6 of The Most Scenic Amtrak Routes

Are you getting tired of getting to a destination, all worked up? Then try the world’s best Amtrak routes. They do not only save you hustle of getting from one point to another but entice you with nature at its best. Pack your bags, and you will never regret this wonderful journey. 

The Adirondack, Coast Starlight, Empire Builder, Sunset Limited, Pacific Surfliner and California Zephyr will give you a 1st class experience. You will get to see the amazing little small towns, stunning landscapes and towering trees—definitely, a must-see and right on budget with affordable prices. Travel more and get to enjoy what life has to offer with this promising Amtrak routes. Worth the ride? Yes, yes, yes.



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Get exclusive access to unique experiences with the Adirondack line. The Adirondack line is by far one of the most amazing Amtrak’s routes; from New York City to Montreal. Train riders get to experience a phenomenal, natural 10-hour journey through remarkable regions of New York and Canada. 

Visitors or Manhattanizes can forget about the busy traffic congestion and use the Adirondack line. Find the freedom with the Adirondack line. A thrill to never forget.

The scenic view through the Hudson Valley and the Adirondack Mountains is worth the daily experience as you get to witness the Haven. 

Fascinating sites that will capture the passengers’ attention on their way to San Francisco are Hudson, Saint-Lambert, Lake George and stunning little towns. It is where actions speak for themselves.

Enhancing life around great food as the train offers a cafe for sandwiches and snacks, as well as Wi-Fi. This is a great bonus as one can continue with work and check emails whilst relaxed on the train.

Teenagers and friends will adore this plan as they get to post every single moment of their ride. Extend your happiness with friends by starting here.

Coast Starlight

1,400-mile Coast Starlight route moves daily between Seattle and Los Angeles. Get to experience, where actions speak for themselves. Why not enjoy a majestic journey bookmarked by two famous vacations destinations of the Cascade mountain range and the Pacific Ocean. 

A must witness, lovely view from the Sightseer Lounge Car as the cars have four beds. The train offers a package of two educational programs from the National Park Service. Exclusive access to unique experiences. The Amtrak train has a cafe and dining car.

A train to get away from everything.  A daily, one and a half-day trip to get to a fascinating Northern route, the Empire Builder swerves through Minneapolis, Fargo, Milwaukee, 

Spokane, and Seattle. 

It brings people together from all over the world and travellers will get to see roaming wildlife and the Great Plains of the jaw-dropping Glacier National Park in Montana. The facilities are your place of refreshment.

National Park Service guides are onboard to part educational information of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. A true bonus of learning and enjoying the great landscapes.

Sunset Limited

Want the most memorable and resting journey with a scenic view of out of this world. The Sunset Limited route is a fabulous, 2-day journey equipped with all that man could ever ask for.

It has facilities designed to live with joy. Amtrak’s southernmost route, allows visitors to glide into New Orleans and survey through various cities such as Palm Springs, San Antonio, Tucson, and lastly Los Angeles.

 A must-see sunset in a three days line gives travellers an experience to view the desert and southern California. It is the finest train with the best price. Unfortunately, WIFI is not available as a way to disconnect the people from social media but to connect them with the paradise in their eyes. True hospitality. Interested? Join others on this exquisite journey. The train is geared with a dining and a cafe to serve the hunger of a long journey. 

After a relaxing tour of the Haven, explore the destination into Big Bend National Park and Saguaro National Park.

Pacific Surfliner

Exclusive access to unique experiences with a six-hour journey from San Luis Obispo to San Diego with the Pacific Surfliner. The route passes through the amazing Pacific Coast and beautiful minor cities such as Santa Barbara, quite a number of Los Angeles places and Solvang. A true legendary journey to embark on daily.

Get twisted with the interesting racks for surfboards. What more can you ask for when entertainment is in full swing for everyone—the best place to be. The heart to mankind is through the stomach. The Pacific Surfliner made an effort to install Wi-Fi and a cafe serving top-notch meals, snacks, and alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Refresh and reconnect

Not accustomed to mingling with everyone then book yourself to a business class and get the privacy you deserve. Get first-class benefits and enjoy your journey.

California Zephyr

Chicago to San Francisco

Every scenery will give you a reason to smile. Take the California Zephyr Amtrak line as it delivers extraordinary views between Chicago and San Francisco. Great scenery of Denver, the Rocky Mountains, Salt Lake City, and The Sierra Nevada’s are witnessed in a less than an hour mile train. Simple-unique -friendly. That’s the California Zephyr for you.

Get impressed by the beautiful Moffat Tunnel, the Glenwood Canyon, Winter Park ski town, and freshwater Donner Lake in California. This view will leave you swelling with goosebumps, is affordable and worth it. Stay on budget.

Knowledge is key. Tired of reading and not getting the vivid picture, well you lucky as National Park Service guides are always on the train to assist and transfer adequate information pertaining to the landmarks to everyone on the train.

It is a daily route for trains.

It’s the little things that make a difference; hence the train never forgot food lovers. It is fully equipped with a cafe and dining area with locally sourced to tangle your taste buds on your way home. Small pets are allowed.

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