Your Guide to Finding the Best Accommodations Near Monument Valley

Where to stay near Monument Valley

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Wondering where to go for a holiday? Monument Valley is one of the USA’s iconic landscapes. Consider spending some more days in the valley. Explore scenic drives around for more activities.  The importance of finding the right place to stay gives you access to your activities, helps you relax after a long day of hiking, and you to have all your needs by your side. 

Monument Valley is a breathtaking destination that offers visitors the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the American Southwest. If you plan a trip to this landmark, finding the right lodging is critical to your travel experience. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the best accommodations near Monument Valley.

You may only have a small budget available, but that should not come at the expense of your comfort. Choose accommodation that suits your needs, your passion and the new things you want to explore. In this article, you will learn about the types of accommodation available in the region, such as hotels, motels, campsites and lodges.

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Location-based Accommodation Options

Location of Monument Valley 

Monument Valley is on the Utah-Arizona state line, near the Four Corners area ( The Monument Valley is a sacred area within the territory of the Navajo Nation Reservation. Monument Valley includes much of the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park area. Visitors pay an access fee and drive through the park on a 17-mile road. Some parts of Monument Valley, such as Mystery Valley and Hunts Mesa, are accessible only by guided tour.

Importance of choosing accommodation that is nearby

Your location shapes your trip. Choosing a hotel far away from most things you want to do. Consider transportation which can be time-consuming and costly. That is why you should choose the accommodation that is nearby. A hotel close to the popular attractions will make your trip much more accommodating. It cuts down on travel time, and stress increases your time at the places you want to be. 

A list of different types of accommodations available in the area

Wetherill Inn

Wetherill Inn is at the entrance to Monument Valley on the Arizona side. Guests at the Inn are near the Navajo Code Talker Exhibit and the Navajo Culture Center. The inn offers a complimentary breakfast, internet, an on-site restaurant, and an indoor pool.

Gouldings Lodge

This is where many people stay during their visit to Monument Valley. The lodge offers the amenities of a modern hotel, including a fitness room, laundry facility, computer room, theatre, dining room, and heated indoor pool, making it convenient. Guests can also arrange guided tours given through the lodge.

The View Hotel

It allows you to get closer to Monument valley and is the only one inside it. This hotel offers private balconies with views of the Monument valley, a historic trading post, a business center, hiking trails, a fitness room, and a restaurant. The View Hotel is environmentally friendly.

Desert Rose Resort & Cabins

The Desert Rose Resort & Cabins resides in Bluff, Utah. The Bluff town is less than an hour north of Monument Valley. The drive to Monument Valley provides jaw-dropping scenic vistas with sandstone bluffs on the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway in southeastern Utah making the region an appealing destination. The Desert Rose Resort & Cabins give affordable luxury to its guests. The rooms/cabins feature a television, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning/heater, and picture windows.

Goulding’s Lodge 

This is a Navajo Tribal hotel, with a restaurant and gift shop nearby. The rooms have a small indoor pool that is not heated, but there is no room service. Each room has a beautiful view of Monument Valley. A gas station and a small grocery store are also nearby. A room cost 272 and provides a pool, Wi-Fi, free parking, and air conditioning.



  • Comfortable 
  • Luxurious 
  • Affordable 
  • Room service 
  • More options 


  • No cultural experience 



  • Affordable 
  • Free Parking 
  • More accessible 
  • Better services
  • Cultural experience 


  • Not the most glamorous 



  • Connection with nature
  • Beautiful views
  • Simple
  • Quiet 
  • Less driving time 


  • Bugs



  • Family-friendly 
  • Quiet 
  • Affordable 
  • Natural
  • Rustic


  • Privacy issues

Amenities-based Accommodation Options

The importance of amenities lies in keeping your needs closer to you. As you compare amenities, you get to pick what works for you. You can still go for an accommodation that matches your budget without compromising the services you need. They help you feel comfortable and secure in your destination.

Other amenities available at accommodations near Monument Valley include swimming pools, hot tubs, restaurants, and pet-friendly policies. Swimming pools are for swimming fanatics but may be inconvenient for families with kids who cannot swim. The swimming pool can be a danger to kids and pets. Pets feel secure and comfortable at your accommodation, but they may be noisy for the next family in the camp, hotel room, or cabin. WiFi or the Internet remains important for communication ( 

Budget-based Accommodation Options

Budgeting helps you plan to spend your money as you determine in advance whether you will have enough money to do what you want. Manage your money by balancing your expenses with your income. If they don’t balance and you spend more than you make, you will have a problem. Use your planning process to prioritise your spending and focus your money on the important things to you. Following a budget or spending plan will help you stay satisfied.

Budget options for accommodations near Monument Valley

Luxury resorts

  • Four Corners Inn 
  • Blue Sage Inn & Suites 
  • San Juan Inn 
  • Stone Lizard Lodging 
  • The Atomic Blue Motor-Inn

Mid-range hotels

  • Four Corners Inn
  • Arch Canyon Inn
  • Kokopelli Inn
  • Rodeway Inn & Suites
  • Prospector Motor Lodge

Budget motels

  • Baymont by Wyndham Cave City
  • Red Roof Inn & Suites Cave City
  • Days Inn by Wyndham Cave City
  • Econo Lodge
  • Serenity Hill b&b

Accommodations Near Monument Valley FAQs

What are the closest accommodations to Monument Valley?

The closest accommodations to Monument Valley are in the nearby towns of Kayenta, Utah, and Goulding, Utah, with some accommodations a short drive from the park entrance. Popular accommodations near Monument Valley include Goulding’s Lodge & Campground, Hampton Inn Kayenta, Desert Rose Resort & Cabins and Hat Rock Inn. These accommodations offer a range of amenities and services to suit different travel styles and preferences, such as on-site restaurants, outdoor recreational activities and pet-friendly rooms. In addition, some accommodations offer scenic views of the surrounding landscape, including the famous Monument Valley rock formations. It’s important to note that the nearest accommodations can book up quickly, especially during peak season, so booking early is recommended to secure the accommodation you want.

What amenities should I look for in accommodations near Monument Valley?

Amenities at lodging near Monument Valley may vary depending on the type of lodging and the level of comfort you desire. Common amenities at accommodations near Monument Valley include air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, free parking, a private bathroom, and a complimentary breakfast. In addition, some accommodations offer more luxurious amenities such as a private balcony or patio, an apartment-screen TV, a pool, a fitness center, a spa, or an on-site restaurant. It’s important to note that the amenities offered may affect the price of the accommodation. Therefore, it’s recommended that you carefully review the amenities offered before booking to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money. It’s also recommended to read reviews from previous guests to ensure that the accommodation meets your expectations regarding cleanliness, comfort and overall experience.

Are there budget-friendly options for accommodations near Monument Valley?

Yes, there are several budget lodging options near Monument Valley, including motels, hostels, and campgrounds. These accommodations are more affordable than the more expensive hotels and resorts in the area, with prices generally around $50 per night for basic accommodations. However, it should be noted that these budget accommodations may have limited amenities and services compared to more expensive accommodations. Therefore, it’s recommended that you check the facilities and services offered before booking to ensure that your needs and desires are met. In addition, some budget accommodations may be further from the park, affecting your travel plans and transportation needs. It’s recommended to compare prices and reviews of several accommodations to find the best deal for your budget and needs.


In conclusion, this article emphasises the importance of choosing the right place to stay near Monument Valley to save money, time, and effort. As you plan your tour, pick a place that aligns with your budget. Compare the mentioned budget places and find one with amenities that match your needs. Use this article to make informed decisions about your accommodations and enjoy your trip to this iconic destination.

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