Romantic Getaway in the Bay Area

Can’t find the right words to get to her heart? Then let places in the bay area romantically dazzle her for you. A soothing romantic getaway is at your fingertips. The San Francisco Bay Area is commonly well-known as the Bay Area.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

It is a municipal province neighbouring the San Francisco Bay in Northern California. Northern California offers an endless array of outdoor adventures from mountain hiking to wine tasting and local and exotic food tours. Everything is right where you need it; Make a room for a full adventure.

Lake Tahoe

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Life is either a daring adventure or NOTHING. Go, explore the world. The perfect family vacation is the Lake Tahoe which is 200 miles from the Bay Area. It is the largest lake in the country that covers part of the border between California and Nevada. The lake has beaches for swimming and spots for sunbathing whilst relaxing in the sun, viewing the wonders of the Lake.

The earth is all we have in common, so definitely hiking and mountain biking are some of the activities offered at Lake Tahoe that will keep your adrenaline pumping. During the winter season, Lake Tahoe is a true domain class for skiing and snowboarding. In summer, it offers boating and fishing. Definitely, Lake Tahoe never tires from entertaining its visitors throughout the four seasons. So say yes to this new adventures install.


Happiness is travelling, take that one hour drive from San Francisco to Sonoma and get refreshed by its luxurious resorts and spa. The adventure is definitely in the country with infested vine fields for that romantic gist. They guarantee you a wine discount to brighten your holiday table. This all is in Sonoma, hard to believe? Then don’t listen but rather, go and see.

Sonoma County Valley

The demand for buying fresh fruits and vegetables is met as they believe in a good mind, in a healthy body. Dairies and local producers are on the roadside for people to buy and taste fresh cheese, meats and dairy products. Outdoor activities include hiking, boating and fishing.

The most famous, Jack London State Historic Park has one of the best hiking trails for visitors as they will have a spectacular view around the area. Kids will be thrilled to visit the Sonoma Train Town Railroad which is an amusement park filled with family fun-packed activities. This is a must-have experience, A place where you will feel alive, Try it out.

Stinson Beach

Be a traveller and hit the road to an old fashioned getaway area at Stinson Beach. The road is steep and winding. It is located in Marin county and definitely an ideal place for families to chill and have fun. There are a few vintage motels with daring and fine art collections. Memories last a lifetime. It gives outdoor opportunities for volleyball, hiking, picnics and fishing.

The beach has gentle waves suitable for surfing and spots for sunbathing whilst having that oceanic view. The world is worth watching. People reluctantly use Stinson beach as their escapism from their bitter daily routine, life has to offer. Unforgettable memories at the beach…That’s what holidays are meant to be. Enjoy family time. Spend more time together as you get to experience the other side of the world together at Stinson Beach.

Timber Cove Resort

Get enchanted with elegance at the Timber Cove Resort, a beautiful old-style hotel along California’s North Coast. It was constructed as a getaway retreat in 1963 by Richard Clements, Jr. The charming style of its redwood and stone features to cosy comfort, incorporated with its gorgeous natural settings will leave you speechless.

The resort definitely accommodates our peace of mind. Rest well, sleep well. Guests dine at the Coast Kitchen or can prefer to enjoy the resort’s outdoor living room area. It encompasses a great deal of Ping-Pong tables, billiards and fire pits. Seems like this hotel has graceful hospitality in the heart of the city. Definitely, when you come in as guests at Timber Cove Resort you will leave as family.

Point Reyes

Discover seashore that defines a new dimension of adventure. It is a natural, untouched bay area which is known as the Point Reyes National Seashore, National Park. It includes The Point Reyes lighthouse which was opened in 1870. This beach is America’s version of England`s White Cliffs of Dove as it consists of white limestone towering above the Pacific beneath. A legendary welcome, every time with its marks of distinction.

From its gushing, oceanic waters splashing against rocky landmarks and widespread beaches to its open grasslands and forestry will leave you wanting to stay longer than anticipated. Point Reyes offers visitors a vast rife of Flora and Fauna and wild animals to discover. It houses quite a number of untamed cultures of the interaction of the people which was preserved over the years. Point Reyes, definitely awaits your visit.

The Claremont Club and Spa

Looking for that Heaven on Earth touch? Look no further than to drive to Claremont Club and Spa and experience the passion of hospitality. It is a luxurious urban resort located in the city of Berkeley on top of the Oakland hills. The club is 12 miles across Bay Bridge and started functioning in 1915. It is both fitness and a country club for private members.

The Claremont Club and Spa is well known for its eloquence and hospitable staff towards their guests. For a footloose and fancy-free day, why not try the outdoor activities that the club offers such as Swimming, tennis, hiking, local canyons and the hotel spa treatment.

Make it a summer to remember. The club never forgets how to excite their visitor’s stomach with their farm to table cuisine that will melt your taste buds. Don’t wait till the holiday ends. Book a ticket and just leave and get to experience the lovers’ paradise.


The Bay area gives you that self-enjoyment that we all deserve. It helps you stay on budget with its astonishing treats with high-class deals.

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