years since we lost Cecil, and now his son had to face the same fate. At times, it’s not just wealth that one inherits.” Tourism in Zimbabwe has always been one of the bedrocks of the economy. Our concern for the environment remains limited …

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13+ Exciting Southern African Startups to keep an eye out for

Southern African Startups to watch out for In Africa, you will meet innovative and inspiring start-ups on daily basis, and every now and then you will meet at least one that will get you really excited. As travellers we are often at awe at the sheer volume of enterprise that Africa boasts of. One business …

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Zambia Itinerary 30+ Amazing Places And Things to do

Things to Do In Zambia So, you have landed at the Kenneth Kaunda International airport in Lusaka, which often referred to as the Lusaka International airport. Like most travellers, you wonder what you must see and do in Zambia? I will get you to the right places to do the right activities so you can …

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