7 Romantic Things To Do In Rhode Island

The atmosphere in Rhode island is just filled with romance. It has a lot of romantic and fun things for love birds to indulge. Considering the Romantic Things To Do In Rhode Island? No matter your likes and dislikes, any couple is sure to find something that suits their standards in Rhode Island. Rhode Island is a small state in New England, but its reputation can make you mistake it for a capital, it is known for its beautiful coastline, rocky cliffs and vibrant estates. This is an ultimate destination for a honeymoon or a simple romantic getaway. Without further ado, let’s get into details of some of the romantic things you can do as a couple in Rhode Island.

Sunset stroll on the Watch Hill beach

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Rhode Island is home to a lot of beach towns. Watch Hill has one of the best beaches with beautiful white sand. Watch Hill is home to the famous singer Taylor Swift, and this makes it one of the most popular towns in Rhode Island. The people of New England produce some of the world’s best ice-cream and saltwater taffy so be sure to indulge yourselves in some of the ice-cream while you take a walk on the beach. Watch Hill is also home to the Flying Horse Carousel which was made in 1876. The historical monument is located on the bay street. The Flying Horse Carousel is open seasonally, and if you have young children, they are allowed to ride it so you can shoot pictures to capture the moment. Nothing could be more romantic than a long walk on the Napatree point holding hands with your better half while enjoying the stunning beach views. 

Dinner at Duck and Bunny

Traditionally dinner is known to be a romantic meal. Duck and Bunny is just the place for romantic dinners, especially on Valentine’s week when the air is dense with love. They serve high tea during Valentine’s week with Lindemans Lambic and tea sandwiches. On Valentine’s day itself, they go the extra mile and serve a seven-course dinner which comprises delicious soups, salads and braised beef bourguignon as the main course.

Romance at Two Ten Oyster Bar

What could be more romantic than eating with your better half in a candlelit environment on a clear summer night with the stars looking down upon you? This bar will serve you the best dinner consisting of only three courses and keeping it simple, all this dining done by the waterfront. Put a pin to your night by rounding it up with light dancing to romantic live music around a candlelit oyster bar. 

A date at Crazy Burger

Narragansett is one of the beach towns in Rhode Island, it is a quiet and laid back environment which is perfect for a romantic getaway. The long boardwalk which heads down the Ocean road makes a perfect stroll at any time of the day, but the absolute best time to do so will be during sunset. The town has four beaches in total, and if you wish to bask in the sun, they are your go-to, with beautiful white-sand beaches. The town is also home to some of the best burgers, if you happen to get hungry have a burger for dinner from Crazy Burger. Crazy Burger has a range of products to offer, including vegetarian and vegan options to make sure they cater for everyone. Crazy Burger also makes the best cookies which are gluten-free and come with the big Chain Chai drink. 

Visit East Greenwich for wording fantasies

East Greenwich is what some people would like to call the perfect town. It is home to some of the richest people you can come across. Make sure to make a stop at the Silver Spoon bakery for a delicious cupcake and champagne. Silver Spoon also bakes wedding cakes so if you aren’t married, yet you can discuss the kind of cake you would like for your wedding. There are several other shops that focus on such occasions as weddings. Do not forget to appreciate the architecture on the main street, more precisely the library. 

Discover mansions

For those young couples this or even the old ones. This could be a great motivation for you to also own a huge property like a mansion, assuming that you don’t already have one. Newport is known for its mansions, and the good news is that they can be toured, so you don’t just catch a glimpse from a distance. Take a tour of the famous Breakers, Elms and Marble house to see how the rich and famous reside. After touring a stroll downtown while holding hands will surely reignite the spark if you happen to have been losing it, as you enjoy the colourful houses and seaside views. If you have a sweet tooth, then a stop at Cupcake Charlie’s is a mast as it has New England’s best cupcakes. 

Get sparked at Firewater

We could not visit Rhode Island and leave without making a stop at the capital, and for all you lovebirds you also ought not to leave Rhode Island without making a date with Providence. If you decide on visiting the capital, make sure your visit coincides with Firewater, which has many events throughout the year. The shows begin at sunset, but you will have to confirm the dates to catch them. Firewater is a huge event where large basins in the river are set on fire and performers to float by in boats. It began in 1994 by the artist Barnaby Evans and has since gained popularity. Firewater events are free to attend. The only hustle you will go through is trying to find a parking spot if you happen to arrive late. 


These are some of the things you can indulge in on your romantic getaways, but Rhode Island is a place of endless possibilities in terms of what you can do as a couple, this is just a tip of the ice bag. Our best most romantic thing to do is the Sunset stroll on the Watch Hill beach, simply because nothing hits a nice breeze when love is in the air.

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