Venice Itinerary Two Days: What To Explore and Where to Stay

Planning on having a two-day stay in Venice ? then you are in luck as this article will guide and help you budget to some spectacular adventures, Venice has to offer. Pay attentive as you are about to get the highlight of a lifetime in Venice. 

Venice, with its picturesque sceneries, warm-friendly locals and its gentle weather should be on your travel bucket list.  Its gorgeous buildings and meandering canals will leave you breathless. It’s dominant antiquity, rooted culture, and salivary food makes this city a place to have a bite on its offerings. Pack your bags, sunscreen, comfortable shoes and camera as this trip will make you seek for more and desire to capture every single tourist attraction in Venice.

1. List of the places to visit

Table Of Contents

Day One

  • St Mark’s Campanile
  • Saint Mark’s Basilica
  • St. Mark’s Square Doge’s Palace
  • Doge’s Palace and Campanile on Piazza di San Marco,
  • Rialto Market and Bridge

Day Two

  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection
  • Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo
  • Grand Canal

 2.Detailed guide of the places to visit and their costs

  Campanile di San Marco

 Get the lift experience to Campanile di San Marco wonders. Take the early morning walk to the 325 feet Campanile di San Marco which is also known as St. Mark’s Campanile spire over the Piazza San Marco. The Built-in tower was once used as a watchtower for the navigation of the lagoon.

Get the view of the iconic Gabriel weathervane whilst on the peak of the building as it indicates the direction of the wind flying over the piazza and the lagoon. Get the thrilling 360-degree sight of the piazza, stunning views of Venice, the 1st bells that rang when it got opened and a glimpse of islands such as Lido, Murano and San Giorgio by getting to the peak of the tower.

 It will cost you 10 euros entrance fee to access the Campanile di San Marco, and it is worth it. If you are not a fan of waiting in long queues, then book ahead of the tour to reserve yourself a spot and easy access to the tower. The private historical time of Venice and get to skip the line and tour the StMark’s Bell Tower is $190.81.

 St Mark’s Basilica

 Get the lifetime adventure and explore St. Mark’s Basilica. The private tour is $38.64 per adult of St Mark’s Basilica which includes the terrace. A quick stroll from St. Mark’s Campanile is the legendary St. Mark’s Basilica church which opens at 9.30 am and avoids unnecessary lines by booking a guided tour and get the ticket which is 3 Euros.

 The Serving Venice’s official cathedral has been the basket of religion with its architectural art with some features of 24-carat gold-sheathed into them. Get to walk the interior of the cathedral is stunning as you will get a glimpse of the artefacts, St Mark’s tomb and dazzling Cupola of Prophets ( a real rare gem which is a must-see).

 Basilica and the doge’s Palace in Venice, Italy

 Finally, get to stroll through the Piazza San Marco lazily. The Piazza San Marco, situated in the main square in Venice, Italy and fully packed with history. The yard was a prominent sphere of the public for the Venetians as they discussed politics and trade. The San Marco, Basilica and Pala D’oro walking tour is $48.30 per adult.

 Be blown away by the artistic exterior of historic buildings that line the square and have a view of the gondolas in the lagoon. Get an exclusive experience of having hot chocolate or coffee of choice with a friendly service whilst listening to the cooing pigeons and chiming bells nearby. The piazza offers various exquisite cafes, such as Caffe Florian, Caffe Mavens, Caffe Aurora and the Gran Caffè Lavena.

 Visit Doge’s palace and Campanile on Piazza di San Marco,

 Famously known as the Palazzo Ducale, Doge’s Palace, it offers impressive Gothic architectural features which purpose as a museum sight. It houses different art and exhibits which will leave you breathless. The VIP secret itineraries Doges Palace Tour of $106,25 gets you to venture around the distinctive parts of the Palace from its courtyards to its hidden chambers and the ancient attic.

 Browse through the Gallerie dell’Accademia

 Established in a former church, the Accademia Galleries has fine collection pieces of pre-19th, exhibits and Tintoretto and Guardi paintings. After a long tiring day of a spectacular view, visit the bookstore and purchase books about the historical pictures and the brains behind the establishment of the buildings—Book reservations to get a museum visit with no jostle in crowds.

Visit the Rialto Bridge and Market

With the coming to an end of your first day in Venice, take a short walk across the incredible heritage bridge in Venice. The Rialto Bridge, established in 1588, has three beautiful walkways in which you can overlook the sight of the city and the grabs canal. After crossing it, grab a bite of locally sourced products such as fish, vegetables and fruits at Rialto Market.

2 Days in Venice: Day Two

Explore the Peggy Guggenheim Museum

Located on the far end of the Grand Canal, Peggy Guggenheim was once a Palace hence still maintained its modernised art of the museum. The museum houses a variety of modern fine art pieces such as The Sculpture Garden. Get enchanted by taking a Grand Canal Cruise of Murano, Burano, and Torcello.

Burano Island, Venice

Take the Grand Canal cruise to see the beautiful lagoon islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello, a real adventure with more unveiling tales to see for yourself. You can choose to buy a ticket at a local Vaporetto for a waterbus experience and then get escorted to see the fantastic views of the islands on a budget. At Murano, get dazzled by the glass making skills and the church which houses the slain dragon bones.

Get the worthwhile moment; float along to Burano, and sight on local fishermen houses and fresh seafood and their love for making laces. Fascinating, isn’t it? Experience the Torcello tranquillity by sighting over historical buildings and numerous mosaics.

Campo and Church of Santa Maria Formosa

Visit the Campo Santa Maria Formosa and get a chance to see the fantastic wonders of Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo. The Campo Santa Maria Formosa is a city square in Venice which houses this great church.

Famously known as San Zanipolo, the Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo was established in 1430. It offers exclusive architectural art, beautiful mosaics, frescos and pillars. You might get a glimpse of the urn where a Venetian general Marco Antonio Bragadin skin is locked up.

Gondolas on Canal and Basilica Santa Maria Della Salute

Take a soothing, romantic Gondola Ride through the winding canals or experience a unique one hour boat tour to the Grand Canal. The private or shared gondola is part of your preferences and can pay extra money for the gondolier to sing you through the majestic views of the canals. A night ride in the gondola is quite expensive due to its popularity and demands from both locals and visitors.

You can book a 30 minute to an hour gondola tour and skip the waiting period to see the wonders of this island. Get transferred to a small boat for a fun, relaxing view of the city’s attractions. The place delivers the statement of bridges, ancient structures and gets acquainted with the historical knowledge about the island.

 Aimlessly walk the Streets.

 Before ending your two-day trip, stroll around the winding streets which offer unique shops, bridges and beautiful sceneries of the city. These sights will make you fall in love with Venice and cause you to the extent an itinerary for longer days. Always be attentive to the posted signs so as not to get lost in the city.

3.Places to stay in Venice

Stay in a budget-friendly Alloggi Agli Artisti, guest house worth $29 and is 1 mile from the city centre. Get the exclusive overlooking view of the Grand Canal at the 4-star NH Venezia Santa Lucia worth $115. Definitely worth the value.

An all-perfect hospitality services of the $467 per night Hotel Concordia offers exclusive benefits to its mouth-watering cuisines, it’s impressive spa services are out of this world and fantastic 360 view of beaches and the city buildings all in one glimpse.

Places to grab a bite

Wake up to the gentle breeze of the morning bliss and have a simple, delicious breakfast at Niki Bar with its delightful famous cheese crepes, hearty coffee at Al 133 and tasty cosy breakfast at Farini before heading for a big tour around Venice attractions.

After a long tiresome tour, dine-in Alle Corone to get the Italian feel, eat your heart out at Baci & Pasta and contact the regional locally sourced seafood at Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti. If you are hoping to eat on a budget then have the Pizza am Volo (take away pizza), Venetian tapas and eat local cuisines at Cantina do Mori known for its wines, atmosphere and history.

Reward yourself with an exclusive dinner at Alle Corone, Algiubagio Restaurant and Bistrot de Venise with shrimps and Italian food to tangle your taste buds before a night of good night sleeps.


Make memories and travel around the wonders of Venice and be dazzled by its architectural buildings, lagoons and islands. Hope this guide has intrigued your appetite to be part of the visitors who hunger for exquisite tours, Venice is that place to be. Try it, and you never regret it.

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