The Most Conservative Cities in Texas: A Comprehensive Guide

Conservatism is a movement that espouses political views advocating free enterprise, private property, and socially traditional ideas. This cultural, social, and political philosophy also seeks to promote and preserve traditional institutions, practices, and values. However, these may vary by culture and civilization.

Texas is a Republican state where Republicans control all statewide offices. Texas Republicans hold majorities in the House and Senate, an all-Republican Supreme Court, and control both Senate seats in the U.S. Congress. The conservative communities in Houston are Kingwood, Friendswood, Katy, and Spring.

Texas is known for its conservative values and is the stronghold of Republicans in American politics. States that embody these values more than others include Lubbock County, Rockwall County, Amarillo, White Oak, Ransom Canyon, Elsa, La Grulla, Collin County, Montgomery County, and Tarrant County. This article examines the factors that make up each city, including political climate, demographics, and religious affiliation.

What Makes a City Conservative?

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Definition of Conservatism in the Context of Cities

Conservatism is based on a belief in limited government, individualism, traditionalism, republicanism, and limited federal government power over U.S. states. Conservative and Christian media organizations, American conservative figures, and American conservatism influence it.

Factors that contribute to a city’s conservatism:

Political affiliation

Political affiliation is any expression of or association with the ideals, issues, or ideologies of a political group, party, or organization that constitutes politically protected speech. 

Religious beliefs

There is a link between Conservative Christian religious convictions and political behaviour. Religious conservatives oppose abortion, LGBT behaviour, drug use, and sexual activity outside marriage. Conservative values are grounded in religious beliefs, and conservatives seek to increase the role of religion in public life.

Socioeconomic factors

Social conservatives organize in favour of duty, traditional values, and social institutions, such as traditional family structures, gender roles, sexual relations, national patriotism, and religious traditions.

Cultural Attitudes and traditions

Conservatism works towards the cultural heritage of a nation-state or a culture not defined by state boundaries. It is associated with criticism of multiculturalism and opposition to illegal immigration.

The Top 10 Most Conservative Cities in Texas

Lubbock county

Lubbock County is in West Texas, one of the most conservative counties in Texas. It is known for its strong support of agriculture, with many residents working in farm and ranching industries. Texas Tech University has a strong conservative presence on campus, and Lubbock County is also known for its strong support of gun rights. The majority is known to oppose any efforts to restrict the Second Amendment. The county is also home to many conservative Christian churches that have shaped the county’s political and social values.

Rockwall County

It is east of Dallas, Rockwall, and is known for its strong support of the Republican party, with 67.2% of voters supporting Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Its strong support of small businesses, with many residents owning and operating their businesses, had made the cost of living bearable. Rockwall County is also known for its low taxes and limited government regulation, key factors in its conservative values.


Amarillo has a population of almost 200,000, and a low percentage of residents are Democrats, with only 18.8 per cent identifying as such. The city also has a low chance of residents being pro-environment and pro-choice at 23.3 per cent and 39.6 per cent. Amarillo is another conservative city in Texas.

White Oak

White Oak has a population of approximately 6,500 people and a population density of 625.649 people per square mile. Only 24.5 per cent of residents are Democrats, while 53.7 per cent are religious. The chances of being pro-choice and pro-environment are low at 39.6 per cent and 27.1 per cent. 

Ransom Canyon

Ransom Canyon is another version of Lubbock County town with a population density of 1,356.44 people per square mile. The chance of a resident being a Democrat is only 20.8 per cent. The probability of a resident being pro-environment is only 22.2 per cent. The median home value in Ransom Canyon is 110,800.


Elsa is a smaller town in Texas with a population of fewer than 6,000 residents and a population density of 1,419.66 people per square mile. There is an 87.3 per cent chance that a resident identifies as a Democrat. Elsa has a higher chance of residents being pro-choice and pro-gun control at 60.3 per cent and 60.4 per cent.

La Grulla, TX 78548

La Grulla is another small town with a population of over 1,600 people and a population density of 172.634 people per square mile. It has a high percentage of residents, who identify as Democrats at 90.8 per cent. The town also has a high probability of residents being pro-tax at 90.1 per cent. The chances of being pro-choice, religious, pro-environment, and favouring gun control are 63.6 per cent.

Collin County

Collin country is north of Dallas and known for its strong support of the Republican party, with 59.6% of voters supporting Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. The county has a strong economy, with a median household income of 96,314 and a low unemployment rate of 3.3%. Collin County is a conservative stronghold, with strong support for small businesses, low taxes, and limited government regulation.

Montgomery County

It is north of Houston and Montgomery County has a strong pro-life stance, with many residents supporting anti-abortion legislation. The county supports gun rights, with many residents opposing any efforts to restrict the Second Amendment. It also has strong support from the oil and gas industry, a major contributor to the county’s economy.

Tarrant County

It is in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and another conservative county in Texas. The county has a strong military presence, with many residents serving in the armed forces or working in defence-related industries. Tarrant County has gained popularity due to its strong support of law enforcement, with many residents supporting tough-on-crime policies. 

The county is known for its strong support of the Second Amendment, with many residents owning guns and supporting the right to bear arms. Tarrant County supports traditional family values, with many residents opposing same-sex marriage and other LGBTQ+ rights.

Other Conservative Cities in Texas Worth Mentioning

Austin, TX

Austin is the highest-scoring liberal city in Texas. It is not quite as liberal as other cities in our study and has a strong economy. It is rated 5th lowest for the unemployment rate and has a highly educated local population. That is the 5th highest percentage of residents with a bachelor’s degree at 33.86%.


It is a conservative city in a conservative state and one of the first cities in America to be powered by renewable energy.

El Paso

El Paso is a great city if you like being outside in the sun. It is in the far western corner of Texas; El Paso also borders Mexico and features many mountain trails with beautiful views. If you’re a water person, the Rio Grande is nearby and has great fishing, canoeing, and whitewater rafting opportunities. If you’re more of a land person, many festivals, marathons, and bike races El Paso hosts.

Liberal vs. Conservative Cities in Texas: A Comparison

The best liberal cities in Texas are Seattle, Denver, Boston, Fargo, and San Francisco. Midland, Omaha, Slough Falls, and Colorado Springs are the best conservative cities. Conservative Cities have a low cost of living, population growth, upward mobility, and a low unemployment rate.

The Future of Conservatism in Texas Cities

Discussion of current trends in Texas politics and how they may affect the conservative landscape of Texas cities

Texas is moving left, but the state’s laws are not getting more progressive. Demographic changes point to a progressive state, but Republican-controlled redistricting makes it unlikely policy decisions will follow suit. Highly concentrated demographic shifts in and around Texas cities have diversified pockets of the traditionally red state.

Potential changes in demographics and cultural attitudes that may impact the political climate

The fastest-growing population in Texas is one of the least civically engaged populations in the state. There has not been a clear picture of the current levels of political engagement across Texas’ many diverse populations. Texas is on the leading edge of a nationwide demographic shift that will make the U.S. a minority-majority country.

Pros and Cons of Living in a Conservative City

Advantages of living in a conservative city in Texas

Living in a conservative city in Texas can have several advantages, including a high quality of life, good schools, low crime rates, and low taxes. Many conservative Texas cities feature a strong sense of community and a lower living cost than larger urban areas. Residents can access good health care, quality education, and outdoor recreational activities. Conservative Texas cities also have lower crime rates and less traffic congestion, making it easier for residents to get around and enjoy their surroundings. In addition, lower taxes can mean residents have more disposable income to spend on things they enjoy.

  • High quality of life
  • Good schools
  • Low crime rates
  • Low taxes


One of these is the consequences of urbanization. If conservative cities in Texas continue to grow, they may face problems such as traffic congestion, environmental degradation, and a drain on resources such as water and energy. In addition, conservative cities may have more homogeneous populations and a lack of diversity, leading to insufficient exposure to other cultures and ideas. Conservative cities may also have more rigid social norms and political beliefs that may not be consistent with the values and beliefs of all residents. Finally, conservative cities may have less access to amenities and services like public transportation, affordable housing, and health care. It’s important to carefully weigh these potential drawbacks when deciding where to live in Texas.

  • Consequences of urbanization

How to Thrive in a Conservative City as a Liberal

Tips and strategies for living in a conservative city as a liberal

Living as a liberal in a conservative city can be challenging, but some strategies can make it easier. One of the most important tips is avoiding political public discussions or with people, you don’t know well. Political discussions can get heated quickly, and it’s not worth risking potential conflict or alienation. However, it can be helpful to find a few well-read friends who share your political views and with whom you can have honest and respectful discussions. This can help you feel less isolated and give you an outlet for your political views. 

Being respectful and open-minded is important when discussing politics with people who don’t share your views. Simply share what you know and believe, and listen to their views without trying to change anyone’s mind. Remember that you don’t have to agree with someone to respect their views and beliefs. Finding ways to get involved in the community outside of politics is important, such as volunteering, joining a club or organization, or attending local events. In this way, you can build connections and relationships with people who may not share your political views but who share your interests and values. If you follow these strategies, it’s possible to live as a liberal in a conservative city and still feel happy and fulfilled.

  • Stay away from discussing politics.
  • Make a couple of well-read friends for discussions 
  • Just share what you know and believe and listen to them without trying to change anyone’s mind.

Advice for engaging in political discourse and building community relationships

Engaging in political discourse and building community relationships can be challenging, but some strategies can help make it more productive and positive. One of the most important tips is listening carefully to people and understanding their perspectives, even if you disagree. This will help you communicate more openly and effectively and build stronger relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. Another important tip is to value each other, recognizing and appreciating the contributions and strengths of the people you’re dealing with. 

This can help create a positive and supportive atmosphere that encourages everyone to participate and contribute their ideas. To strengthen relationships in the community, it’s also important to open up, be open and friendly, and actively seek opportunities to connect with others. In this way, you can build trust and relationships with others and create a network of support and resources. Finally, it’s important to challenge each other to do better, encourage each other to think critically, and encourage each other to take action and make positive changes in the community. By following these strategies, it’s possible to engage in political discourse and build relationships in the community that are positive, productive, and fulfilling.

  • Pay attention to people
  • Communicate openly
  • Appreciate each other
  • Extend yourself
  • Challenge each other to do better

The Impact of Conservative Cities on Texas Politics

Discussion of the role conservative cities play in Texas Politics

Republicans control all statewide offices. Texas Republicans hold majorities in the House and Senate, an exclusively Republican Texas Supreme Court, and control of both Senate seats in the U.S. Congress. Texas is the most populous Republican state in the United States.

Analysis of the impact conservative cities have on Texas State and national elections

Conservative cities have a significant impact on Texas state and national elections. Texas is generally considered a Republican stronghold, and most of its cities are conservative. In the 2020 presidential election, Republican candidate Donald Trump won Texas with 52.2% of the vote, while Democratic candidate Joe Biden received 46.4%. This voting pattern largely reflects the political alignment of the state’s conservative cities, which include Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

In addition to influencing state and federal elections, conservative cities also play a key role in shaping the Texas political landscape. In the 2020 Texas Senate election, for example, Republican incumbent John Cornyn was re-elected with 53.6% of the vote, largely due to strong support from conservative cities such as Houston and Dallas.

Conservative cities in Texas also play an important role in determining the outcomes of local elections, including city council and school board elections. These elections can have a significant impact on the daily lives of residents as they determine policy in the areas of education, transportation, and public safety.

Controversies and Criticisms of Conservative Cities in Texas

Examination of Controversies and criticisms surrounding conservative cities in Texas

Some conservative lawmakers are concerned about bills that may not pass by the end of the legislative session. Still, some key Republican priorities have crossed the finish line or are close to it. Republicans hold all statewide offices in Texas and have done so since 1996. They still hold the majority in both the House and Senate.

Examples of controversial policies or practices in conservative cities

Conservative cities are often associated with policies and practices that can be controversial and divisive. Some examples include:

  • Abortion laws: Conservative cities may have more restrictive abortion laws, which can be a contentious issue for many people.
  • Animal rights: Some conservative cities may have policies that are seen as anti-animal rights, such as allowing hunting or opposing animal welfare measures.
  • Anti-vaccination movement: Anti-vaccination sentiment may be more prevalent in conservative cities, which may have public health implications.
  • Climate change scepticism: Conservative cities are more likely to have residents who are sceptical of climate change and oppose policies to address it.
  • U.S. immigration reform: conservative cities may have policies that are viewed as anti-immigrant or oppose immigration reform.
  • Police brutality: some conservative cities have come under fire for instances of police brutality, which can cause tension between law enforcement and residents.

The Relationship Between Religion and Conservatism in Texas

Exploration of the Relationship between Religion and Conservatism in Texas

Religion and conservatism are closely intertwined in Texas, with many churches and religious organizations playing an important role in shaping conservative values and policies. This is partly due to the fact that churches often represent traditional values and are supported by more conservative societal elements.

The New Christian Right in America, which emerged in the 1970s and 1980s, has played a key role in promoting conservative values and policies, including traditional family structures, opposition to abortion and homosexuality, and support for limited government and free markets. The movement has been particularly influential in Texas, where it has helped shape the state’s political landscape and promote conservative candidates and policies.

Many conservative politicians in Texas are also closely associated with religious organizations and receive support from religious voters. This is evident in their opposition to same-sex marriage and support for restrictive abortion laws, which many religious conservatives support.

It’s important to note that not all religious individuals or organizations in Texas are necessarily conservative and that many different interpretations of religion can influence political views. Nevertheless, the relationship between religion and conservatism remains an important factor in Texas politics and society.

Overview of the most prominent religious denominations in Texas and their political affiliations

Seven in ten Americans (70%) identify as Christian, including more than four in ten who identify as white Christian. More than one-quarter identify as Christian of colour. Nearly one in four Americans (23%) are religiously unaffiliated, and 5% identify with non-Christian religions.

Conservative Cities and the Economy

Discussion of the economic impact of conservative cities in Texas

The economy of the State of Texas is the second largest by GDP in the United States after that of California. It has a gross state product of 2.355 trillion as of 2022. In 2022, Texas led the nation with the most companies in the Fortune 500, with 53 in total.

Overview of Industries and Businesses that Thrive in conservative cities

Conservative cities in Texas are home to several industries and businesses contributing to the state’s economy. Some of the key sectors that thrive in these cities include:

  • Energy: Texas is a major oil and natural gas producer, and many conservative cities in the state have strong energy sectors. This includes traditional oil and gas production and alternative energy sources like wind and solar power.
  • Agriculture: Texas is a leading producer of various agricultural products, from cattle and cotton to fruits and vegetables. Many conservative cities in the state have a strong presence in agriculture.
  • Manufacturing: Texas has a strong manufacturing sector focused on the aerospace, defence, and electronics industries. Many conservative cities in the state have manufacturing facilities and skilled labour to support these industries.
  • Healthcare: Texas has a large and growing healthcare sector. Many conservative cities in the state are home to hospitals, research facilities, and other healthcare-related businesses.
  • Technology: while Texas is not as well known for its technology industry as some other states, many conservative cities are home to technology companies and startups, particularly in cybersecurity and software development.

Overall, conservative cities in Texas are home to various industries and companies, reflecting the state’s strong and diverse economy.

The Role of Education in Texas Conservative Cities

Examination of the role education plays in Texas conservative cities

Education plays an important role in conservative cities in Texas, where great emphasis is placed on academic achievement and preparing students for success in the workforce. Many conservative cities in the state have highly regarded schools and universities, and great emphasis is placed on providing students with a well-rounded education that includes traditional academic subjects and vocational training.

The Texas Education Agency sets standards for instruction at each grade level. These standards are often controversial, as some conservative groups advocate a more traditional, values-based curriculum. However, there is also a growing recognition that education must be equitable and inclusive, emphasising providing all students with the resources and support they need to succeed, regardless of their background or identity.

A major focus of Texas education is increasing postsecondary attainment. The state has set a goal that by 2030, 60% of Texans ages 25 to 64 will have a postsecondary education degree. This includes traditional college degrees, vocational certificates, and other types of training that can lead to good-paying jobs.

Overview of Public and private schools in conservative cities

In conservative Texas cities, there is a lot of emphasis on education, which applies to public and private schools. Public schools in conservative cities are often focused on academic achievement and have a rigorous curriculum that includes traditional academic subjects, vocational training, and extracurricular activities.

Conservatives in Texas strongly support school choice, including the expansion of charter schools and vouchers that allow parents to send their children to private or religious schools. School choice advocates argue that it gives parents more control over their children’s education and helps promote competition and innovation in the education system.

Private schools in conservative cities often have a reputation for providing a more traditional education, focusing on values-based instruction and smaller class sizes. Many of these schools are affiliated with religious institutions and offer a faith-based curriculum emphasising moral and spiritual development and academic achievement.


In summary, the most conservative counties in Texas vary widely in geographic location and demographic composition but share similar policies. They range from rural areas like White Oak and La Grulla to urban centres like Collin County and Tarrant County, among the state’s strongest conservative strongholds. Their values of limited government, low taxes, strong support for small businesses, traditional family values, and support for gun rights make them conservative.


What is the definition of conservatism?

Conservatism is a political and social philosophy emphasising tradition, order, and stability. At its core, conservatism is a belief in the value of established institutions, practices, and values and a resistance to change or innovation that threatens these foundations.

Conservatives often view the past as a source of wisdom and guidance, and they believe that the institutions and traditions that have survived over time reflect that collective wisdom. They also tend to place a high value on personal responsibility, individual freedom, and limited government.

Although conservatism has taken different forms throughout history and in different countries, it generally involves a commitment to preserving social, economic, and political institutions considered essential to the well-being of society. Conservatives may differ in their views on particular policies or issues. Still, they share a commitment to preserving what they see as the best of the past while resisting changes that they believe could be harmful or destabilizing.

What factors contribute to a city’s conservatism?

Many factors can contribute to a city’s conservatism, including:

  1. Political affiliation: cities with a higher percentage of residents who identify as Republican or conservative tend to be more politically conservative overall.
  2. Religious beliefs: Conservative religious beliefs, particularly those associated with evangelical Christianity, can strongly influence a city’s political and social values.
  3. Cultural traditions: Cities with a strong sense of cultural identity or history may be more resistant to change or innovation and, therefore, more conservative.
  4. Attitudes: The attitudes and values of a city’s residents, particularly regarding social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage, may also contribute to its overall conservatism.

Other factors contributing to a city’s conservatism include its economic conditions, demographic makeup, and the influence of local institutions such as schools and the media. It’s worth noting that conservatism is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon, and the relative importance of these factors can vary greatly from place to place.

What is the most conservative city in Texas?

Amarillo is probably the most conservative city. Determining the most conservative city in Texas can be challenging because conservatism can be measured in a variety of ways and can vary depending on the specific issues and values being considered. However, according to some studies and analyses, Amarillo is often considered one of the most conservative cities in the state.

For example, a 2018 survey conducted by the website Business Insider found that Amarillo is the fourth most conservative city in the United States based on factors such as political affiliation, religious beliefs and support for conservative policies. Other Texas cities that ranked high on the conservative scale included Lubbock, Abilene and Midland.

It should be noted, however, that political and social attitudes can change over time, and different sources may use different criteria for evaluating conservatism in a given locale. Therefore, the term “most conservative city” is somewhat fluid and subject to interpretation.

Is it difficult to live in a conservative city as a liberal?

Living as a liberal in a conservative city can present some challenges, as the political and social attitudes may differ from what you’re used to. It can be difficult to find like-minded people, and you may encounter resistance or even hostility if you express your views too openly. However, knowing that many people can deal with these differences and live happily in conservative communities is important.

A key factor in how difficult it is to live as a liberal in a conservative city may be your involvement in political discussions and activism. If you avoid contentious issues and do not participate in public debates, you may find that you can live peacefully with people with different views. On the other hand, if you are passionate about politics and want to stand up for your beliefs, you may find it more difficult to feel at home in a conservative city.

Whether it’s difficult to live as a liberal in a conservative city ultimately depends on several factors, including your values, your social network, and the specific dynamics of the community in which you live. Some people are comfortable in a conservative environment, while others may feel more comfortable in more liberal cities.

How do conservative cities impact Texas politics?

Conservative cities significantly impact Texas politics because they often have a large and influential voter base. These cities tend to vote for Republican candidates, which can affect the outcome of statewide and national elections. In addition, conservative city governments may enact laws and policies consistent with conservative values and priorities, such as limited government and low taxes. However, as Texas demographics change and more progressive people move to urban areas, it may become difficult for conservative cities to maintain their political dominance.

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